Jacob Arthur Parfitt

Full name : Jacob Arthur Parfitt
Alternate spellings, aliases :  Jake

Parents :
Father : unknown
Mother : unknown

Date of Birth : November 1864
Place of Birth : England
note : this info comes from 1900 Census

Immigration : According to the Census, he emigrated in 1870 and was naturalized in 1884.

Spouse1 : 
Name : Mary Jesse Geller
Born : 17 October 1871
Date of Marriage : 15 May 1889
Place of Marriage : possibly St. Louis, Missouri (but unknown)
Died : 1934
notes : Divorced.

In the Court of Common Pleas of __ County.
Jacob Parfitt versus Mary J. Parfitt } Libel in Divorce.
To the Honorable the Judges of the Said Court : The Petition and Libel of Jacob A. Parfitt respectfully showeth : - That your petitioner, on the fifteenth day of May, 1889 was lawfully joined in marriage with Mary J. Geller and from that time until the 24th day of Feby 1900 lived and cohabitated with her the said Mary J. Parfitt nee Geller and hath in all respects demeaned himself as a kind and affectionate Husband. And although by the laws of God, as well as by their mutual vows plighted to each other, they were reciprocally bound to that constancy and uniform regard which ought to be inseparable from the marriage state; yet so it is.  That the said Mary J. Parfitt in Violation of said Laws and her Vows aforesaid has committed adultery with one A. B. Robinson who resides in the City of McKeesport, Allegheny County, Pa. And other persons to your petitioner unknown.  And also, That a decree of this court may be given for a separation from the Bonds of Matrimony aforesaid as of the same had never been contracted.  And he will ever pray, &c. (signed) Jacob A. Parfitt.
Allegheny County SS : The said Jacob A. Parfitt being duly sworn according to law, saith, That the statement of facts contained in the above petition, or libel, is true, to the best of his knowledge or belief; and that the said complaint is not made out of levity or by collusion between him and Mary J. Parfitt, for the mere purpose of being freed and separated from each other, but in sincerity and truth, for the causes mentioned in the said petition or libel.  Sworn and subscribed before me, the 10th day pf March 1900. (signed) Jas Von Masters, Alderman & ex officio Justice of the Peace   (signed) Jacob A. Parfitt
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In the Court of Common Pleas No 3 of Allegheny County.
Jacob Parfitt vs. Mary J. Parfitt } No. 307 May Term, 1900.  IN DIVORCE.
(transcription pending)
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Spouse2 :
Name : Ida
Date of Marriage : unknown
Place of Marriage : 
Died :

Date of Death : unknown
Place of Death, and or Burial : 
urial Information : 

Occupation : Steel rolling mill worker; worked at Demmler Tin Plate Company, in Demmler, Pennsylvania in 1900; also may have worked at McKeesport City, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Property, residence :

1900 Federal Census.  City of McKeesport, Ward 6, Enum Dist 430, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Location, Name, Relation, Color, Sex, DOB, Age, Family Status, Nativity, Father, Mother, Occupation, Education, Home owned
5th Ave, 314/367, Morgan Karnes, Head, White, Male, Jan 1852, 47, Married 14 years, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Boat Builder, Owns house
5th Ave, 314/367, Lizzie Karnes, Wife, White, female, Jan 1859, 41, Married 15 years mother of 2, Pennsylvania, Germany, Germany
5th Ave, 314/367, Tinnier? Robinson, ?, White, Female, Oct 1878, 21, Married 7 years mother of 1, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
5th Ave, 314/367, Elizabeth Robinson, Granddaughter, White, Female, Nov 1894, 5, Single, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, illiterate
5th Ave, 314/367, Fannie? Painter, Daughter, White, Female, Aug 1885, 19, Single, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, illiterate
5th Ave, 314/367, Alexander Blush, Boarder, White, Male, Nov 1877, 22, Single, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, Doubler in Tin Mill
5th Ave, 314/367, Jacob Parfitt, Boarder, White, Male, Nov 1864, 35, Single & Married 11 years??, England, England, England, Roller in Mill, emigrated 1884, naturalized
5th Ave, 314/367, John Kelly, Boarder, White, Male, Nov 1876, 24, Single, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Helper in Steel Miller
5th Ave, 314/367, Effie Parfitt, Boarder, White, Female, May 1892, 8, Single, Missouri, England, Ohio, At School 9/12 mos
5th Ave, 314/367, Earl Parfitt, Boarder, White, Male, Apr 1893, 7, Single, Missouri, England, Ohio, At School 9/12 mos
5th Ave, 314/367, Edwin Parfitt, Boarder, White Male, Mar 1895, 5, Single, Missouri, England, Ohio, illiterate
5th Ave, 314/367, Peter? Luckert, Boarder, White, Male, Feb 1873, 27, Single, Pennsylvania, Germany, Germany, unemployed, illiterate

1920 Federal Census. Lisbon District (EnumDist 60), Bedford County, Virginia
Street, Dwelling/Family, Name, Relation, Tenure, Sex, Color, Age, Marital Status, School/Read/Write, Born, Father Born , Mother Born, Spk Eng, Occupation
(Farm) Lynchburg & Salem Tnpk, 15/15, Ida R. Parfitt, Head, Own free, Female, White, 50, married, n/y/y, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, yes, Farmer, General Farm, 13
(Farm) Lynchburg & Salem Tnpk, 15/15, Jacob Hay Parfitt, Husband, Male, White, 57, married, 18??/18??, n/y/y, England (English), England, England, yes, Steel Worker, Sheet Steel Plant
(Farm) Lynchburg & Salem Tnpk, 15/15, Arthur J. Parfitt, Son, White, Male, 14, Single, y/y/y, Pennsylvania, England, New Jersey, yes, none

1930 Federal Census.  Lisbon (EnumDist 10-14), Bedford County, Virginia
Street, Dwelling/Family, Name, Relation, Own/Rent, Value, Radio, Farm, Sex, Color, Age, Marital/Age, School/Read-Write, Born, Father, Mother, Language, Citizen, Occupation, Industry, Veteran

Villamont Rd, 26/26, Ida R. Parfitt, Head, Owner $2000, Radio, Female, White, 60, Married 30yrs, no/yes, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, yes, Dairying, Dairy
Villamont Rd, 26/26, Jacob A. Parfitt, Husband, Male, White, 66, Married 36yrs, no/yes, England, England, England, English, 1870/Nat, yes, none

Family :

Daughter : Enza Berniece
Date of Birth : before 1893
Place of Birth : St. Louis, Missouri or West Virginia 
Married : Henry Carr (Rumanian immigrant & World War 1 vet)
Died :
Notes : see 1930 Federal Census

Son : Earl Arthur
Date of Birth : before 1893 (April 1893?)
Place of Birth :  St. Louis, Missouri or West Virginia 
Married : Sadie (?) 
Died :

Daughter : Effie Hazel
Date of Birth : 4 March 1893 (May 1892?)
Place of Birth : St. Louis, Missouri or West Virginia 
Married : (1) Michael Joseph Skelly, (2) Peter Cease
Died : 28 February 1973, St. Louis, Missouri

Son : Edwin (Edward) Booth
Date of Birth :  May 1895?
Place of Birth : St. Louis , Missouri or West Virginia
Married : Louise (?)
Died : Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Note : Veteran of the Great War 1917-1918, 80th Division.

Son : Arthur
Date of Birth :
Place of Birth :
Married :
Died :

Sources :

1900 Federal Census for McKeesport, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  EnumDist 430, sheet 19.  T623 Roll1363. National Archives and Records Administration.  Washington, DC.


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