Webb’s in the Military

Encompassing the following recognized conflicts, among others : Wayne’s War, 1790-1794; French War, 1799; War of 1812, 18 June 1812 – 17 February 1815; Seminole War, 1817-1818; Black Hawk War, 1832; Creek War, 1836-1837; Florida War, 1835-1842; Canada Frontier Disturbances, 1838-1839; Pennsylvania Whiskey Rebellion; Cherokee Removal, 1838; Mexican War, 1846-1848; Civil War, 1861-1865. Including Officers and Enlisted soldiers of the Militia, Volunteer and Regular Army, Officers & Sailors of the Navy, and Marines in the Marine Corps.


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Pardon N. Webb : He served in Captain Daniel Stark’s Company, Utah Infantry (Regiment?) in 1866; his widow applied for a pension on 29 August 1917 while a resident of Arizona (wa13529). He died on or about 30 August 1893 at Lehi, Arizona.


Cadet Paul L. Webb : Attended the United States Military Academy at West Point in ...?


Private Peter L. Webb : Colonel J. Collin’s (2nd) Regiment Illinois Infantry. (Mexican war)


Private Pleasant Webb : He served in Company C, 5th Regiment West Virginia Infantry during the Civil War. He applied for and received a pension 5 August 1882 (invalid456717/333774). His widow, Susan, applied for but did not receive a pension.


Private Pleasant Webb : Pleasant, aged 23 years, enlisted 22 April 1861 and mustered in the same day to Company E, 18th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He mustered out 28 August 1861 at Columbus, Ohio. He reenlisted and gave his age as 20 years, when he enrolled 29 August 1861 and mustered in the same day to Company K, 2nd Regiment West Virginia Cavalry; on 23 November 1864 he transferred to Company E. He was mustered out 30 June 1865.


He also served in Company K & Company E, 2nd Regiment West Virginia Cavalry. He applied for and received a pension in 1879 (invalid277797/918920); his widow Nancy Webb received a pension (widow1629463/a22729).


Captain Pleasant Webb : Served as Captain in the 6th Regiment Virginia Infantry during the Spanish-American War.


(Soldier) Preston Webb : He applied for a bounty land warrant which he patented 3 January 1853 for 40 acres in Section 4, Township 20 North Range 5 East in DeWitt County, Illinois.


Private Primus Webb : Company I, 14th Regiment United States Colored Heavy Artillery. Received a pension while residing in Virginia (invalid1355390/1141678).





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