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Descendants of Samuel Geller and Mary Ann Mann

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Samuel Geller and wife Mary Ann Mann, had daughter Mary J. Geller, daughter Catherine Ann Geller, son Andrew Geller, daughter Anna Geller, daughter Sophie Geller, son Dan Geller, son William Geller, daughter Margaret Geller, son Scott (or Noah) Geller, daughter Maggie Geller, son George W. Geller (married Kate Lewis), and son Samuel M. Geller.

George W. Geller and wife Kate Lewis, had daughter Mary Jesse Geller (married Jacob Arthur Parfitt), daughter Effie Scott Geller (married John M. Meinhardt), daughter Kate Kent (married Walter Frink), and son Paul Abner Geller.

Geller Archives :  

Geller Gallery : unsorted photos of Gellers, at random

Census Data : Bedford County, Pennsylvania and Belmont County, Ohio

Geller’s in the Military : Sam Geller served in the 15th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry

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