Ruth Crane

Full name : Ruth Crane Webb
Alternate spellings, aliases :  Ruth Waldo Crane, Crain

Parents :
Father : Isaac Crane Sr.
Mother : Ruth Waldo
note : this is totally unconfirmed at this time; they were married 12 July 1716 at Windham.  Ruth Waldo is the daughter of John & Rebecca Adams Waldo, which makes Ruth Crane her own husband’s cousin as their grandmothers were sisters (Mary Adams & Rebecca Adams, daughters of Joseph Adams).

Date of Birth : 12 April 1718
Place of Birth : Windham, Windham County, Connecticut

Spouse : 
Name : Ebenezer Webb Sr.
Date of Marriage : 3 December 1740
Place of Marriage : Windham, Windham County, Connecticut
Died : 11 February 1803

Date of Death : 28 February 1796 ‘aged 78’
Place of Death : Scotland Society, (East) Windham County, Connecticut
Burial Information : supposedly buried in the old burial ground in Scotland at Windham, but in November 2001, the author of this webpage was unable to locate any headstone or footstone, after several hours of searching.

Military Service : her children served in the Revolutionary War

Residences, property : her father was relatively wealthy leaving an estate at his death worth 3307.7.10; what part of this she may have received is not known.

Occupation(s) : wife, mother

Religious participation : She was admitted as a Communicant to the First Church of Windham on 23 May 1742, two months before the birth of her first son.; in 1774 joined with others to separate and form the Scotland Society.  From Connecticut Public Records, Volume 14, January 1774, page 246 : Upon the memorial of Zacheus Waldo, Zebulon Hibbard, Benjamin Cleaveland, Joseph Allen, Lemuel Bingham, Ebenezer Webb, John Palmer, John Walden, Israel Hale, Stephen Webb, William Perkins, Joseph Allen junr, Jonathan Brewster, Ebenezer Bass, John Silsberry, Timothy Allen, Samuel Baker junr, Jebediah Bingham, Zebulon Hibbard junr, Henry Bass, and Moses Cleaveland, inhabitants of the third society at Windham, shewing (sic) that they, the memorialists, and their families, have for a long time attended on the ministry of Mr. John palmer of said Windham, and do conscientiously dissent from the ministry established in said society, and that said society has assessed the memorialists for building a meeting-house and supporting their minister : praying to be made a distinct ecclesiastical society and be exempted from paying said rates &c., as per memorial on file : Resolved by this Assembly, that the memorialists and their families be and they are hereby constituted a distinct ecclesiastical society, and shall be called and known by the name Brunswick, and that they, their families and descendants, shall have and enjoy all the privileges, advantages and exemptions which other ecclesiastical societies by law and entitles unto, so long as they attend publick (sic) worship and support the ministry among themselves, and shall not be taxed to the support of the ministry or for building meeting-houses by said third society; an the taxes already laid by said third society upon the memorialists for building a meeting-house and supporting the minister which are not collected shall not be collected, and they are hereby discharged therefrom.

1790 Federal Census. Windham, Windham County, Connecticut.
Head of Family, Free White Males 16>, <16, Free White Females, Others, Slaves
Ebenezer Webb, 1, 0, 2, 0, 0

Family : 

Son : Darius
Date of Birth : 28 July 1742
Place of Birth : Windham, Connecticut
Married1 : Deborah Palmer, 9 October 1767, Windham, Windham County, Connecticut

Married2 : … nee : Lawrence
Died : 1828, Homer, Cortland County, New York
Notes : “…he removed ‘West’, as it was then called and lived in several places in the State of New York,” John Adams Vinton


Son : Jerusha
Date of Birth : 17 April 1744

Place of Birth : Windham, Connecticut

Married : never married

Died : 25 November 1827

Notes :


Daughter : Ann
Date of Birth : 13 March 1745-6

Place of Birth : Windham, Connecticut

Married : Samuel Coburn, 31 May 1778

Died :

Notes :


Son : Jonathan
Date of Birth : 2 October 1747

Place of Birth : Windham, Connecticut

Married : Abigail Curtiss

Died : 14 July 1830, Lisbon, New London, Connecticut

Notes : served in Revolutionary War; sired eleven children; son Ariel Webb may have served in War of 1812, Atchison’s Reg’t New York Militia as Fife Major


Daughter : Alice
Date of Birth : 3 August 1749

Place of Birth : Windham, Connecticut

Married : Ezekiel Perigo, 29 October 1772

Died :

Notes : lived in Hanover Society, Lisbon, Connecticut; had nine children


Daughter : Ruth
Date of Birth : 22 February 1750-1

Place of Birth : Windham, Connecticut

Married : Nathan Rood

Died :

Notes : moved to Pennsylvania; Nathan Rood was a Baptist Preacher, later becoming a Restorationist


Daughter : Elizabeth
Date of Birth : 19 February 1753

Place of Birth : Windham, Connecticut

Married : John Wentworth, 25 November 1773

Died :

Notes : Lived in Hanover Society, near Sprague, Connecticut


Son : Christopher
Date of Birth : 14 June 1755

Place of Birth : Windham, Connecticut

Married1 : Olive Brown, (b. 8 January 1778, d. 21 march 1786)

Married2 : …nee: Davenport, after 1786

Married3 : Sally Branch

Died : 1837, Cazenovia, New York

Notes : Christopher was a Patriot of the Revolutionary war.  Four children by first wife include Reverend Daniel Webb, Methodist Minister; also Adin; Abijah; Martin Luther


Son : Ebenezer, Jr.

Date of Birth : 28 May 1757
Place of Birth : Windham, Connecticut
Married : Abigail Rood, 28 August 1777
Died :
Notes : Patriot of the Revolutionary War; had two children in Windham (Sarah b.1778, Reuben b.1780)


Daughter : Hannah
Date of Birth : 31 August 1759

Place of Birth : Windham, Connecticut

Married1 : …nee: Baldwin

Married2 : Jonas Wright

Died : 23 January 1829

Notes :

Comments, sources, various additional :


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