Geller / Parfitt / Skelly Gallery

The majority of images are from the Geller family of Belmont County, Ohio; Morgantown, West Virginia; and St. Louis, Missouri; images courtesy of Hazel Skelly Webb of St. Louis, Missouri.

Geller Gallery copyright Jonathan Webb Deiss, 2001, 2006.

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Samuel Geller (1810 - ?).  Presumed to be taken in Ohio, circa 1860 - 1870.

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'Aunt Pearl' Parfitt.  She was involved in burlesque and vaudeville during the 1890's and early twentieth century.  Location unknown, late 19th century.

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Scott Geller (1848 - ?) and some boys in a wagon.  Scott Geller is seated second from the left in a white, shirt, vest and wearng a cap.  Location unknown, circa 1860.

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Small framed image of Sophie Geller (1839 - ?).  Location unknown, last quarter of the 19th century.

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Bust image of George W. Geller (1855 - 1917).

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This is thought to be an image of Effie S. Geller (1876 - 1956), daughter of George W. Geller.

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On the back of this image is written, "Florence Rose age 8 years. she is now 9 years and has long hair now."  Her identity is unclear, but it is assumed she is a Geller.  Location unknown, last quarter of the 19th century.

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This image of Paul Abner Geller (1888 - 1915) is a great example of trick photography using mirrors.  Ohio, circa 1910.  Photo taken at a Penny Arcade.

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Image of Kate Lewis Geller (1853 - 1928), wife of George W. Geller.  Loraine, Ohio, late 1920's.

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Paul Abner Geller dressed for work in his father's grocery store. Loraine, Ohio, circa 1910.

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George W. Geller standing in front of his grocery store.  A circus is advertsied in one of the posters in the window, and apparently he sold a lot of Squirrel Brand products. Presumed to be in Loraine, Ohio, circa 1910.

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Tintype photo of (l-r) Kate Kent Geller, Mary Jesse Geller and Effie Scott Geller. Location unknown, circa 1880.

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Tintype of Paul Abner Geller. Location unknown, circa 1895.

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An assortment of Geller tintypes.  Several are of Paul Abner Geller, the others are not so easily identified. Locatin unknow, second half of the 19th century.

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The subject is unknown but the back of the image is stamped with 'Aug 17 1903'.

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Edwin Parfitt, in uniform as a doughboy with the AEF (far right of photo).  Location unknown (could be France), 1917 - 1919.

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Cover of the Soldier's French Phrase Book issued to Sgt Michael J. Skelly, 1918.

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