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16 November 2003 - I recently received some email from researchers that was inadvertently deleted as spam – if I have not responded to your email in the last two weeks, please email me again.  If you would like to use the data that I have posted here in any form – you must contact me and give credit for the source of the data.  Several websites currently are posting data that has been cut and pasted from my site without any credit being given.   I scour the web on a daily basis, and if I see that you are using my data without permission and without due credit, you will be hearing from me.  If I have used your data and failed to cite it properly, please let me know.

16 August 2003 – Added updates to many pages, too numerous to link right now.  If you go to the military section, there is a new page for Webbs in the Mexican War period.   Also added a pdf file of a very interesting article from the New York Genealogical & Biographical Record, 1895, written by Rev. Benjamin Webb.

11 August 2003 – I have updated pages for Darius Webb, his two brothers (Ebenezer Jr. & Christopher) and some of Ebenezer Webb’s children, and grandchildren.  Darius served on his town’s Committee of Safety during the Revolutionary War.

11 June 2003 – Check it out – The Pioneer Ditch.  Many updates to Lester Webb’s page and a few to Darius Webb’s page.  A few weeks ago I attended the NGS Conference in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania with many of my co-workers from the DAR.

7 April 2003 – I updated and added pages for George Dabney, Robert Dabney, Lewis Dabney, Willard Dabney & Ozias S. Upton.  My grandmother, Vivian Dabney Deiss is the daughter of William Dabney, son of Lewis, son of Robert, son of George.  George Dabney was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and his father, Cornelius Dabney, was reputedly also a soldier in the Virginia militia.  I am working on this line rather as a peripheral task, but I guess I got lucky when I found some records in the library while poking around in Wayne County, Kentucky records, which corroborated my Census records on this family quite nicely.  After so many years of never finding a tangible lead on any of the families on my father’s side (except my beloved Hilterbrand branch), I have really made some interesting finds and made great progress!  Ozias Upton is the father of America A. Upton Hilterbrand.

Sunday, 6 April 2003, 10:08AM – I linked a page with abstracts of Dabney land records, extracted from the Kentucky Land Office website.  This and other land record information is abstracted here.  Two weeks ago I received permission to publish the diary of Captain Loren Webb; there will be excerpts from the diary used liberally as source material on this website in the future.  This day is an anniversary in the life of Captain Loren Webb, as today is the 141st anniversary of the first day of the Battle of Shiloh, or Pittsburg Landing; coincidently, also on a Sunday, like today. 

5 April 2003 – I have posted a new page for the Deiss Genealogy Forum and updated my findings about Anton Deiss.  I have been in contact with half-dozen different people with the Deiss surname and decided to initiate research into all Deiss (and variants) families I can locate in the hopes of uncovering some connections.  This has resulted in the accumulation of a large quantity of census data on the Deiss surname variants and an investigation into the origin of the name.  In the last few weeks I found evidence that Anton Deiss owned some land in the Corondelet Commons area of St. Louis in the mid-1870’s; this new info has been posted to his bio-page.  Also added some of these links to the Descendants of Anton Deiss page.

1 February 2003 – I’m trying to establish a connection between Theresia Ulrich of Milwaukee to Anton Deiss of St. Louis, beginning by examining census records..  They are supposed to be siblings, but no definitive link, besides family tradition has surfaced to support it.  It seems likely that they are indeed siblings; bits of data supplied by Virginia Timm were easily verifiable by viewing the census and some secondary genealogy sources on the Ulrich line.  Now its just a matter of good old detective work to find the clues necessary to delve deeper into the Deiss lineage.  On the Webb side, I recently read a passage in Abbe-Abbey Genealogy, that Christopher Webb came from Barking, Essex, England to America in 1620. I have yet to see the evidence for this, but will include it in my notes and continue to look for the evidence, circumstantial as it may be.

21 January 2003 – All sorts of updates; more than I can list.  Most recently I have updated the page about the ship Statira Morse after receiving some great new information from Corky Kittelson, a researcher interested in its history.  I’ve narrowed down my search for Geller’s, Parfitt’s and Dabney’s by uncovering some good new data – Samuel Geller’s father is most likely Adam Geller; Jacob Arthur Parfitt remarried after 1900 & moved to Bedford County, Virginia; and William Dabney’s father and mother were Lewis Dabney and Ruth Ann Ellis.  Ridiculous amounts of new data for all the census pages.

27 October 2002 – Poor young Salmon Webb has a new page.

21 October 2002 – I have updated the Census pages and added agriculture info for 1850, 1860, 1870 and the 1929 St. Louis City Directory.  There is a new page for Dr. William Wesley Ellis, some minor updates on Lester Webb’s and Duncan Drummond’s pages.  The military page has been updated and reformatted, I hope it is easier to use now.  Additionally, I have tweaked many of the files in the Hilterbrand directory, updated almost all the links and added new directories for Ellis, Dabney & Upton.

12 October 2002 – I have updated some of the land and homestead files including M. L. Webb’s farm in Beadle County, South Dakota and the Hilterbrand properties in Texas County, Missouri.

10 October 2002 – I am toying with adding some more descriptive data points to my pages on individuals on this site.  It seems logical that I should at least have information concerning gender, and genetic information (inherited traits, diseases, etc.).  In the last several weeks I have added, or updated info about Adin Webb including images from his Family Bible (1) (2) (3), I added info from the Census’ farm schedules to the Pennie homestead and Webb land pages, updated Jacob Arthur Parfitt’s page (with juicy details concerning his divorce in 1900!), and info to my page on Michael J. Skelly.  Processing of tons of new information on each and every family continues as fast as I can manage it. Recent acquisitions include new info on Captain Loren Webb and info on the Webb family’s land settlement of Roscoe Township, Goodhue County, Minnesota.  I finally received copies of the property deeds for Lester Webb’s Pioneer Ditch in Deadwood, South Dakota.  Very interesting stuff, which I will transcribe as soon as humanly possible, shows that he sold part of his share in the mining operation for $5000.00 in 1880.  He must have been quite comfortable for the time.

23 September 2002 – The latest and greatest updates are to the combined Census pages.  I just returned from St. Louis, Missouri where I was able to do some research on the Skelly and Deiss branches of the family.  Some information concerning the possession of the saloon at 4432 North Broadway in St. Louis and some good leads on the land dealings of Henry and Gertrude Cramer, was uncovered at the County Library’s Genealogy room.  At my grandmother’s home, I found new photos, hopefully soon to be posted, of Samuel Geller and Michael J. Skelly.  Recently, the Missouri Archives responded to a request, sent months ago, for a birth record for Michael J. Skelly, informing me that such a record does not exist in their files.  I have received word from the courthouse in Deadwood, South Dakota that they have land records for Lester Webb’s Pioneer Ditch property in Lawrence County, South Dakota.  There’s been good progress made on the book, concerning Loren Webb; I found two articles, one written about him, another written by him, on microfilm in the Belleville, Illinois library.  I just keep getting lucky when it comes to the Webb family research.  I’ve got more than I can easily deal with as far as source material is concerned – now begins (or continues!) the backlog.

9 September 2002 – The new website is online – www.webbdeiss.org as well as my professional research site – www.webbdeiss.org/research.  A few weeks ago I traveled to Huron County, Ohio in search of more source material for my research into the life of Loren Webb, the beginnings and progression of the Webb Settlement and whatever else I could uncover during my brief stay.  Most of my time in recent months has been spent trying to get my professional research services company off the ground.  I’ve added quite a bit of data about the Webb Settlement (including land deeds) and have spent a great deal of time perusing the census indices.

9 June 2002 – Reorganized a bit of the links on Webb index page.  Also updated some of the personnel data for Loren Webb’s Company F and Company D.

26 May 2002 – Land Records, nuff ‘sed.

15 May 2002 – More updates to the Pennie land records pages.  I have updated Peter Pennie’s service record with new images, and added images of John Pennie’s service record.  The Webb Settlement pages needed an update, so I added two paragraphs of quotes from Chester Ruggles about the geographical location of the place.  I have accumulated more records right now than I know what to do with, but that won’t stop me.  Continuing the recent trend of frenzied research activity, I will be back in the Nat’l Archives on Friday to copy some more military files for the other side of my family, the Missouri kinfolk; also to transcribe more of the orders and miscellaneous information that can be culled from the Regimental Books of the 11th Minnesota.  I finished copying the descriptive list for Company D and have cropped all the soldier photos, of which I have about 75, so they can be matched up and posted before too long.  The Diary of Loren Webb research continues at an outrageous pace – its up to 168 pages and growing – I’ll be adding maps and all sorts of cool stuff.  Who know when I’ll have much to post it – its too much right now to deal with as an online project, being constantly in flux and edit mode all the time.

Before long this whole site will move to its new URL – www.webbdeiss.org - but not yet; in the mean time take a look at my other projects at my sponsor site - www.alkem.org . 

23 April 2002 – The Pennie clan loved to buy up government property. I have built a page showing the location and documents related to the Pennie farm in Wisconsin.

31 January 2002 – Thanks to a lucky tip, I found some more about old Samuel Geller.  He was a soldier in the Civil War and father to at least twelve children.

15 January 2002 – Check this out, what a nightmare; a collection of Census info 1790 – 1920.

7 January 2002 – I added some minor tweaks to Lester Webb’s page and documented a little of Israel Putnam’s Company from the French & Indian war.

28 December 2001 – Some thoughts on the origin of the surname Webb.

27 December 2001 – Okay, so I admit it.  I haven’t updated the site for three weeks.  But I have a good excuse; I have been doing lots of research and work on my short (ahem!) history of Loren Webb’s Company F.  It is quite an involved process to research and compile everything, and I am not quite prepared to make an update of my new research on the website.  Hopefully in a short while I will post my new findings – including, positive identification of the ‘rusty muskets’ used by Company F; more details concerning their ‘gray’ uniforms; the discovery that Colonel Mersy was a German socialist revolutionary leader in Baden, a contemporary of Hecker; and the accumulation of info that is indicating that enduring the freezing weather at the siege of Fort Donelson caused such widespread damage to the men, that they never sufficiently recovered – the men complained less about musket balls than the cold.

In the first week of January, 2002, I will be posting a whole bunch a new material about Windham, Connecticut; Company F; and all kinds of miscellaneous tidbits on various, diverse subjects of interest.  What a promise to live up to! 

6 December 2001 – The document came!  It helps round out his story : Lester Webb lived in Deadwood, Dakota Territory and issued a power of attorney while dying at Fort Buford, Dakota Territory on 16 July 1881.  A transcription has been posted to Lester’s page.  Much thanks to Harold D. Gillis, who acquired the document in Oregon and graciously shared a copy with me.

3 December 2001 – There have been many small updates over the last several days, as is usual.  The index page has been reformatted slightly again, but no real stylistic or functional changes were made.  I am awaiting a document in the mail which may solve a big mystery – where was Lester Webb from 1865 – 1881?  A gentleman from Oregon has kindly sent me a copy of a power-of-attorney document, dated 1881, from Lester A. Webb to Martin L. Webb, giving Martin rights to Lester’s property.  It describes Lester as being ‘of Deadwood’.  Deadwood is a city in South Dakota, at the time Lester lived there known as the Dakota Territory, and involved in the 1870’s Black Hills activity and the Dakota Gold Rush.  I did a bit of searching and found a newspaper index for the Black Hills Republican and found 17 articles with a Lester A. Webb or L. A. Webb as the subject, all dated 1877 – 1881, and will be ordering transcriptions soon.  Initial, limited evidence, leads me to think that Lester may have been the constable.

1 December 2001 – I have started a page to compile Windham data (click here).

30 November 2001 – I have been to Windham, Connecticut and through research conducted there, assisted by local town history & Windham genealogy expert Claire Reed, been thoroughly enlightened by the knowledge gained of my ancestors lives.  I can now safely make a few bold statements; I am descended from Christopher Webb of the Massachusetts Colony, arrived prior to 1645, and from Governor Bradford of Plymouth, and the Mayflower.  This knowledge has been gained through diligent study and lots of reading.  I am assimilating data and will post it as it becomes ready.

4 November 2001 – New - Added page for Janette Pennie and uploaded an assortment of unindexed images to the Pennie Gallery2.  I transcribed a document out of Christopher Webb’s pension file (Revolutionary service).

27 October 2001 –
New page for Oliver Webb’s brother Samuel P. Webb.  I put that up after contact with two other Webb researchers by email recently.

Update archives : 2 June 2001 – 10 October 2001



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