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Images were originally scanned under varying circumstances and have no uniform standard applied to their formatting.  They will be of various sizes, format and resolution until such time as I can re-scan many of them.  Ultimately, I would like to have hi-res TIF images available for download as well as web-standard JPG's and GIF's.

I welcome anyone who may have such images to send them to me.  I am looking specifically for images of Webbs, Herricks and Ruggles of Huron County and nearby counties of Ohio, any images of soldiers who may have served alongside the Webb brothers during the Civil War, and images of the following places : Huron County, Ohio; Goodhue County, Minnesota; Green County, Missouri; St. Clair County, Illinois; and LaPorte County, Indiana.

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Image Description

Primary plot of Webb headstones in Windham Center Cemetery, Windham, Connecticut.  There are headstones for no less than five Samuel Webb’s, including the original Samuel from my lineage, born 1660 – died 1739.  His stone is the second stone from the left in the first row of stones (in front of obelisk).  The large stone to the far right has an epitaph which reads, ‘Death is a debt to nature due which I have paid and so shall you’.  Photo by C. Sapoval, November 2001.

Sign at the corner of Webb Settlement Road and Halfway Road, Ridgefield Township, Huron County, Ohio.  This is the name given to the area settled by David Webb and his sons in 1820/21.  Photo by J. Deiss, 22 June 2001.

Located on the Stieber Farm in Ridgefield Township, Huron County, Ohio, the Webb Cemetery is the grassy mound of raised earth in the direct foreground; the stones have been broken up and piled along a fence.  The stone of Eliza Webb Geisler bears only the inscription 'wife of J. Geisler'.  Most bear only dates and few names.  Photos by J. Deiss, 22 June 2001.

Facsimile of the land record for the homestead of Oliver Webb in Goodhue County, Minnesota, dated 1 July 1861.  From the Bureau of Land Management.

Photo of Martin Luther Webb, Harvey Hayes Webb, and Isabel Pennie Webb, taken in Minnesota, 1909.  Photo courtesy of Hazel Skelly Webb, St. Louis, Mo. 

Lester Webb fought at the Battle of Antietam, at Sharpsburg, Maryland 18-19 September 1862 with his regiment, the 1st Minnesota.  They fought near the Dunker Church (81 k) and the Nicodemus House.  Photos by J. Deiss, Sharpsburg, MD, February 2001.

Candid shots of Martin Luther Webb II. Top image is of him and Russell Keller in Mexico, circa 1940; the bottom image is of Martin dancing at a costume party, circa 1935.  Image courtesy of Hazel Skelly Webb, St. Louis, MO.