Origin and Variations of the Deiss Surname

Compiled by Jonathan Webb Deiss, 2003


Many variations of the surname exist throughout the world, primarily from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Poland, and North America :

Deis, Deise, Deiss, Deiß, Deisz, Dies, Dieß, Dyce, Teis, Theis, Tice


The surname is at least as old as the seventeenth century and does not appear to be associated with any place name or geographic location in particular. It is not associated with any secular occupation or any religious vocation, or with any sort of object or material. The name seems to have its origin as a diminutive form of the name Matthias.


...from Dictionary of German Names, by Hans Bahlow :


Deising (Hbg.) : like Deusing, L. Rhine-Westph. Patronymic from Deis, Deus : Matthias, Matthäus


Deisinger : from Deising in Bavaria


Deiß, Deis, Deißmann : Rhineland nickname for Matthias [Matthew], cf. Deus(en)


Theiß, Theis, patronymic Thießen, Thiesen, also Thiese is L Ger.-Rhineland popular nickname for Matthias [Matthew] (Matthies, Matthießen). Also Thiesing.



Sources, bibliography :


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