Father :
Mother :
Notes : some references state that he came to America with his father who was of Salisbury, England; this is unsubstantiated.  The record clearly states that he left Weymouth, England with his mother.

Vital stats :
Date of Birth : perhaps circa 1600
Place of Birth : England
Date of Death : 7 September 1660
Place of Death : Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
Burial Information :
Probate : from Boston Town records, “Mr. Henry Webb deceased the 7th of September (1660).”

Name : Dowsabell
Date of Marriage :
Place of Marriage : England
Died : 28 February 1648
Notes : from Boston Town records, “Dowsabell wife of Henry Webb died 28 Feb. (1648).”

Military Service :

Occupation(s) : merchant, investor in the Iron Works at Braintree, involved in transatlantic trade.  He was made a Freeman (took the oath of freedom) on 13 March 1638/9.  (Freeman – one who is personally free, one who is not a slave or serf, subject to due process of law, etc.  Only someone who was a Freeman could handle town affairs, vote, be a selectman, serve on a council, or as a member of a jury.)  May have at one time been Constable of Boston.  He had a contract with the town (a virtual monopoly with three others) to trade with the Indians, but for and with what isn’t exactly known for certain, however he did consign several shipments of beaver pelts and skins on a ship laden with cargo bound for England.  Of note is the fact that several years later, a man named Richard Webb and several others in the shoe business obtained a similar contract to regulate the trade of shoes, the manufacture of which requires a great deal of leather. All the leather required had to be obtained from either domestic cattle or trapped game animals.

Civil and business :  Henry Webb arrived in Boston circa April 1637, on board a ship captained by Master John Drive “…bound from Weymouth to New England.”  His entry in the passenger log states, “Henry Webb ind for himself, his wife, Mother, Child, five men and a maide (?oneoabit?) in goods ad value } 42s 7d.”   In the same entry book he is also listed as transporting some good, but the shorthand used by the author is difficult to decipher and the exact details are unclear; it appears he paid 1 7s 6d.

His land in the Town of Boston bordered that of Robert Scott, so was true in Braintree, alias Mount Wollaston, where each had adjacent plots of 200 acres along the Monocott river.

…from Boston Town Records, Suffolk County Court documents, etc (misspellings as in text) :

“The 25th of the 7th moneth, September, 1637 (extract).  Also leave is granted to Henry Webbe to buy the house wherein he now dwelleth, and to have a garding plot where might be most convenient for him.”

”The 29th of the 11 moneth, called January, 1637. (extract)  Also Mr. Henry Webb is granted a great Lott there (Mount Wollaston) for tenn heads.”

”The 28th of the 7th moneth, 1640. (extract)  Mr. Henry Webb graunted 200 acrs at mount willaston, beyond montocott river, adioying Mr. Edward Ting and Mr. Edward Hutchinson’s farmes.  At the same meeting our Brother Robert Scott hath the like 200 acrs graunted him there, namely, adioying to oyr brother Webb’s, without allowance for rockieness or swampe.”

”The 28th of the 10th moneth, 1640. (extract)  The rate made by the townsemen, amounting to 179, the 13th of the 10th moneth, 1640, for the discharge of the contrey leavy, was delivered to Mr. Henry Webb, Constable of Boston.”

The 26th of the 2d moneth, 1641. (extract)  There is graunted to our brother Henry Webb to purchase 3 acres of marsh at muddy river, yf it be there to be had.”

”The 28th of the 4th moneth, called June, 1641. (extract)  It is ordered that our brother Henry Webbe, bro. James Penne and Bro. Stodder shall take up the accounts of Mr. John Coggain.”

”The 10th day of the 11th moneth, 1641.  (extract)  Captain Gibones, valentine Hill, Henry Webbe, and Anthony Stodder are chosen to Trade with the Indians, according to the Order of the generall Court.”

”The 31st day of the 11th moneth, 1641. (extract)  The Lande of Henry Webbe formerly granted, conteyning two hundredth acres, belongeth unto him, as it is now layed out at Braintry, be it more or lesse, being bounded with Lands as yet in Common toward the North and East; with the land of Robt. Skot toward the South; with the Monocot river toward the west.
The Land of Robt. Skot formerly granted, conteyning in quantity two hundredth acres, belonging to him as it is now layd out at Braintry, alias Mount Wallaston, being bounded with the lands of Henry Webbe toward the North; with Lands as yet in common towards the East and South; with the Monocott river toward the west.”

”This 29th of 3d mo., 1643.  (extract)  At a generall Towne meeting upon lawful warning.
Henry Webbe and Richard Fayrebankes are chosen Surveyghours of the highways in this necke for this next yeare also, and in like manner James Penn and Wentworth Day, Gent., are chosen surveyhours of the highways at Rumney marish.”

“This 29th, 1st mo. 1647.  (extract)  Mr. Henry Webb shall enioye the wharfe that he did purchase of Mr. Edward Tinge for his sold right without disturbance.”

”5 : 9 : 60.  (extract)  Att a Townes-meeting upon publick notice from house to house.
Itt is ordered that the select men shall ratify and confirme Mr. Henry Webbs land upon Fort hill to his Executors to their proper use for ever.
Whereas Mr. Henry Webb bequeathed 100 to the Towne to bee improved for the use of the poor, according to his will, and to bee reserved to that end from time to time.
Itt is ordered that the said 100 bee improved by the select men for the end aforesaid in some building fitt for the end, and that in case of fire hapning which may consume itt

Property, land, holdings : He owned land in the Town of Boston and in Braintree that was bordered by…

”The possessions of Mr. Thomas Leverit within the limits of Boston – One house and garden, bounded with Mr. John Winthropp’s on the east: the streete and Robert Scott on the north: the marsh of Mr. Winthropp on the south: and the ould meetinge house, Robert Scott, Mr. Henry Webb, and Thomas Parsons on the west.”

It is also interesting to note that 29 January 1638, Mr. Henry Webb was granted for 10 heads, 40 acres of land in Braintree.  On 28 September 1644, England

Married : Jane nee ?

Died : prior to 1660

Notes : ‘…of Titherly, Hampshire, England.’


Sister : Elizabeth

D class=MsoBodyText style='margin-left:9.0pt'>Notes : Jacob Sheafe was a business partner with Henry, and one of the Selectman of Boston; he died 22 March 1658/9.  They had two daughters - Elizabeth born 1 October 1644, married Robert Gibbs; and Mehitable born 28 May 1658, married Sampson Sheafe in 1679.  Margaret was admitted as a member of the First Church of Boston, 15 April 1647.& eft:9.0pt'>
Comments, sources, various additional :


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