Webb’s in the Military

Encompassing the following recognized conflicts, among others : Wayne’s War, 1790-1794; French War, 1799; War of 1812, 18 June 1812 – 17 February 1815; Seminole War, 1817-1818; Black Hawk War, 1832; Creek War, 1836-1837; Florida War, 1835-1842; Canada Frontier Disturbances, 1838-1839; Pennsylvania Whiskey Rebellion; Cherokee Removal, 1838; Mexican War, 1846-1848; Civil War, 1861-1865. Including Officers and Enlisted soldiers of the Militia, Volunteer and Regular Army, Officers & Sailors of the Navy, and Marines in the Marine Corps.


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Private Ebenezer Webb : (Revolutionary War)


Private Ebenezer Webb, Jr. : He was born 29 May 1757 at Windham, Windham County, Connecticut. He volunteered May 1775 to Captain Obadiah Johnson’s Company, Colonel Israel Putnam’s Regiment Connecticut Troops. He was stationed for some time at Cambridge, Massachusetts during the Battle of Bunker Hill and was discharged December 1775. Re-enlisted July 1776 to Captain Elijah Sharp’s Company, Colonel Samuel Mott’s Regiment Connecticut Troops. He was on the expedition to Ticonderoga and camped on the west bank of Lake Champlain for about four months and discharged 28 November 1776 at Mount Independence opposite to Ticonderogoa. In September 1780, enlisted for two months in Captain Rush’s Company, Colonel McLellan’s Regiment. He marched to New London and served about two months. Afterwards he resided at Windham until February 1782, then moved to Norwich, Hampshire County, Massachusetts and lived there eight years. He probably did not render any military service after November 1780, and his service is often mistakenly assumed to have been rendered by his father, Ebenezer Sr. He was pensioned on 5 October 1833 and received $43.33 per year.


Ebenezer Webb appears with the rank of ... on a Pay Roll of Major Obadiah Johnson’s Company in the 3d Reg’t of Foot, raised by the Colony of Connecticut, 1775 (Revolutionary War), dated ...not dated... Time of enlistment May 19, 1775. Discharged Dec 16, 1775. Months and days in the service 6 mos 28 days. Premium for enlisting £2 s12. Whole of pay £16 s8.


[click here to see an image of this card from his CSR (1) and click here to see images of his pension file (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)] (Revolutionary War)


Private Ebenezer Webb : Page’s Command, Massachusetts Militia (War of 1812)


Sergeant Ebenezer Webb : 2nd Regiment (Day’s) Massachusetts Militia (War of 1812)


Private Edward Webb : (Revolutionary War)


Captain Edward Webb : Edward Webb was born in New York. He served with the rank of Ensign in the 6th Regiment United States Infantry (regulars) from 3 May 1808 He was noted in a letter dated 17 April 1809. He was promoted to Second Lieutenant on 2 February 1809 or 3 May 1810 (depending on which record is consulted) and to First Lieutenant on 1 October 1810; his commission was forwarded by special order from Washington, dated 8 March 1811. By order 4 February 1812 he was attached to Captain Peter Muhlenberg, Jr’s Company and marked as present at Baton Rouge on 4 February & 16 February 1812. By an order dated 15 March 1812 he took command of a Detachment of Captain Carson’s Company, and marked as present on rolls dated 26 March 1812. By order dated 2 April 1812, he was instructed to go ‘home & report to the War Department’. He was with Captain John Machesney’s Company near Fort George in 1813, on rolls marked as present. He was promoted to Captain, effective to 21 February 1814; on returns dated April and 30 June 1814, listed as ‘on command’. On return dated July 1814, listed as ‘promoted to Captain & dropped from report’. By order dated 8 July 1814, he was ordered to report to Captain John Simmons (17 Reg’t U. S. Infantry) at Redding, Pennsylvania; on rolls dated July, August. September, & October 1814 he was listed as on duty recruiting in Philadelphia. Rolls for October & November record him as ordered to Redding to superintend the recruiting service (probably after Simmon’s resignation); was present there on rolls dated December 1814 and January 1815. In February 1815 he was present with the service at Easton, Pennsylvania. By order of the Adjutant General’s Office, Philadelphia, dated 11 May 1815 – ‘Member C. M.’ (??). He was honorably discharged 15 June 1815.


He was again commissioned and served as Second Lieutenant, recorded on 3 February 1819 with the 8th Regiment United States Infantry (regulars). He was promoted to First Lieutenant 31 July 1819. Edward transferred to the 4th Regiment United States Infantry on 1 June 1821 and resigned his commission on 31 October 1826.


As Lieut. Ed. Webb, listed as having been overlooked during the appointment of general and field officers for the new levies (War of 1812).


Matross Edward Webb : 11th Regiment New York Artillery; a Matross was the assistant to the gunner in the train of artillery, equivalent to the rank of Private. (War of 1812)


Private Edward W. Webb : He served in Company C, 7th Regiment Virginia Infantry. He was killed on the battle field of ?? Farm, near Richmond. He was married to Martha Jane nee? In Orange County, Virginia in January 1859. She received a pension from the State of Virginia, 28 May 1888.


Private Eli Webb : (Revolutionary War)


Private Eli Webb : 1st Regiment (Hobb’s) Massachusetts Militia (War of 1812)


Private Eli Webb : Company A, Santa Fe Battalion, Missouri Mounted Volunteers. (Mexican War)


Private Eli Webb : Company H, 3rd Regiment Mississippi Infantry; Mississippi fielded two full regiments and one battalion, so he may have served in the Battalion. (Mexican War)


Elias Webb : He applied a Bounty Land Warrant in Illinois, SWNE, 40 acres in Section 24, Township 5 South, Range 5 East, Franklin County, Illinois, 3 December 1852, ill vol105 p83.


Private Elisha Webb, Esq : Elisha Webb, aged 33 years, born in Snow Hill, Maryland, was described as standing 6’ 1” tall, with blue eyes, brown hair, a light complexion and was by occupation a farmer when he enlisted 15 May 1812 to Captain McKenzie for a term of five years. He was assigned to the 14th Regiment United States Infantry (regulars). He was discharged, while serving in Captain R. Gilden’s Company, on 24 May 1815 at Greenbush by reason of a Surgeon’s Certificate on account of rheumatism. He received a pension.


He applied for and received a bounty land warrant under the ScripWarrant Act of 1812 (#4425) for 160 acres which he located in Section 23, Township 3 N Range 2 W in Schuyler County, Territory of Illinois.


Private Elisha B. Webb : age 21, joined for duty and enrolled 20 September 1847 at Shelbyville, Indiana to Captain McKenzey’s Company (E), 5th Regiment Indiana Infantry for a term ‘during war’, mustered in 1 October 1847 at Madison, Indiana; muster roll for January & February 1848 on daily duty as hospital attendant; muster roll March & April 1848, disposition not stated; mustered out 28 July 1848 at Madison, Indiana, last paid to 30 April 1848, stop for 1 c drawers $.35½, 2 prs socks $.48.


Shelby County. Mustered in 1 Oct 1847, at Madison, Indiana, by Lieutenant Rodman, mustered out 28 Jul 1848, at Madison, Indiana, by Major H. A. Goff.


In 1850 he lived in Addison Township, Shelby County, Indiana, where he was enumerated in the census. He was listed as Elisha B. Webb, a white male, aged 22 years, which indicates that he may have lied about his age at enlistment, or perhaps did not know his actual age. He was married in that year to Hannah (nee: Eads), aged 21; both were born in Indiana and were illiterate. Elisha was a Farmer. He applied for a pension, 11 April 1887 from Missouri, (s10620); his widow, Margaret Webb, applied 29 November 1909 from Missouri, (widow19446).


1850 Federal Census. Addison Township, Shelby County, Indiana

229/236, Elisha B. Webb, 22, Male, White, Farmer, na, Indiana, married in year, illiterate

229/236, Hanah Webb, 21, Female, White, na, na, Indiana, married in year, illiterate


[click here to see images of his Compiled Service Record for the Mexican War (1) (2)]


Private Ellis W. Webb : Company F, Colonel J. F. Coffey’s (1st) Regiment Alabama Militia Infantry. (Mexican War)


Ely Webb : He was a resident of Randolph County when he applied a Bounty Land Warrant for 160 acres, SE, Section 29, Township 6 South, Range 4 West, Perry County, Illinois, 21 June 1849, ill vol16 p14.


Recruit Enos Webb : Enos Webb, aged 35 years, born in Dutchess County, New York, was described as standing 5’ 9” tall, with black eyes, dark hair, a dark complexion and was by occupation a farmer, when he enlisted 2 April 1818 at Carlisle, Pennsylvania to Brevet Major Sullivan Burbank for a term of five years. He was assigned as a recruit to the 5th Regiment United States Infantry (Regulars). He is on a muster roll dated April 1818.


Sergeant Epenetus Webb, Jr. : He served during the Revolutionary War as a Sergeant in Captain Nathaniel Webb’s Company, Colonel John Mead’s (9th) Regiment Connecticut Infantry. His name appears on a pay roll dated 11 May 1777 at Stamford, Connecticut which states they marched on 12 August 1776 and were discharged 27 September 1776; he served a total of one month and seventeen days. He was born 6 August 1740 in Stamford, Connecticut, the son of Epenetus Webb & Elizabeth Lockwood. He is the father, by wife Sarah Judson, of Judson Webb born 11 April 1775 (lived in Onondaga, Onondaga County, New York in 1810).


He is one of the children of Epenetus Webb and Elizabeth Lockwood, of whom four served as Patriots in the Revolution or the War of 1812. There were nine children in all. Epenetus (jr), Joseph, Moses, & David among others.


Corporal Epenetus F. Webb : Epenetus, aged 28 years, born in Bonniville, Vermont, was described as standing 5’ 9½” tall, with light eyes, light hair, a light complexion, and was by occupation a carpenter when he enlisted on 12 August 1812 to Captain William Walker for a term of eighteen months. He was assigned to Captain Festus Cone’s Company, 25th Regiment United States Infantry (regulars). In the Company Books for 1812 & 1813, on a detachment roll his name is borne without remark. He transferred to Captain Daniel Ketchum’s Company, 26 October 1813 while sick at Sackett’s Harbor, New York where he had been left since 18 October 1813. On the muster roll of Captain Thos. M. Bead’s (?) Company dated 30 June 1814 listed as discharged by expiration of term of service.


Private Epinetus Webb : 76th Regiment (Tucker’s) New York Militia (War of 1812)


Private Erasmus Webb : Erasmus, aged 26 years, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was described as having blue eyes, fair hair, a ‘fresh’ complexion, stood 5’ 7¼” tall, and was by occupation a bricklayer when he enlisted on 6 October 1855 at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Captain Sturgis for a term of five years. He was assigned to Company E, 1st Regiment United States Cavalry (regulars). He is reported as having deserted on 20 June 1856 but he must have returned to duty at some point because he also served in the Civil War.


Private Ezekial Webb : (Revolutionary War)


Private Ezekiel Webb : 1st Regiment (Dodge’s) New York Militia (War of 1812)


Corporal Ezra Webb : Enlisted on 17 January 1836 to Captain Sterling C. Robertson’s Company, Texas Rangers, mustered in 17 January 1836.


Also served in Captain Thomas H. Barren’s Company, Colonel Coleman’s Command of Texas Rangers, for a term of one year. Muster roll dated 1 November 1836 thru 31 December 1836, listed as present, and borne as Corporal.


Possibility - 1850 Federal Census. ?? Township, Burleson County, Texas

106/106, Azra Webb, 44, Male, White, Farming, 1500, Virginia, illiterate

106/106, Nancy Webb, 24, Female, White, na, na, Alabama


Private Ezra Webb : He was in service with Company A, Permanent Party, General Service Recruits, when he was admitted 3 April 1868 to the U. S. A. Post Hospital, David’s Island, New York Harbor with the complaint of ‘acute dysentery’. He was returned to duty the next day, 4 April. On 28 June 1868 he was again admitted to the hospital with the complaint of ‘headache’. He returned to duty the following day.


Paymaster Ezra Webb : He was born in New York. He served with the position of Additional Paymaster of Volunteers, appointed 30 June 1862. He was honorably discharged 17 December 1862. Ezra died in the state of Ohio.





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