Your humble researcher, genealogist and detective of the dead is Jonathan Webb Deiss. I have been researching my family tree since about 1981-82, but only in earnest for the last several years. In the last two years, I have uncovered enough information to begin compiling a semi-cohesive history of the events in the lives of my ancestors and pursue my genealogical certification by taking on clients to support the research necessary to achieve that goal.


The site is merely sets of linked data-sets for each individual within my family tree that I can identify. They are linked by family and marriage, so several data-sets may be accessible from any given point within the site. I have chosen not to use any outside software or database technology as this, in my opinion, limits the way I want to tell my story. After all, this is my story - the story of my DNA and my ancestors, so I'll organize it in a way that suits me and is clear and comprehendible. So, you won't see any GENDEX files or pedigree charts that are impossible to print without outside resources, or anything like that. For the most part, it will consist of HTML and plain text files and images, formatted either as jpegs or gifs. Occasionally I will provide a link to an outside source.


Essentially this site is my research journal and should be viewed as such. Not every entry is perfect or cited perfectly and some of my assumptions are just waiting to be debunked. I hope my family and client will see the wide breadth of information available for research, a fraction of which I have displayed on my site.


Anyone who can contribute data to my research or has any questions, or wishes me to help or assist them in their own research, please contact me :

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