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WEBB : A family always moving west, from England to North America and across that Continent.  Illuminated here a few of the descendants of Freeman Christopher Webb, of Braintree, Massachusetts, bearing his name, their kin, and others so related by blood or marriage.  Including specific biographical data, a statistical account and a history of the David Webb family and a brief discussion of Webb Settlement in the Firelands. 

Compiled by his descendant, Jonathan Webb Deiss in Washington, DC; Huron County, Ohio; St. Clair County, Illinois; Windham Centre, Connecticut; and diverse places, electronically and by post, 1982-2003

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NEW - Speculation and Theory on the Webb Family in America


Lineage (supposed) :

Christopher Webb(1), and wife Humiltie Wheaton?, had son Christopher Webb (m. Hannah Scott), daughter Sarah Webb (m. Zechariah Buckmaster), son Thomas Webb (m. Mary ??), daughter Mary Webb (m. ?? Sheffield), and daughter Hannah Webb.

Christopher Webb (Sr.)(2), and wife Hannah Scott, had son John Webb (m. Bethia Adams), son Peter Webb (m. May Hayden), son Samuel Webb, Sr. (married Mary Adams), son Christopher Webb, Jr. (m. Mary Bass), daughter Hannah Webb (m. John Adams), son Benjamin Webb (m. Susanna Ballantine), daughter Mary Webb (m. Peter Adams), son Joseph Webb (m. Deborah Bass), and daughter Abigail Bass.

Samuel Webb, Sr.(3), and wife Mary Adams, had daughter Rebecca Webb, son Samuel Webb, Jr. (m. Hannah Ripley), daughter Mary Webb (m. Amos Dodge), son Nathaniel Webb (m. Elizabeth Fitch), and son Zebulon Webb (m. Judith Howard).

Samuel Webb, Jr.(4), and wife Hannah Ripley, had son Ebenezer Webb, daughter Hannah Webb (m. Peter Edgerton), son Ebenezer Webb (m. Ruth Crane), and son Joshua Webb (m. Hannah Abbe).

Ebenezer Webb(5), and wife Ruth Crane, had son Darius Webb (m. Deborah Palmer), daughter Jerusha Webb, daughter Ann Webb (m. Samuel Coburn), son Jonathan Webb (m. Abigail Curtiss), daughter Alice Webb (m. Ezekiel Perigo), daughter Ruth Webb (m. Nathan Rood), daughter Elizabeth Webb (m. John Wentworth), son Christopher Webb (m. Olive Brown), son Ebenezer Webb, Jr. (m. Abigail Rood), and daughter Hannah Webb (m. Jonas Wright).

Darius Webb(6), and wife Deborah Palmer, had son Nathan Webb (m. Polly Pratt), son Loring Webb (m. Judith Pratt), son Thomas Webb, daughter Ruby Webb, son David Webb (m. Lydia Parmele), daughter Lucy Webb (m. Jacob Bishop); daughter Mary ‘Polly’ Webb (m. Thomas Stone); daughter Susanna Webb; and son Lucius Webb (m. ? Wright).

David Webb(7), and wife Lydia Parmele, had son Harvey Webb (m. Sophronia Frost), daughter Electa Webb (m. Ephraim Herrick), son Samuel P. Webb (m. Mary Ann Smith), son Oliver Webb (m. Louisa Ellis), son Salmon Webb, daughter Fidelia Webb (m. Martin L. Ruggles), son David F. Webb (m. Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Geisler), and daughter Eliza Webb (m. Jacob Geisler).

Oliver Webb(8), and wife Louisa Ellis, had daughter Electa Angeline Webb, son Harvey Webb (m. Jemima Thorpe), daughter Eliza Maria Webb (m. George W. Van Syckle), son Francis Darias Webb (m. Rachel Lewis), son Loren Webb (m. Francis Hannah Holmes), daughter Prudence Eveline Webb, son Leicester Austin Webb, son Martin Luther Webb (m. Isabel Scott Pennie), and daughter Lydia Loretta Webb.

Martin Luther Webb(9), and wife Isabel Scott Pennie, had daughter Mary Louisa Webb (m. George Conkey), daughter Angeline Janette Webb (m. Clarence Carlton Fenton), daughter Mabel Webb, son Harvey Hayes Webb (m. Mabel Ellis), daughter Blanche Lovira Webb (m. Simon Einer Krohn), and daughter Ethel Lydia Webb.

Harvey Hayes Webb(10), and wife Mabel Ellis, had daughter Floribel Webb, son Ellis Hayes Webb, daughter Lillian Ethel Webb, son William Harvey Webb, son Martin Luther Webb (m. Hazel Jesse Skelly), daughter Mabel Evelyn Webb (m. ? Stone), and daughter Virginia Webb.

Martin Luther Webb(11), and wife Hazel Jesse Skelly, had daughter S. J. Webb (m. R. Williams), and daughter K. A. Webb (m. W. A. Deiss).

K. A. Webb(12), and husband, W. A. Deiss (divorced), had son Jonathan Webb Deiss(13) (m. D. O. divorced), and P. W. Deiss(13) (m. R. Capello).   




Raw Data, Transcribed Sources and Related Ephemera, including Records of Military Service :

Land and Real Estate Records -
Where my branch of the Webb family took root : Braintree, Massachusetts (1645); Windham Centre, Connecticut (1707); Riga, New York (c. 1805); Webb Settlement in Ridgefield Township. Huron County, Ohio (1819); LaPorte, Indiana (c. 1847); Roscoe, Goodhue County, Minnesota (1856); The Pioneer Ditch in Deadwood, South Dakota (1876); Beadle County, South Dakota (1881); Roseburg, Oregon (1909); Springfield, Greene County, Missouri (1910).


Census data – Webb’s and relatives 1790 – 1920.


Webb Gallery - photos and scans of Webb’s and relatives, indexed. 


Webb’s and relatives in various military unitsSeven Years (French & Indian) War, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, War Between the States, World War Two.

Author’s Disclaimer : This is not to be considered the ‘final word’ on the individuals, family members and relationships I am describing. This web-page and others on this site act as my research journal and should be viewed as such. Information presented here may be incorrect, or improperly cited or may be here one day and gone the next, yet I strive to always update the information and correct any inconsistencies or mistakes on an almost daily basis.  As a work in progress it represents the best information about the subject available to me at the time. I welcome comments and criticism - email : jondeiss@yahoo.com.  How am I related to all of these dead people? click here


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