William Webb (of Roxbury)

Full name : William Webb
Alternate spellings, aliases :  William Web; Wm. Webb, Willia Web
Notes :

Parents :
Father :
Mother :
note :

Date of Birth : 1580 - 1600
Place of Birth : England
Notes :

Spouse :
Name : Rebecka
Date of Marriage :
Place of Marriage : England
Died : 1654
Notes : from Roxbury Church records, “--- Webb: the wife of William Webb.  She followed baking & through her coventous mind she made light waight after many admonitions, & after sundry rebuks of o Court, & officers in the market, & after her special pise to the contrary yet was ag(…) scandalously discovered in open market; as also for an habit of lying & shifting, after much admonition, & also for a grosse ly in publick. flatly denying yt after she had weighed her dough, she never nimed off bitts from each loaf, wh yet was 4 wittnesses testified & after apped to be a common if not a constant practices. for all wh grosse wins she was excommunicated. the 23 day of the 8t month ano. 1642. her ways having bene long a grief of heart to her Godly neighbors.  But afterwards she was reconciled to ye church & lived Christianly & dyed comfortably.”  From Rev. John Eliot’s records of the First Church of Roxbury, “1643 mo 8. Goodwife Webb reconciled to the Chh.”  Her will is recorded 10 December 1654, wherein she leaves her estate to her granddaughter Rebecca Armitage, daughter of Godfrey Armitage, then under 16 years of age.

Date of Death : circa 10 December 1644
Place of Death : Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
Burial Information :
Notes : From Boston Town records, “William Webb buried 10th month (1644).”

Emigration :

Religion : from Roxbury Church records (members) of 1634 - 1635, “Willia Webb”

Military Service :

Occupation : He was made a Freeman of the Massachusetts Bay province (colony) on 25 May 1636.  He was a Baker or bread maker; once he was fined 10 shillings for not fixing the matter of his bread (see above).  Goodwin notes, “William Webb was early a ship builder in Weymouth.”  But it seems that William lived in Roxbury and was but a baker so Goodwin may have been referring to a different man.  In February 1631 a letter from Bradford in the Plymouth Colony to those in Massachusetts Bay states, “Richard Church was one of Mr. Webb’s men with freedom to go to England – or wither he would.”  This indicates that the Webb described was a Master and had common laborers and men not yet made free as his servants, employees or bound apprentices.

”John Chandler of Boston shoomaker placeth John Chandler his sonne Apprentice unto Willm Webb of Roxberry baker his executors admrs and assignes for seven yeares from the 29th of September last for to be instructed in the trade of the Baker and to have meate drink & clothes washing & wringing and in the end of the terme double apparel & 20s in money, before myself. [1-6]”

Property : He owned land in Roxbury and on 21 April 1653, his widow Rebecka sold 2 acres to John Daine for a ‘valuable sum’ (not specified).  From Roxbury Land Records… from 1640 or 1641 : “A note of the estates and persons of the Inhabitants of Rocksbury. (extract) …accres 15, William Webb, 4 persons, estate 2:00:00”


Daughter :

Date of Birth :

Place of Birth :

Married : Godfrey Armitage (?), a tailor of Boston

Died : prior to 1654

Notes :  In a will dated 10 December 1654 Rebecca Webb (widow if William Webb) grants to her unmarried, minor granddaughter Rebecca Armitage, daughter of Godfrey Armitage all of her ‘good, debts & estate’ (she states that she is under 16 years of age).


Son : Joseph

Date of Birth : 19 August 1640
Place of Birth : Weymouth, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
Married :
Died :
Notes : there is a suggestion, and a high probability, that this is the son of Richard Webb, who is thought to have been in Weymouth prior to living in Boston, however the Weymouth Town records state he is the son of William.  He is however, not mentioned in Rebecka’s will, so he may have died, or may indeed be the son of Richard Webb.



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