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Compiled by Jonathan Webb Deiss, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003

Compounding collection of confusing compatriots...
What can be verified is that there were at least three individuals named Ebenezer Webb who served in the Revolutionary War, two of which definitely served in the Connecticut Line. In the compiled service record files of Revolutionary War veterans at the Nat’l Archives, the surname Webb covers several rolls of film and included three men named Ebenezer Webb, one of which has been identified as Ebenezer, Jr. (son of Ebenezer, Sr. younger brother of Darius Webb and Jonathan Webb, older brother of Christopher). One served in Putnam’s (3rd) Regiment, one in 9th Regiment Connecticut Militia, and one in 2nd Connecticut Regiment. Ebenezer Webb, Sr. could, in my opinion, certainly have served in some capacity as a Patriot. His brother, Joshua Webb (born 1722), is recorded as on the Committee of Safety and involved in other Patriotic activities while residing in Vermont. The service of Joshua and his sons is impressive.

The pension file(s) for the several Ebenezer Webb’s contains confusing and seemingly contradictory information. Letters written by descendants in the early twentieth century requesting information on the Ebenezer Webb I am researching were there, including one from a long dead cousin, but they only served to muddle my efforts. One letter written to the pension department contained this :

“Ebenezer Webb married Ruth Crane 3 December 1740. He died 11 February 1803 at Windham, Ct. He was son of Samuel Webb (of Windham, CT) and his wife Hannah Ripley. Ebenezer and Ruth had a son – Ebenezer, Jr 28 May 1757.”

The letter goes on to mention that there are two Ebenezer Webb’s and the author wishes to obtain the record of the individual they described. What followed in the file were letters, affidavits and documents pertaining to the Ebenezer born in 1757, with no further mention of the elder Ebenezer. Another letter of interest was a request for information for a DAR application, dated 18 December 1933, from Mrs. Lulu Viola Webb Brown (#30 N. LaSalle St R1325, Chicago, ILL). Lulu was the daughter of Francis Webb (Principal Musician, 73rd Regiment Indiana Infantry, 1862-65), and the great-great-great granddaughter of the alleged Patriot, Ebenezer Sr. She later applied to the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution based upon his alleged service and was accepted into the Society in 1933. Another earlier letter, dated 24 October 1914, from Elizabeth Letson Bryan, mentions :

“...also of Ebenzer Webb, of Windham, Conn said to have been in 3rd Regiment Gener. Putnam’s, Co. Capt. Obadiah Johnson’s; enlisted May 19, 1775 and of Ebenezer Webb, Jr. born May 29, 1757, whose service was about the same as his father.”

That information is documented in the Dar Lineage Books (Volume 20, page 96 & Volume 36, page 140), although I have been warned that much of the data in the DAR books is suspect. In fact, anyone wishing to apply for membership under the service of Ebenezer Sr is required to prove the service, a task I have been attempting to accomplish for three years.   The same data is also documented in the printed Connecticut rosters concerning the Third Regiment commanded by French & Indian War hero Israel Putnam, now a Colonel. Family history supports the service of Ebenezer Webb Sr. but there has not been found any corroborative evidence.

Where did this rumor, without evidence, come from? Some documents cite evidence obtained from an unpublished Webb family-history manuscript produced by Webb Hester in Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio. An examination of the remnants of Webb Hester’s papers kept by his descendants in Huron County failed to reveal the smoking gun. His research, in his lifetime was noted as being extensive and complete, but after his death, his papers, books, and notes, including photos and ephemera of the Webb family going back several generations was given away, sold, and trashed in various stages. Some of it had filtered down to the Firelands Historical Society in Norwalk, but their collection is scattered and far from complete.

According to records, Putnam’s regiment was called to service for six months by the Connecticut legislature during it’s session in April & May 1775, and was recruited almost exclusively in Windham County, although one company was raised in New London County. They marched in May 1775, by Companies, to the camps forming around Boston, where it was stationed during the siege. Accordingly, if the record proves correct, his service would comprise :

“Ebenezer Webb, Sr. enlisted 19 May 1775 to Captain Obadiah Johnson’s Company, Colonel Israel Putnam’s Third Regiment Connecticut Troops and was discharged 16 December 1775 by expiration of service.”

I have yet to find a clear service record or pension record of Ebenezer Webb, Sr., but will continue to search. It is possible that he never served at all, and if he did serve it is likely that he never applied for a pension before he died in 1803.   The following individual fits in as far as the name is concerned, but evidently is not Ebenezer, Sr. or Jr. of Windham, but Ebenezer Webb of Stanford, Connecticut - “Ebenezer Webb, Private, Captain Jonathan Mill’s Company of 2nd Connecticut Regiment, Charles Webb, Colonel, appears in a book, copied from rolls of the organization named above. Date of appointment or enlistment } March 1, 1777. Term – war. Casualties – discharged March 1, 1780.” He is also listed at White Plains 4 August 1778 and 1 September 1778 (which would place him with troops under Washington’s command), at Fredericksburg 3 October 1778, and Second (sic) Hill 4 November 1778. On 2 December 1778 he was transferred to Captain Parson’s Company at Hartford as a Taylor (sic). He was later working in Norwalk, Connecticut as a Taylor before being discharged in 1780.


An entry found linking an Ebenezer Webb to service at valley Forge has also been found which adds even more fuel to the fire of colonial confusion - Private Ebenezer Webb, enlisted 1775, Windham, Connecticut; (?on muster roll of Valley Forge Encampment, December 1777 – June 1778 as rank and file?)   This has yet to be verified. He is most likely, Ebenezer Webb of Stamford, Connecticut.


Revolutionary Service of Members of the Webb Family of Windham County, Connecticut :

At least three, and probably four, of Ebenezer, Sr.’s sons served in the Revolution – Darius, Jonathan, Christopher and Ebenezer, Jr. Also, his son in law John Wentworth (married to Ebenezer’s daughter Elizabeth). At least two, and perhaps five of Joshua Webb’s sons served in the Revolution from Vermont – Jehiel, and Azariah (‘fer sure), Joseph, Charles and Calvin (maybe).


Darius Webb : During the Revolutionary War he served as a Town Officer for Norwich, Hampshire County, Massachusetts in the capacity of a Selectman & Assessor, as a member of the Committee of Safety, as Road Surveyor, Pound Keeper, Warden, & on the school districting committee and also as a Private Soldier and Non-commissioned Officer (Sergeant) in four tours of duty in companies raised from the Town.


He was engaged 8 May 1777, as Sergeant, in Captain Christopher Banister’s Company, Colonel David Weel’s Regiment Massachusetts Infantry. He served a total of two months and seven days on the expedition to defend Ticonderoga, and credited as having traveled 144 miles home, at time of discharge 8 July 1777.


Pay Roll of Christopher Bannister’s Company of the Massachusetts ?Pony? Militia... of who David Wells is Colonel on a late expedition to Ticonderoga.

First Sergeant Darias Webb

State pay per month : £1.0.0

Time of engagement : 8 May 1777

Time of discharge : 8 July 1777

Distance from home : 110 ?

Mileage allowance at 2p per mile : £1.3.4

Time of service : 2 mos 7 days

Whole amount paid : £2.4.8


He reenlisted 20 September 1777, as Private, in Captain Ebenezer Webber’s Company, Colonel Ezra May’s Regiment Massachusetts’s Infantry. The regiment marched on the expedition to Stillwater, and Darius served 19 days, being credited as traveling ninety miles home, when discharged 4 October 1777.


Private Darias Webb

State pay per month : £2.10.0

Time of engagement : 20 September 1777

Time of discharge : 4 October 1777

Miles : 90 miles

Time out : 19 days

Pay : (blank)


He again was engaged on 21 July 1779 as Sergeant in Captain Benjamin Bonney’s Company, Colonel Elisha Porter’s Regiment Massachusetts Infantry to serve 42 days. His regiment performed service at New London, Connecticut, and was discharged 27 August 1779.


Roll of Benj Bonney’s Company of Colo Elisha Porter’s Regiment of Militia from the County of Hampshire and State of Massachusetts... for service at New London

Second Sergeant Darias Webb

Pay per month : £2.8.0

Time of engagement : 21 July 1779

Time of discharge : 27 August 1779

Distance from home : 107 miles

Days allowed to return home at 20 miles per day : 5

Miles traveled out and home : 178 miles

Form of mileage at 1p per mile : £0.14.9

Whole time of service : 42 days

Amount of wages : £3.7.0

Subsistence money : £0.0.0 (before 8 August)

Subsistence money : £3.0.0 (after 8 August)

Whole amount of subsistence : £1.10.0

Whole amount of wages & time : £5.11.9

...a slightly different payroll for the same service states that his pay per month was £22.0.0, that his wages were £32.4.0, but that he received a total of only £0.18.0.


In March 1780 he was appointed by the inhabitants of Norwich, Hampshire County, to be a Member of the Committee of Safety for the Town and (overseer) of Highways.


“March 1780 – At a legal meeting of the inhabitants of Norwich held at (illegible) voters on said day Jonathan Ware Moderator

Voted William Tover Town Clerk

Voted Samuel Knight Lieut Daniel Kirtland Lieut David Scott Selectmen

Voted Mr Caleb Tobes Town Treasurer

Mr Jonathan Ware C(illegible) French Constables

Voted the Selectman be assessors for the year insuing

Esq John Kirkland Mr James Cowas Ebenezer Meecham Capt Ebenezer Geer Mr Darius Webb Committee of Safety –

Mr Thomas Hutchins James Clark Hane

(illegible) Capt Ebenezer Geer Lieut David Scott Mr Darius Webb Isaac Williams (illegible) of Highways ways –“


He served in the same capacity as ‘Sargeant’, again in Bonney’s company, engaged on 21 July 1781, to serve another 42 days. After serving at New London, Connecticut, he was discharged 27 August 1781 and credited as traveling 107 miles in five days time. (this may be the same service as in 1779, with a wrong date)


“Norwich, Hampshire... (extracts)

July 30th, 1782 at a legal town meeting

1st Made choise of Mr. Darius Webb. Moderator.

2nd Directed to give Capt. Daniel Kirkland and Mr. Joseph Park sixty pounds for their engaging to do three years service in the continental Army for this town.

3rd Voted Samuel Knight, Isaac Williams Jr., Lt. Samuel Warner, Lt. David Scott, Daniel Leonard, Darius Webb chosen committee to divide this town into proper squadrons or districts for schooling said business to be done by the 20th of ...?... and make return to the Selectmen by said day.   Darius Webb, Moderator.”


On the 19th and 25th of March 1782 he was chosen as ‘Pound Keeper’ for the town (must have keep the town’s stray animals). On 14 January 1783, the town “made choice of Mr Darius Webb Wardine”., and he was again chosen on 3 March 1783 as the town’s Warden and also as the town’s ‘Pound Keeper’.


“Norwich, Hampshire... (extracts)

March 8, 1783 at a legal town meeting...

...made choice of Samuel Knight Town Clark, Samuel Knight, Darius Webb and Lt. William Fobes Selectmen & Assessors.

...Ebenezer Webb Fine Server and hogreaver.

...Darius Webb Pound Keeper.”


On 5 April 1784 the town “...voted to allow Mr. Darius Webb 1 Pound ¾ for service the year past for the town.”

[click here to see images of his CSR from the Massachusetts Archives (1) (2) and from the Town Record of Norwich (3)]


Jonathan Webb : although not yet confirmed, he may have served in the same service as his father; a man by the same name, is listed as having been married while in service in the Continental Line, 1780 – 1781. He served in his cousin’s company : Captain Nathaniel Webb’s Company, Colonel John Durkee’s regiment. He is listed as Present, with the rank of Private at Valley Forge for December 1777, in Captain Nathaniel Webb’s Company, 4th Connecticut Regiment, Rhode Island Brigade, First Division of the Continental Army. He was discharged 31 December 1777. Captain Nathaniel Webb was Jonathan’s cousin.

[click here to see an abstract from the Valley Forge website (1) or a static image of the same record (2)]


Christopher Webb : He was born 14 June 1755 at Windham, Windham County, Connecticut. He first enlisted while a resident of Lisbon, Hanover Society, New London County, Connecticut. Early in May, 1775 enlisted for four weeks into Captain Nathaniel Bishop’s Company, stationed at Roxbury, Massachusetts. July to August 1775 enlisted for five months in Captain Douglass’ Company, Colonel Jebediah Huntington’s Regiment. Fall of 1776, enlisted for two months in Captain John Perkins’s Company. Commencing 1 September 1777, enlisted as Sergeant for two months in Captain Ebenezer Lathrop’s Company of Colonel Jonathan Latimer’s Regiment and was present at the capture of Burgoyne. He applied for a pension 23 October 1833 (cert#20994), receiving up to $43.08 per annum, and died in Cazenovia, New York in 1837.


Christopher Webb appears with the rank of Sergeant on a Pay Roll of Captain Ebenezer Lathrop’s Company in Colonel Jonathan Latimer’s Regiment from the State of Connecticut from the date of inlistments (sic), or when detached, to the 30th day of October, A.D. 1777, including 6 days for those that were discharged at or near Red Hook, and 7 for those that went with the baggage down North River to Stoutons Borow (sic) and for those dismissed at Albany, and 9 days for those dismissed at Saratogue (sic) to travel home into Norwich, dated Norwich, June 25, 1778.
When detached or enlisted : August 28, 1778.
When dead or dismissed : Dismissed, October 22, 1778.
Time in service : 2 months 1 day

Wages per month : £2 8s

Amount of wages : £4 – 17 – 1


Christopher Webb appears with the rank of Sergeant on a Mileage Roll of Captain Ebenezer Lathrop’s Company in Colonel Jonathan Latimer’s Regiment from the place or places they were dismissed at the northward to Norwich (viz) 32 dismissed at or nearby Readhook (sic) 120 miles each, 28 dismissed at Albany 140 miles each, & 4 dismissed at Saratoga 176 miles each, at 1 penny per mile, dated Norwich, November 1777.

Miles : 140

Amount : : £11 – 8


[Images of these documents were scanned from his Compiled Service Record : jacket-envelope, card1, card2.]



State of New York, Franklin County } ...Ebenezer Webb of the Town of Malone in the County of Franklin in the State of New York, aged seventy-five years, being duly sworn in deposes and says that he knows Christopher Webb of the Town of Cazenovia, in the County of Madison & State of New York – that the said Christopher is a brother of that deponents – that as this deponent has been told and verily believes, the said Christopher was born in Windham in the State of Connecticut in the year 1755 and that the said Christopher shortly after Lexington Battle, in the year 1775 joined as a volunteer soldier, a company of Militia raised in a place then called Hanover in the State of Connecticut to go to Boston, Massachusetts to serve against the common enemy, and verily believes that he went there, as he was absent from home a number of weeks, before he returned, but how long he served at that time, the deponent does not know – that in the summer of the same year 1775 – the said Christopher enlisted into a company of Connecticut troops in a Regiment commanded by Col. Jebediah Huntington, and came to Roxbury, Massachusetts, where this deponent saw him frequently, as the deponent was then a soldier stationed at Cambridge, Massachusetts, and knows that the said Christopher, served against the common enemy at that time, five months, and after being honorably discharged returned home to Connecticut in company with the deponent. – And that, in the following year 1776, as the deponent then understood, and now verily believes (while this deponent was in the service of his country at Ticonderoga in the State of New York) the said Christopher enlisted or volunteered into a Regiment of Connecticut troops, but what regiment this deponent does not now recollect, and was marched to White Plains in the State of New York to serve against the common enemy but how long he served at that time this deponent cannot say -. And further that in the winter of 1776 & 1777 this deponent well remembers, that said Christopher entered as volunteer into a Regiment of Connecticut Troops to go to Providence in the State of Rhode Island to serve against the common enemy when the British lay at Newport, and verily believes that he went there as the deponent learned at the time and never heard it contradicted, but how long he served at that time the deponent does not know. And this deponent further states that in the summer of 1777, this deponent was knowing to the said Christopher enlisting or entering into a Regiment of Militia raised in New London County Commanded by Colo. Lattimer as a substitute for Daniel Cutler, a Sergeant in said Regiment for the term of two months to go to Saratoga to serve against the common enemy, and verily believes, as he understood at the time that the said Christopher went to Saratoga, and was present and assisted at the capture of General Burgoyne and his army.

Subscribed and sworn to before me August 22nd 1832 – Benjamin Clark, Justice of the Peace } Ebenezer Webb


[Images of this document available here: deposition page one (large jpeg) (low-res jpeg); deposition page 2 (large jpeg) (low-res jpeg).]

[His pension file also contained documents, written by an agent of the governing Administration, summarizing his service : summary page1, summary page2.]


Ebenezer Webb, Jr. : He was born 29 May 1757 at Windham, Windham County, Connecticut. He volunteered May 1775 to Captain Obadiah Johnson’s Company, Colonel Israel Putnam’s Regiment Connecticut Troops. He was stationed for some time at Cambridge, Massachusetts during the Battle of Bunker Hill and was discharged December 1775. Re-enlisted July 1776 to Captain Elijah Sharp’s Company, Colonel Samuel Mott’s Regiment Connecticut Troops. He was on the expedition to Ticonderoga and camped on the west bank of Lake Champlain for about four months and discharged 28 November 1776 at Mount Independence opposite to Ticonderogoa. In September 1780, enlisted for two months in Captain Rush’s Company, Colonel McLellan’s Regiment. He marched to New London and served about two months. Afterwards he resided at Windham until February 1782, then moved to Norwich, Hampshire County, Massachusetts and lived there eight years. He probably did not render any military service after November 1780, although in March 1783 he was selected as ‘Fine Server’ and ‘Hogreaver’ for the town of Norwich. He was pensioned on 5 October 1833 and received $43.33 per year.


Ebenezer Webb appears with the rank of ... on a Pay Roll of Major Obadiah Johnson’s Company in the 3d Reg’t of Foot, raised by the Colony of Connecticut, 1775 (Revolutionary War), dated ...not dated... Time of enlistment May 19, 1775. Discharged Dec 16, 1775. Months and days in the service 6 mos 28 days. Premium for enlisting £2 s12. Whole of pay £16 s8.


[click here to see an image of this card from his CSR (1) and click here to see images of his pension file (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)]


John Wentworth : Married to Ebenezer Webb’s daughter Elizabeth Webb, 25 November 1773, in Windham County, Connecticut. Enlisted in 1777, served in Captain John Perkins Company, Colonel Jebediah Huntington’s Regiment (dates unknown). He responded to the Lexington Alarm for the relief of Boston in April 1775.

[click here to see an image of a letter from the Connecticut AGO (1) concerning John’s service]



Various Webb references for the Revolution : There were several dozen men by the name Webb involved in the Revolution, as Patriots and possibly as Loyalists. I did find several other Webb’s from the Connecticut Line; Colonel Samuel B. Webb; Colonel Charles Webb, Esq. (Commander 2nd Connecticut Regiment); Hezekiah Webb; Charles Webb, Jr.; David Webb; Seth Webb; Moses Webb; John Webb; Abner Webb; Benjamin Webb; Constant Webb; Epenetus Webb; Isaac Webb; Jabez Webb; James Webb; Jeremiah Webb; Nathaniel Webb; and others...



1813 Federal Census. 1813 Invalid Pensioners. Connecticut.
No. on roll, Name, Rank, Annual Stipend  
182, Constant Webb, Sergeant, $36.00



GR9 Index to Census of Pensioners, 1 Roll; extracts

[Webb surname, forename followed by index number]


Abigail, 105

Anna, 29

Azariah, 64

Benjamin, 90

Daniel, 52

E. H., 64

Ebenezer, 81

Edward, 5

Elizabeth, 85

Grace, 137

Hannah, 79

Isaac, 78

J. R., 64

Jesse, 155

John, 32, 82, 105, 135, 138, 145

John T., 146

Joseph, 79

Lewis, 165

Moses, 56

Nathan, 180

Paul, 29

Samuel, 81

Sarah, 180



GR14 1835 Pension Index – Revolutionary War, 1 Roll; extracts

[Webb surname, Ohio]


Trumbull County, Ohio

Name : David Webb

Rank : Sergeant

Allowance : $120.00

Received : $368.00

Service ; 3rd Regiment Connecticut Line

Date Place on pension Roll : 22 October 1828

Name of Agent or Representative : Abm. Griswold, Exr

Remarks : Died 26 May 1829


Trumbull County, Ohio

Name : Josiah Webb

Rank : Private

Allowance : $26.00

Sums Received : $79.98

Service ; New York Militia

Date Place on pension Roll : 7 May 1833
Commencement of Pension : 4 March 1831

Name of Agent or Representative : na

Age : 83



1840 Census (extracts of pensioners)

Given Name & Surname, Age, Head of Household, City, Town, County


1840 Census of Pensioners. Fairfield County, Connecticut

Moses Webb, 84, na, Norwalk, Fairfield County


1840 Census of Pensioners. Middlesex County, Connecticut

James Parmalee, 79, James Parmalee, Durham, Middlesex County

Constant Parmelee, 79, Constant Parmalee, Clinton, Middlesex County


1840 Census of Pensioners. Berkshire County, Massachusetts

Daniel Webb, 77, Daniel Webb, Otis, Berkshire County


1840 Census of Pensioners. Norfolk County, Massachusetts

John Webb 83, na, Weymouth, Norfolk County


1840 Census of Pensioners. Plymouth County, Massachusetts

Anna Webb, 82, Paul Webb, Scituate, Plymouth County


1840 Census of Pensioners. Clinton County, New York

Isaac Webb, 73, Sally Fish, Peru, Clinton County


1840 Census of Pensioners. Delaware County, New York

Hannah Webb, 78, Daniel Wh?, Walton, Delaware County

Joseph Webb, 80, Joseph Webb, Tompkins, Delaware County


1840 Census of Pensioners. Dutchess County, New York

Abigail Webb, 84, John Webb, Clinton, Dutchess County


1840 Census of Pensioners. Franklin County, New York

Ebenezer Webb, 82, Samuel Webb, Bellmont, Franklin County


1840 Census of Pensioners. Genessee County, New York

John Webb, 80, John Webb Jr., Pembroke, Genessee County


1840 Census of Pensioners. Lewis County, New York

Elizabeth Webb, 81, Elizabeth Webb, Watson, Lewis County


1840 Census of Pensioners. Oneida County, New York

Asa Ellis, 97, Daniel Ellis, Westmoreland, Oneida County


1840 Census of Pensioners. Onondaga County, New York

Benjamin Webb, 84, Hiram Leonard, Lafayette, Onondaga County


1840 Census of Pensioners.  Trumbull County, Ohio

Sarah Webb, 80, Nathan Webb, John's Town, Trumbull County


1840 Census of Pensioners. Essex County, Vermont

Azariah Webb, 93, J. R. Webb, Lunenburg, Essex County




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Valley Forge Muster Roll – on line - http://valleyforgemusterroll.org/



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