Samuel Webb

Full name : Samuel Webb
Alternate spellings, aliases :  Mister Samuel Webb, (gentleman’s title); Samuel Webb, Sr.

Parents :
Father : Christopher Webb, Sr.
Mother : Hannah Scott
note :

Date of Birth : 28 July or 6 August 1660
Place of Birth : Billerica or Braintree, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Colony
Notes : His birth is taken from Billerica Town records, “Web, Samuell, s. Cristopher and Hanna, July 28, 1660” and also from Braintree Town Records, “Samuel Webb, son of Christopher & Hanna born 6. 6. 1660”

Name : Mary Adams
Date of Marriage : 16 December 1686
Place of Marriage : either in Braintree or in Chelmsford, Massachusetts Colony
Died : 21 December 1744
Notes : from Braintree Town Records, “Samuel Webb & Marah Adams were Maried by Mr. Clarke December 16th. 1686.”  His wife was the daughter of Captain Samuel Adams and his wife Rebecca Graves, who also had two daughters named Rebecca and Susannah; Rebecca married John Waldo and Susannah married John’s brother Daniel Waldo.   They moved to the vicinity of Windham Centre, Connecticut and it is this family connection that drew Samuel and his wife from Braintree to Windham.

Date of Death : 20 February 1738-39
Place of Death : Windham, Windham County, Connecticut
Burial Information : Buried on old Windham Cemetery, his gravestone was still standing as of 24 November 2001; the inscription reads : “In memory Mr Samuel Webb the late and well beloved consort to Mrs Mary Webb departed this life Feb 20th AD 17?? In the 79th year of his age.”
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Probate : His will was proved 6 March 1738/9, having been drafted 7 January 1730/1; and gives to his wife Mary, “all my moveable estate both within doars and without doars to be wholly at hur dispose, and that end of my dwelling hows next to ye town Street, to be hurs deuring hur Natural life.”  His inventory was valued at 172 9s 3d.

Military Service : unknown, may have been in local militia

Occupation(s) : On 14 March 1709, he was formally admitted an inhabitant of the town of Windham, Connecticut and the same year also chosen to be town Lister or Assessor and also on the School Committee.   In 1710 he was appointed a distributor for the estate of the late Robert Hibbard, Sr. In 1713 he was appointed ‘Innkeeper’.  In the summer of 1714 he acted as Attorney on behalf of Elizabeth Smith to distribute the estate of her late husband, Elisha Smith.  Many noted him as a Gentleman, apparently a ‘man of substance’.

Religion : Member of the First Church of Windham prior to 1726, listed as a Communicant of ‘Windham First Church’ in 1726, Reverend Thomas Clap (he became pastor 3 August 1726 when the record begins).

Property : What land, home and goods may have been owned while residing in Braintree, no evidence has yet surfaced.  His property in Windham can best be outlined by paraphrasing J. A. Vinton : He moved with his wife and children to Windham Centre, Windham County, Connecticut in 1707.  On 29 January 1706-7, Samuel Webb of Braintree purchased of Thomas Huntington of Windham, for 233, the fifth ‘home-lot’ at Windham Centre, with the one-thousand acre right belonging to it (…in the end the land only totaled about 300-400 acres).  There was, at the time, a house on his home-lot, and an apple orchard on his farm.  The house was situated on the west side of the ‘town street’.  It was the second lot north from that of Cates, the first settler, and the second lot south from the centre lot in the village; the lots being twenty yards wide on the street.

This property and any others acquired since were distributed prior to his death to his sons and son-in-law.  He also transacted business back in his home-town of Braintree, prior to and after leaving for Windham :  “On consideration of the petition of Mary Pennyman of Braintree, plaintiff, v. Samuel Webb of Windham, defendant, praying a judgment of the superior court holden at Hartford, March 12th, 1722/3, in an action of covenant, wherein the said Webb demurred to a certain part of the declaration, and said it was insufficient to maintain the action, and the petitioner, the plaintiff, said it was sufficient and prayed judgment : on which the court were of opinion it was insufficient, and give costs for the defendant : It appeared that in the said part of [396] the declaration an action || of covenant was sufficiently declared, viz. that the defendant had covenanted that he had at such a time lawful power and good right, to sell a certain parcel of land, which the plaintiff says he had not, to the damage of the said plaintiff a certain sum, and thereof brings her suit; which therefore this Assembly is of opinion is a sufficient declaration of such an action, and the aforesaid judgment is erroneous; and the said judgment is hereby reversed and the petitioner is allowed one more tryal of her said action at the superior court to be held at Hartford in March next; and the whole of the cost of the process to follow the final tryal.” 
(Public Records of Connecticut, October 1723 [page 415])



Daughter : Rebecca

Date of Birth : 25 September 1687

Place of Birth : Braintree, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Colony

Married :

Died : March 1688

Notes : from Braintree Town Records, “Rebeckar Webb, daughter of Samuel Webb by Mary Webbe his wife was buried 25 March 1687/8.”


Son : Samuel, Jr.

Date of Birth : 14 May 1690
Place of Birth : Braintree, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Colony
Married1 : Hannah Ripley, 8 October 1711

Married2 : Elizabeth Fisk, 14 May 1752
Died : 6 March 1779, Rockingham, Vermont
Notes : from Braintree Town records, “Samuel Webb, son of Samuel Webb and Mara his wife was borne May 14, 1690.”


Daughter : Mary

Date of Birth : 25 November 1694

Place of Birth : Braintree, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Colony

Married : Amos Dodge

Died :

Notes :


Son : Nathaniel

Date of Birth : 10 February 1696

Place of Birth : Braintree, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Colony

Married : Elizabeth Fitch, 24 April 1718, Windham, Connecticut

Died : 19 September 1750, Windham, Connecticut

Notes : His youngest son – Captain Nathaniel Webb, commanded a company in the Revolution.  Admitted to the First Church of Windham, by Rev. Thomas Clap, on 8 May 1727.


Son : Zebulon

Date of Birth : c. 1698

Place of Birth : Braintree, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Colony

Married : Judith Howard, 19 December 1722, Windham, Connecticut

Died : Canterbury, Connecticut

Notes : Received a farm in 1720 on Little River in East Windham, now called Scotland, Connecticut. He was possibly a soldier in the French & Indian War.  Along with his wife he is listed as a Communicant of ‘Windham First Church’ in 1726.

Comments, sources, various additional :


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