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The Thomas Pennie and Marion Drummond family of Kinrosshire, Scotland and Minnesota.

Pennie Gallery copyright Jonathan Webb Deiss, 2001, 2002.
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Supposed Pennie - Drummond Arms of the Chief and tartan.  I have yet to figure out how the MacGregors play into the Pennie's story if at all.  Courtesy Kara Pennie.


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Carte de visite image of Thomas Pennie (born 1801), likely taken in Wisconsin or Minnesota in the early to mid 1860's.  Courtesy Kara Pennie.


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Pennie Road, Villard, Minnesota.  (North of Villard near the old Pennie farms.)  Courtesy Kara Pennie.


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Thomas and Marion Drummond Pennie burial site, Lake Leven Cemetery, Villard, MN.   This Cemetery was named by the Pennies for Loch Leven in Scotland.  (The two gravestones appear to “glow” at night when a person stands down by the creak that flows into Lake Leven.)   Numerous Pennies have been laid to rest in this cemetery. (Pictures taken June 28th, 2001.) Courtesy Kara Pennie.


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Carte de visite image of Peter Pennie in his Civil War uniform.  The picture was probably taken September 1862 and May 1864 while he was still a Private in Company B, 25th Reg't Wisconsin Infantry.  Courtesy Kara Pennie.


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Eliza Bevier, wife of Peter Pennie.  Courtesy Kara Pennie.


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Thomas Pennie (2), son of Peter and Eliza Pennie, image taken circa 1880 in Minnesota. Courtesy Kara Pennie.


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Rob Roy Pennie, son of Peter and Eliza Pennie; images taken circa 1895 and 1905.  Courtesy Kara Pennie.


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Duncan Drummond Pennie, son of Peter and Eliza Pennie; image circa 1895.  Courtesy Kara Pennie.


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Duncan Kenneth Pennie.  Courtesy Kara Pennie.


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Polly Eliza Bevier Pennie and Peter Pennie Family: Front Row left to right: Duncan Drummond Pennie, Mary Pennie, Thomas Henry Pennie, Janette Pennie Taylor. Back Row: Dr. Daniel Franklin Pennie, Harriet Pennie Ballentine, Rob Roy Pennie, and Eliza Pennie Clark (Peter and Eliza Pennie are not in this picture, just the children).  Courtesy Kara Pennie.


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Peter Pennie (in long beard) as part of a color-guard in a military parade in 1925.  Soldiers dressed like doughboys are marching in the background of one of the pictures. Courtesy Kara Pennie.


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Map of the Town of Kinross, Kinrosshire, Scotland, 1820's.  The Pennies emigrated from Kinross to the United States in 1853.  From GENUKI.


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One of a series of photos taken for a Douglas County, Oregon newspaper on the event of Isabel Pennie Webb's 100th birthday in 1944.   Isabel and M L. Webb's daughter, Louisa is standing at far-left next to her husband George Conkey; their daughter and grand-daughter are to the right of the image.  This particular image was not used in the paper.  Photo courtesy of Hazel Skelly Webb, St. Louis, Mo. 


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Photo of Martin Luther Webb, Harvey Hayes Webb, and Isabel Pennie Webb, taken in Minnesota, 1909.  Photo courtesy of Hazel Skelly Webb, St. Louis, Mo. 


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