Webb’s in the Military

Encompassing the following recognized conflicts, among others : Wayne’s War, 1790-1794; French War, 1799; War of 1812, 18 June 1812 – 17 February 1815; Seminole War, 1817-1818; Black Hawk War, 1832; Creek War, 1836-1837; Florida War, 1835-1842; Canada Frontier Disturbances, 1838-1839; Pennsylvania Whiskey Rebellion; Cherokee Removal, 1838; Mexican War, 1846-1848; Civil War, April 1861- April 1865. Including Officers and Enlisted soldiers of the Militia, Volunteer and Regular Army, Officers & Sailors of the Navy, and Marines in the Marine Corps.


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Private Soldier Samuel Webb : Webb enlisted 25 November 1755 to Captain Israel Putnam’s Company, Colonel Bagley’s Regiment Connecticut Militia, was recorded on garrison rolls at Fort Edward, 5 December 1755 and discharged 20 March 1756. He reenlisted, or was conscripted, to Captain Andrew Ward’s (Fourteenth) Company, Colonel Phineas Lyman’s Regiment Connecticut Militia, 28 March 1757, serving for 33 weeks. Further service was rendered that year, when he enlisted 14 November 1757 to Captain Reuben Ferris’ Company of Rangers, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel William Haviland, 27th Regiment of King’s Regulars at Fort Edward. He was discharged on, or about, 14 May 1758. He reenlisted on, or about, 3 April 1758 to Captain Jonathan Latimore Jr.’s Company, 3rd Regiment Connecticut Troops (Militia), recorded as stationed at Fort Edward in October 1758 and discharged 10 November 1758. He reenlisted 2 April 1759, at or near Killingworth, Connecticut to Captain Peleg Redfield’s Company, 2nd Regiment Connecticut Troops (Militia) and was discharged 1 December 1759. He reenlisted 14 April 1761 to Captain Jabez Thompson’s Company, 2nd Regiment Connecticut Troops (Militia) and was discharged 5 December 1761. He is recorded, May 1761, in Captain Thomas Pierce’s Company, 2nd Regiment Connecticut Troops (Militia) at Saybrook, Connecticut. He reenlisted 29 March 1762 to Captain Amos Hitchcock’s Company, 2nd Regiment Connecticut Troops (Militia) and was discharged 3 December 1762. (French & Indian War)


Private Samuel Webb : Webb, aged 24 years, born in Augusta, Virginia, stood 6’ tall, was described as having gray eyes, dark hair and a fair complexion, and by occupation a Carpenter when he was enlisted on 15 October 1846 at Staunton, Virginia by Lieutenant Getty for a term of five years. He was assigned to Company C, 4th Regiment United States Artillery (regulars). He deserted 13 March 1849.


Private Samuel Webb : Company C, 7th Regiment United States Infantry (regulars). While attached to Riley’s Brigade, his unit was engaged in the actions against the Mexicans around Chapultepec & Mexico City, Mexico on, or about 12-16 September 1847 where he was severely wounded.


Brevet Brigadier General Samuel Blatchey Webb : He was born in Connecticut. 1st Lieutenant 2nd Regiment Connecticut Infantry; wounded at the Battle of Bunker Hill 17 June 1775; promoted to Major and appointed Aide de Campe to General Israel Putnam, 22 July 1775; promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and appointed Aide de Campe to General George Washington, 21 June 1776; wounded at White Plains, 28 October 1776; wounded at Trenton, 2 January 1777; appointed Colonel of one of the 16 additional Continental Regiments, 11 January 177; taken prisoner of war on the expedition to Long Island, New York on 10 December 1777; was prisoner of war on parole until exchanged, December 1780; he was transferred to command of the 3rd Regiment Connecticut Infantry; awarded the rank of Brevet Brigadier General on 30 September 1783, served continuously until 13 November 1783. He died 3 December 1817.


He is the father of Henry Livington Webb (vet of Black Hawk War, Mexican War, Civil War), and James Watson Webb (1st Lt USA) and from him subsequently grandfather to General Alexander S. Webb, winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor for displays of conspicuous bravery at Gettysburg.


Private & Teamster Samuel Pierce Webb : Delorma Webb’s father Samuel served in Company I, 9th Regiment Illinois Cavalry Volunteers and Company M, 12th Regiment Indiana Cavalry Volunteers. Obviously he was an ‘ornery, tough, old man. From his service record - Samuel P. Webb, age 56, born Cortland County, New York, standing 5' 11" tall, with dark complexion, blue eyes, and brown hair, by occupation a farmer, was enlisted by Lieutenant William M. Chidister on 17 October 1861 at Chicago, Illinois for a period of three years. He mustered in, 23 October 1861 to Captain Boyce's Company, 9th Regiment Illinois Cavalry as a Private. He was subsequently assigned to Company I and on 17 November 1861 he was appointed to rank of Wagoner and is marked as Present on all muster rolls to May 1862, when he received a discharge. He was discharged 14 May 1862 by reason of disability; the surgeon wrote, "his being afflicted with general debility, a result of exposures and fatigue whilst in the service as a U. S. Soldier and at the same time being 56 years of age." His commander added, "Said Samuel P. Webb had the appearance of being able bodied when he enlisted & discharged the duties of a soldier faithfully until the first part of Feby. last, since which time he has been unable to do anything, from the effects of Rheumatism and general debility; at Station : Pilot Knob, Mo., May 1st, 1862." Samuel returned home, but remained restless to do his part against the Rebs. While living in Morgan Township, Porter County, Indiana he again enrolled 7 November 1863 at Valpairaiso (sic), Indiana for another 3 year enlistment and a $300.00 bounty. He gave the same birthplace as in his original enlistment, but gave the erroneous age of 43 years, obviously to avoid being discharged, as in his previous service, to which his advanced age contributed. He mustered in 12 January 1864 and marked present on all muster rolls until October 1864, when he received a furlough until 15 November 1864. He is again marked present until 15 March 1865, when he was admitted, from the field, to McPherson General Hospital at Vicksburg, Mississippi with chronic diarrhea. He was again furloughed 5 May 1865 and subsequently discharged 2 June 1865, the nature of the casualty described as, "...lumbago from which he was suffering when admitted to Hosptl. Steamer Baltic." Pension data : He applied for a pension in 1885 and was rejected on the grounds that his disability, as found by the War Department’s examiners, was not caused on consequence of his service. He reapplied; in his application, “alleges that at Huntsville, Alabama – June or July 1864, was taken with bilious intermittent fever , with rushing of blood to head and roaring in head and ears and in Feb’y 1865 he was again affected with biliousness, camp diarrhea, and increase of roaring in head and ears,” and was finally accepted in 1888 for partial deafness in the left ear and total deafness in the right ear (on account of a case of meningitis and spinal meningitis, that he described a bilious fever), chronic diarrhea and resulting disease of the rectum. Upon his death, he was buried at the government’s expense and his widow, Cordelia, received a Widow’s pension. (Civil War)


1860 Federal Census. Morgan Township, Valparaiso P.O., Porter County, Indiana

93, 707/691, Samuel P. Webb, 56, Male, White, Farmer, 0/250, New York

93, 707/691, Cordelia Webb, 54, Female, White, na, na, Massachusetts

93, 707/691, Lucy Webb, 15, Female, White, na, na, Michigan

93, 707/691, Deloy Webb, 24, Male, White, Farm laborer, 0/200, Ohio

93, 707/691, David Webb, 22, Male, White, Farm laborer, na, Ohio

93, 707/691, Oscar Webb, 7, Male, White, na, na, Indiana, in school

93, 707/691, Louisa Webb, 2, Female, White, na, na, Indiana

93, 707/691, Martin Webb, 3/12, Male, White, na, na, Indiana


Private Seth Webb : (revolutionary war)


Private soldier Silas Webb : Enlisted 29 April 1758 by 1st Lieutenant Daniel Toppings & 2nd Lieutenant George Herrick, and mustered in by Muster Master Geo. Muirson to Captain John Budd’s Company of South Hold, New York Provincial Troops. (French & Indian War)


Private Stephen Webb : Stephen, aged 22 years, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was described as standing 5’ 11½” tall, had hazel eyes, brown hair, a light complexion, and was by occupation a shoemaker when he enlisted 29 January 1827 to Captain Gale at Lancaster, Pennsylvania for a term of five years. He was assigned to Battery A & battery B, 1st Regiment United States Artillery (regulars). He was discharged 29 January 1832 by reason of expiration of term of service at Fort Monroe, Virginia.


Private Webb, aged 27 years, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was described as having hazel eyes, brown hair, a light complexion, stood 5’ 11” tall, and was by occupation a shoemaker when he re-enlisted 4 February 1832 at Fort Monroe, Virginia to Captain Munroe for a term of five years. He was assigned to Company B, 1st Regiment United States Artillery (regulars). He was discharged 4 February 1837 by reason of expiration of term of service at Fort Heileman, Florida.


Captain & Assistant Quarter Master Stephen Hinsdale Webb : Quarter Master’s Department; Born New York, died Vermont. Ensign in the 30th Regiment US Infantry 30 April 1813; 3rd Lieutenant 23 June 1814; honorably discharged 15 June 1815; First Lieutenant of 8th Regiment US Infantry on 13 February 1818, to Captain 9 July 1820, transferred to 1st Regiment US Infantry 1 June 1821, transferred to 3rd Regiment US Infantry on 14 December 1821; resigned 31 August 1833; ordnance dept, 11 November 1834; honorably discharged 1 October 1842; reenlisted in the Mexican War period as Captain & Assistant Quarter Master of U. S. Volunteers on 26 June 1846, honorably discharged on 30 June 1847.


Once again, served in the Civil War as Captain of Commissary & Sustenance for Volunteers on 5 August 1861, honorably discharged 6 September 1864. He died in February 1873.


Third Sergeant Stephen D. Webb : Joined and enrolled 4 July 1846 to Captain Lewis W. Ross’ Company (K), Colonel Edward Baker’s (4th) Regiment Illinois Volunteers, 3rd Brigade of Volunteer Division. He died 24 October 1846 in Hospital at Matamoras, Mexico. (Mexican War)


Private Styles Webb : Webb, age 18, enlisted and was mustered in 11 August 1863, to Company B, 3rd Regiment Ohio Cavalry. He was mustered out 30 May 1865 at Cleveland, Ohio and also served in Company E, 5th Regiment Ohio Cavalry. He applied for a pension, 26 September 1887 (invalid624018/753497) and his widow and children applied for and received pensions (widow1043593/789233 & minor1713733/A71832), after his death 9 March 1915 at Greenwich, Ohio.


Federal census – New London Township, Huron County, Ohio 1850.

Name, Age, Sex, Occupation, Value, Birthplace
Webb, Ephraim, 65, M, Farmer, na, Conn
Webb, Alathia, 65, F, na, na, Conn.
Webb, David, 26, M, Farmer, na, Ohio.
Webb, Horace, 40, M, Farmer, 600, N. Y.
Webb, Lucy, 4*, F, na, na, Vt.
Webb, Anson, 15, M, Farmer, na, N. Y.
Webb, Alathia 13, F, na, na, N. Y.
Webb, Adelaide, 9, F, na, na, N. Y.
Webb, David, 6, M, na, na, N. Y.
Webb, Stiles D., 4, M, na, na, N. Y.


Fireman 2nd Class Sylvester Webb : Sylvester, aged 20 years, born in Ohio, was described as standing 5’ 6” tall, with a copper complexion, when he enlisted 23 December 1862 at Cincinnati, Ohio, to the United States Navy for a term of 1 year. He was recorded on the muster roll of the ‘Springfield’ on 9 March 1863.






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