Christopher Webb

Full name : Christopher Webb
Alternate spellings, aliases :

Parents :
Father : Ebenezer Webb
Mother : Ruth Crane
note :

Date of Birth : 14 June 1755
Place of Birth : Windham, Windham County, Connecticut
Notes :
[click here to see a record of his birth as recorded in his son, Adin’s bible]

Spouse1 : 
Name : Olive Brown
Date of Marriage : 8 January 1778
Place of Marriage : Connecticut
Died : 15 or 21 March 1786

Spouse2 :
Name : Charity Davenport
Date of Marriage : 1774
Place of Marriage :
Died : 18 November 1812
Notes : dates from her gravestone and from a digest of dates collected from Cazenovia newspapers, “Webb, Charity, Mrs., died November 18, 1812, age 67 years (in 68th year), died at Cazenovia.” ( )

Spouse3 :
Name : Mary (or Sally) Branch
Date of Marriage : 1768?
Place of Marriage :
Died : 1831???
Notes : dates from her gravestone, which is hard to read

Date of Death : 1 or 4 March 1837
Place of Death : Cazenovia, New York
Burial Information : he is buried in a cemetery in the Town of Cazenovia, New York.  Daniel H. Weiskotten, former Town Historina of Cazenovia, wrote on his fascinating website about the discovery of his gravestone, and those of his children : (read more on his website - ).  Apparently the stones were found face down under a sidewalk.  Current stone are replacements.
[click here to see an image of his gravestone (1) and of the other replacement gravestones (2) (3) (4) (5) (6), courtesy of Mark Webb; click here to see a record of his death from Adin Webb’s bible]

Religious Affiliation : According to his son Reverend Daniel Webb, paraphrased by Rev. Donkersley in 1860, “The Methodist itinerants commenced their volunteer and unrequited labors in Canterbury as early as 1793 or 1794.  Among the early fruit of their toils was the father of Daniel Webb, who, from the time of his conversion to the day of his death, lived a very godly life.”  Daniel’s conversion took place about the same time, occasioned by a young woman, a seamstress, who was residing with them at the time; Daniel gives the date as August 1797.  In 1832 in an affidavit for his brother’s pension application, he is noted as being a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  A few years prior to 1800 a small number of Methodists sprang up in Windham County, most of them were former Freewill Baptists; they relied on itinerant ministers for their preaching.

Military Service : Patriot of the Revolution. He first enlisted while a resident of Lisbon, Hanover Society, New London County, Connecticut.  Early to May, 1775 enlisted for four weeks into Captain Nathaniel Bishop’s Company, stationed at Roxbury, Massachusetts. 

July to August 1775 enlisted for five months in Captain Douglass’ Company, Colonel Jebediah Huntington’s Regiment. 

Fall of 1776, enlisted for two months in Captain John Perkins’s Company. 

Commencing 1 September 1777, enlisted as Sergeant for two months in Captain Ebenezer Lathrop’s Company, then to Colonel Jonathan Latimer’s Company and was present at the capture of Burgoyne.  Colonel John Lattimer’s Regiment Connecticut Militia was in Brigadier General Oliver Wolcott’s Brigade (arrived 12 September) while engaged 19 September 1777 (at Stillwater?); they were also engaged on 7 October 1777 at Saratoga (may have been under Brigadier General Enoch Poor).   They fought in both Battles during the campaign.

He was placed on the New York agency’s pension rolls 23 October 1833 (cert#20994), received $43.08 per annum; total $107.70 from commencement at 4 March 1831.

Christopher Webb appears with the rank of Sergeant on a Pay Roll of Captain Ebenezer Lathrop’s Company in Colonel Jonathan Latimer’s Regiment from the State of Connecticut from the date of inlistments (sic), or when detached, to the 30th day of October, A.D. 1777, including 6 days for those that were discharged at or near Red Hook, and 7 for those that went with the baggage down North River to Stoutons Borow (sic) and for those dismissed at Albany, and 9 days for those dismissed at Saratogue (sic) to travel home into Norwich, dated Norwich, June 25, 1778.
When detached or enlisted : August 28, 1777.
When dead or dismissed : Dismissed, October 22, 1777.
Time in service : 2 months 1 day

Wages per month : 2 8s

Amount of wages : 4 – 17 – 1d


Christopher Webb appears with the rank of Sergeant on a Mileage Roll of Captain Ebenezer Lathrop’s Company in Colonel Jonathan Latimer’s Regiment from the place or places they were dismissed at the northward to Norwich (viz) 32 dismissed at or nearby Readhook (sic) 120 miles each, 28 dismissed at Albany 140 miles each, & 4 dismissed at Saratoga 176 miles each, at 1 penny per mile, dated Norwich, November 1777.

Miles : 140

Amount : : 11 – 8


[Images of these documents were scanned from his Compiled Service Record : jacket-envelope, card1, card2.]


State of New York, Franklin County } …Ebenezer Webb of the Town of Malone in the County of Franklin in the State of New York, aged seventy-five years, being duly sworn in deposes and says that he knows Christopher Webb of the Town of Cazenovia, in the County of Madison & State of New York – that the said Christopher is a brother of that deponents – that as this deponent has been told and verily believes, the said Christopher was born in Windham in the State of Connecticut in the year 1755 and that the said Christopher shortly after Lexington Battle, in the year 1775 joined as a volunteer soldier, a company of Militia raised in a place then called Hanover in the State of Connecticut to go to Boston, Massachusetts to serve against the common enemy, and verily believes that he went there, as he was absent from home a number of weeks, before he returned, but how long he served at that time, the deponent does not know – that in the summer of the same year 1775 – the said Christopher enlisted into a company of Connecticut troops in a Regiment commanded by Col. Jebediah Huntington, and came to Roxbury, Massachusetts, where this deponent saw him frequently, as the deponent was then a soldier stationed at Cambridge, Massachusetts, and knows that the said Christopher, served against the common enemy at that time, five months, and after being honorably discharged returned home to Connecticut in company with the deponent. – And that, in the following year 1776, as the deponent then understood, and now verily believes (while this deponent was in the service of his country at Ticonderoga in the State of New York) the said Christopher enlisted or volunteered into a Regiment of Connecticut troops, but what regiment this deponent does not now recollect, and was marched to White Plains in the State of New York to serve against the common enemy but how long he served at that time this deponent cannot say -.  And further that in the winter of 1776 & 1777 this deponent well remembers, that said Christopher entered as volunteer into a Regiment of Connecticut Troops to go to Providence in the State of Rhode Island to serve against the common enemy when the British lay at Newport, and verily believes that he went there as the deponent learned at the time and never heard it contradicted, but how long he served at that time the deponent does not know.  And this deponent further states that in the summer of 1777, this deponent was knowing to the said Christopher enlisting or entering into a Regiment of Militia raised in New London County Commanded by Colo. Lattimer as a substitute for Daniel Cutler, a Sergeant in said Regiment for the term of two months to go to Saratoga to serve against the common enemy, and verily believes, as he understood at the time that the said Christopher went to Saratoga, and was present and assisted at the capture of General Burgoyne and his army.

Subscribed and sworn to before me August 22nd 1832 – Benjamin Clark, Justice of the Peace }  Ebenezer Webb


[Images of this document available here: deposition page one (large jpeg) (low-res jpeg); deposition page 2 (large jpeg) (low-res jpeg).]

[His pension file also contained documents, written by an agent of the governing Administration, summarizing his service : summary page1, summary page2.]

Occupation(s) : farmer, soldier.  In 1807 he was listed as a Path Master in the  Cazenovia Town Road Book Description of Road Districts (transcribed by Daniel Weiskotten), “37.  Beginning at the house of Thomas Powers and running south by Southwell's until it it intersects the road from the lake to the Salt Springs.  Also the cross road at the head of the lake  Also the road from Parker's northeast by Hall's to Landlord Jones' - Christopher Webb, path master”

He served the same post on 1819, “45.  Beginning at the north line of Bethuel Lusk's land  Thence south to the north line of the Remson Farm west to the west line of Zenas Phinney's land  Also the road south to the south line of Allen Green's land - Christopher Webb, overseer of the highway”

Property : He and his nephew Loren are listed in the 1805 Cazenovia Assessment Roll

Webb, Christopher, (Webb, Christopher), Real Estate valued at $800, Personal Estate valued at $30, Total Valuation = $830, Tax Due = $2.40.
Webb, Loren, (Webb, Loren), Real Estate valued at $192, Total Valuation = $192, Tax Due = $0.55.

Family : all children by Olive Brown


Son : Daniel
Date of Birth : 13 April 1778

Place of Birth : Canterbury, Windham County, Connecticut

Married1 : Elizabeth ‘Betsey’ Williams, 14 July 1801; she died 22 February 1845

Married2 : Nancy Cory, after 1845

Died : Tuesday, 19 March 1867, Barnstable, Massachusetts

Notes : Methodist clergyman for 69 years


Son : Adin
Date of Birth : 31 March 1780

Place of Birth : Windham County, Connecticut

Married : Deborah Carter

Died : 7 February 1865

Notes : Town Clerk, School teacher at Homer, New York


Son : Abijah
Date of Birth : 3 March (or April) 1782

Place of Birth : Windham County, Connecticut

Married : Sally Donald

Died : 9 February 1813

Notes : A farmer in New York.


Son : Martin Luther
Date of Birth : 13 August 1784 (1785)

Place of Birth : Windham County, Connecticut

Married : Susan Baldwin (b1781 d.1869)

Died : 6 January 1837

Notes : Farmer in Cazenovia, New York; daughter Susan Webb b.1814 d.1850 ?


Comments, sources, various additional :


Donkersley, Rev. R.  Rev. Daniel Webb  The Ladies Repository, June 1860


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Harvey Hayes Webb family bible transcript, typed transcript, drafted in the 1950's; courtesy Hazel Skelly Webb

Webb, Loren. Diary of Captain Loren Webb, 1861 - 1863, Firelands Historical Society, 1995. Transcribed by Matthew L. Burr. 

Written communication with Vinton Phillips and David L. Hester, Huron County, Ohio, January 2001- ongoing. 

Pension File of Christopher Webb (abstracts) : M804 Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Files 1800 – 1900 Webb, Abner – Webb, Isacc. Roll2514.  National Archives and Records Administration. Washington, DC. Viewed 14 July 2001.


Photos of graves of Christopher, his two last wives, Martin Luther, his wife and daughter courtesy of Mark Webb of Georgia.


Family Bible of Adin Webb.  In possession of author.

Copyright Jonathan Webb Deiss

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