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Francis Hannah Holmes

Full name : Francis Hannah Holmes
Alternate spellings, aliases : Hannah F. Webb

Parents :
Father : Steven Holmes
Mother : Mary E. Taylor

Date of Birth : 1842
Place of Birth : Danbury, Connecticut

Vital stats : 
Notes :

Spouse : 
Name : Loren Webb
Date of Marriage : 12 December 1866
Place of Marriage : Danbury, Connecticut
Died : 20 February 1880, Nashville, Tennessee
Notes : Wedding service by Rev. J. L. Peck. 

Date of Death : 21 October 1877 
Place of Death : Drayton Island, Putnam County, Florida
Place of Burial :
Francis is buried in Jacksonville, Florida but Loren’s headstone bears her name; Woodlawn Cemetery, Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio, Section 9, Row 3, (gravestone image).
Cause of Death : presumably trauma and shock of childbirth; s
he died one week after giving birth to a son who lived less than a day.

Notes :

Religion : Methodist

Education : unknown; possibly a student at Hamline, or relative of a student at Hamline University.

Civilian Occupation(s) : housekeeping; mother,  She was probably highly involved in local church activities and may have participated in the Sabbath School or a Ladies Union, etc., as she was the Minister’s wife.

Property :

Family : after the death of their mother and father, Loren's daughters went to live with Loren's first cousin, Charles Herrick, in Bronson Township, Huron County, Ohio.  Charles was the son of Ephrahim Herrick and Loren's aunt Electa Webb, who married in Huron County in 1825.  Electa is sister to Loren's father, Oliver.

Daughter : Mabelle Lorena
Date of Birth : 27 November 1867
Place of Birth : Canton, Hartford County, Connecticut
Married : Finlay Hester 22 November 1892
Died : 26 December 1940
Notes : Finlay Hester  (1 July 1857 - 15 July 1936); 2 sons - Webb Hester (15 October 1893 - 5 October 1963), Loren  (9 July 1896 - 18 Dec 1978)

Daughter : Clara Laurilla
Date of Birth : 17 November 1868
Place of Birth : Essex, Middlesex County, Connecticut
Married : Charles Toby
Died : 
Notes : Clara filed for a Minor's pension on her father's service 3 February 1888 in Connecticut.

Son : unnamed
Date of Birth : 16 October 1877
Place of Birth : 
Married : 
Died : lived only a few hours
Notes :


Comments, sources, various additional :

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Written communication with Vinton Phillips and David L. Hester, New London, Huron County, Ohio, January 2001- ongoing.  Images of Webb gravestones courtesy of Elizabeth and Vinton Philips.

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Baldwin-Holmes Family. Typed manuscript; circa 1938. 1 page, 8.5x14”.  Facsimile photo-copy provide by Vinton & Elizabeth Philips.  In possession of author.

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