Webb’s in the Military

Encompassing the following recognized conflicts, among others : Wayne’s War, 1790-1794; French War, 1799; War of 1812, 18 June 1812 – 17 February 1815; Seminole War, 1817-1818; Black Hawk War, 1832; Creek War, 1836-1837; Florida War, 1835-1842; Canada Frontier Disturbances, 1838-1839; Pennsylvania Whiskey Rebellion; Cherokee Removal, 1838; Mexican War, 1846-1848; Civil War, 1861-1865. Including Officers and Enlisted soldiers of the Militia, Volunteer and Regular Army, Officers & Sailors of the Navy, and Marines in the Marine Corps.


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Private Hal Webb : Hall, aged 25 years, born in Mississippi, was described as standing 5’ 6” tall with a black complexion, and was listed as a ‘contraband’ (runaway African-American slave) when he enlisted 1 October 1862 at Tyler (?) for an ...? Term.


Private Hannly Webb : 1st Regiment (DeLong’s) Ohio Militia (War of 1812)


Private Henley Webb : (revolutionary war)


Private Henry Webb : (revolutionary war)


Corporal Henry Webb : Adam’s Regiment Ohio Militia (War of 1812)


Private Henry Webb : 61st Regiment (Carver’s) New York Militia (War of 1812)


Sergeant Henry Webb : He enlisted 1 January 1814, engaged until 30 June 1814. Served in Lieutenant Samuel Vail’s (late Captain Oldham’s) Company, 7th Regiment United States Infantry (regulars), commanded by Colonel William Russell.


Private Henry Webb : He served in Hopkin’s Company of Dragoons. He applied for and received a bounty land warrant under the ScripWarrant Act of 1812 (#1175) for 160 acres which he located in Section 13, Township 13 N Range 5 E, in Illinois.


Private Henry Webb : He served during the War of 1812 in (?) and died sometime before the summer of 1818. His father and heir, William Webb, applied on 14 August 1818, and later received a bounty land warrant under the ScripWarrant Act of 1812 (#18320) for 160 acres which he located in Section 34, Township 4 N Range 2 W in the Territory of Illinois.


Private Henry Webb : Henry, age 28 years, born in Portland, Maine, was described as having gray eyes, brown hair, a fair complexion, stood 5’ 6” tall, and was by occupation a Seaman when he enlisted 9 September 1828 at New York to Captain Hitchcock for a term of five years. He was assigned to Company C, 5th Regiment United States Infantry (regulars). He was discharged on 28 April 1830 by reason of a surgeon’s certificate at Fort Howard, Green Bay, Wisconsin Territory.


Private Henry Webb : Company C, Colonel James H. Lane’s (3rd) Regiment Indiana Infantry


Johnson County. Mustered in 18 Jun 1846, at New Albany, Indiana, by Colonel Samuel Churchill, discharged 20 Aug 1846, for disability.


Private Henry Webb : Company F, Colonel J. D. Stevenson’s (1st) Regiment New York Volunteers (Mexican War)


Private Henry Webb : Webb, aged 21 years, born in London, England, was described as standing 5’ 8½” tall, with blue eyes, brown hair, a fair complexion, was by occupation a Carpenter when he enlisted 5 October 1858 at New York to Lieutenant Sweeney for a term of five years. He was assigned to Troop C, 3rd Regiment United States Cavalry (regulars). He was discharged 4 January 1861 by reason of “disability d.” at Fort Vancouver, Washington Territory.


(Soldier) Henry Webb : He applied for and patented his bounty land warrant 25 May 1853 for 160 acres in Section 36, Township 23 North, Range 6 East in Carroll County, Illinois


Mate Henry Webb : He served during the Civil War as an Officer out of the Line (of Promotion), United States Navy with the rank of Mate, 7 March 1864. He was dismissed 11 April 1865.


Landsman Henry Webb : Henry, aged 23 years, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was described as standing 5’ 4” tall, with a mulatto complexion, and was by occupation a Steward, when he enlisted 6 November 1862 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to the United States Navy for a term of three years.


Private Henry B. Webb : Farrington’s Regiment New York Militia (War of 1812)


Private Henry C. Webb : Company K, Colonel R. Davis’ (2nd) Regiment& Battalion Mississippi Infantry (Mexican War)


Captain Henry G. Webb : He served during the Civil War as field commander of Company H, 16th Regiment Wisconsin Infantry (volunteers) commanded by Colonel Benjamin Allen. ...from Janesville Weekly Gazette & Free Press, Janesville, Wisconsin, vol17/no30, 21 March 1862.


Captain Henry Livingston Webb : Commander of Henry L. Webb’s Company, 2nd Regiment Illinois Foot Volunteers. Regt. received June, 1846, discharged June, 1847; Resigned, November, 1846; also Lieutenant-Colonel of the 16th Regiment United States Infantry, born in New York. News of his resignation was printed in the Alton telegraph & Democratic Review’s issue of 25 December 1846, where a correspondent in Camp, near Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico on 10 November 1846, wrote, “Capt. Webb has resigned and is going home, by whom I intend to send this letter.”


He was also commander of a Company in the Black Hawk War, viz, Captain Webb’s Company, Fourth Regiment, Second Brigade of Illinois Mounted Volunteers. He resided in Alexander County, Illinois, recruited a company and was enrolled as Captain on 19 May 1832 . Mustered out 3 August 1832 by order of Major-General Scott, commanding Northwestern army.


Born New York, died Illinois; Captain of 2 Illinois Volunteers 30 June 1846; resigned 13 November 1846; appointed Lt.-Col. (Regular Army) 3 March 1847; assigned 16th US Infantry 9 April 1847; Colonel of 9th US Infantry 23 May 1848; honorably mustered out 8 August 1848. At the time of the organization of the companies, he was from Pulaski County, Illinois.


The Alton Telegraph & Democratic Review newspaper from, dated 2 April 1847 from Alton, Illinois, stated that there was a letter waiting in the post office for ‘Henry L. Webb’ as of 31 March 1847; it was still there on the 23rd of April. He was listed in the 1820 census as owning one male slave.


He applied for a pension for his service in the Black Hawk War. He was a son or grandson of General Samuel Blatchley Webb, brother or relation to General James Watson Webb, born at Claverack, New York, 6 February 1795; settled in Illinois in 1817; member of Illinois legislature; Major in the Black Hawk War; Colonel of the 18th U. S. Infantry in the Mexican War; General of the Illinois Militia; died at Maconda, Illinois 5 October 1876. Spouse - Mary Ann Edmonds born about 1782 (or 1794), Hudson, New York. They had at least one daughter named Frances Cornelia Webb, born 19 June 1817 at Cooperstown, New York and died Makanda, Illinois on 5 October 1876.


“Another son of Samuel Blatchley, Henry Livingston, soldier, born in Claverack, New York, 6 February, 1795; died in Makanda, Illinois, 5 October, 1876, settled in southern Illinois in 1817, and was repeatedly a member of both houses of the legislature. He was a major of volunteers in the Black Hawk war, colonel of the 18th regiment, United States infantry, in the Mexican war, and was afterward a general of Illinois militia.”


Hezekiah Webb : (revolutionary war)


Private Hiram M. Webb : Webb, his age erroneously recorded as 21 years old, born in Malone, (seat of Franklin County), New York, described as having blue eyes, fair hair, and a light complexion, stood 5’ 11” tall, and was by occupation a farmer, when he enlisted 20 April 1846 at Plattsburg, New York to Lieutenant Penrose for a term of five years. He was assigned to Company H, 2nd Regiment United States Infantry (regulars). He was discharged 14 May 1846 by reason of an action by Civil Authority ‘a minor’ (Hiram was underage?) at Plattsburg Barracks, New York. See – P. O. ND 241702 DEST 31/56


He was enumerated in the 1850 census while a resident of the Town of Bellmont, Franklin County, New York; listed as a 23 year old, white male, born of New York, by occupation a laborer, he owned $400 in real property. His wife, Ruth, was a 24 years old, white female, also born in New York; they had two children (at the time), Ann, aged 3, and Charles, aged 1.


He also served in the Civil War, as Sergeant Hiram H. Webb, age 34 years, when enlisted 28 October 1861; mustered to Company E, 98th Regiment New York Infantry on 22 November 1861; promoted to Corporal 7 December 1861; discharged 2 June 1863. His widow, Ruth A. Webb, filed for a pension 4 July 1888 in New York (widow346859/299446). Hiram died 19 April 1888 and he is buried in Bellmont Center Cemetery in Bellmont, Franklin County, New York; Ruth died 22 April 1902.


Hiram H. Webb was born 10 September 1827 in Malone, Franklin County, New York. His father Samuel Webb was born Saturday, 9 May 1789 in Norwich, Hampshire County, Massachusetts and his mother, Polly Crawford, was born Tuesday, 1 February 1792. They married 3 October 1811. Polly died 4 October 1853 and Samuel died 20 September 1858 and both are buried in Bellmont Center Cemetery. The grandfather Ebenezer Webb Jr., a true Patriot, was born 29 May 1757 in Windham, Windham County, Connecticut, and died 14 August 1846 in Malone, Franklin County, New York. Ebenezer volunteered May 1775 to Captain Obadiah Johnson’s Company, Colonel Israel Putnam’s Regiment Connecticut Troops, and was discharged December 1775. Re-enlisted July 1776 to Captain Elijah Sharp’s Company, Colonel Samuel Mott’s Regiment Connecticut Troops; on expedition to Ticonderoga and discharged 28 November 1776. In September 1780, enlisted for two months in Captain Rush’s Company, Colonel McLellan’s Regiment. He resided at Windham until February 1782, then moved to Norwich, Hampshire County, Massachusetts and lived there eight years, thence to Rutland, Vermont until 1811, when he finally moved to Franklin County, New York.


His brother Charles Young Webb converted to the Mormon faith in the years just prior to the Mexican War and served in that conflict with the Mormon Battalion out of Iowa.


Notes : see record of Ebenezer Webb for more information


Private Horatio Webb : 5th Regiment (Salter’s) Connecticut Militia (War of 1812)


Corporal Hugh Webb : (revolutionary war)


Private Hugh Webb : regular army





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