Francis Darias Webb

Full name : Francis Darias
Alternate spellings, aliases : Darius

Parents :
Father : Oliver Webb
Mother : Louisa Ellis

Date of Birth : 22 January 1836
Place of Birth : Webb Settlement, Ridgefield Township, Huron County, Ohio

Vital stats :
Height : 5' 9"
Complexion : Light
Eyes : Blue
Hair : Light
Notes : age 28, from Regimental Descriptive Book, Co. D, 73rd Reg't Indiana Infantry.
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Spouse : 
Name : Rachel Lewis 
Date of Marriage : 3 July 1856
Place of Marriage : Argos, Marshall County, Indiana
Died : prior to October 1930 at age 94 years.
Notes : Marriage service performed by Marquis L. Smith, Justice of the Peace.  She died after suffering a bout of gangrene of the feet (I suspect diabetes).

Date of Death : 29 April 1913
Place of Death : Evergreen Park, Cook County, Illinois
Place of Burial : Evergreen Cemetery
Cause of Death : Chronic internal nephritis; certified by H. G. Reinhardt, MD

Military Service : Civil War, Union
Unit1 : Company D, 73rd Regiment Indiana Infantry
Rank : Private; Chief Musician; Principal Musician
Term of Service : 5 August 1862 - 1 July 1865
Notes : It appears that Francis was in hospital for quite some time during the war, 31 August 1862 until 31 December 1862 he is listed on the muster roll of Company E, Detachment of Convalescents, Barracks No. 1, Nashville, Tennessee and sent to hospital 21 November 1862 in Nashville.  The following March and April he is shown present on the muster roll of U.S.A. General Hospital No. 6, New Albany, Indiana.  He was added to the 73rd Regiment's Non-Commissioned Staff as the Principal Musician, promoted 31 July 1864 at Triana, Alabama.  Although his regiment was captured by Confederate forces May 3, 1863 and officers sent to Libby Prison while enlisted men went to prison in Richmond, it is not clear that Francis was with the regiment at this time.  The regiment was exchanged in March 1864 and they rejoined service.  In all, Francis suffered greatly from illness, including typhoid fever resulting in the loss of all of his teeth, and the surgical removal of his left testicle, otorhoea of the right ear from exposure at (the) Wild Cat Mountain(s), Kentucky, as well as general rheumatism and chronic diarrhea.

Notes concerning Francis’ rank : 1865 Customs of Service; Special Enlistments -
223.  Principal Musicians.-  The law allows to each regiment of regular infantry, the Fifth Artillery, and to each volunteer infantry regiment, two principal of chief musicians.  Other laws with regard to bands make the position of chief musician anomalous and inconsistent. (Act July 29, 2861.)
224.  The Act of July 5, 1838, section 16, allows the chief musician seventeen dollars per month, whilst section 4, Act July 29, 1861, provides that bands shall be paid as follows : one-fourth of the twenty-four shall receive the pay of sergeants of engineers, thirty-four dollars, one-fourth the pay of corporals of engineers, twenty dollars, and one-half the pay of privates of engineers of the first class, seventeen dollars.
225.  As the principal musicians are in addition to the foregoing, it follows that they get no more than the lowest class of musicians.  The leader of the band, by the 4th section of the above Act, is entitled to the pay and emoluments of a second lieutenant of infantry; yet there are no leaders authorized, except in the nine new regiments of infantry.  It will be seen, therefore, that the foregoing laws are quite incongruous.
226. Leader of the Band.- Where there is no leader of the band authorized, as in the case of old regiments of artillery and infantry, and in all the cavalry regiments, one of the principal musicians acts as the leader of the band.  To secure a competent musician for this purpose, the leader usually receives additional pay out of the regimental fund, or by voluntary contribution from the regiment.  Leaders of brigade and regimental bands now receive seventy-five dollars per month.  (Act June 20, 1864.)
227.  The leader of the band is charged with the instruction of the band and the selection and arrangement of the music.  He is also charged, in the absence of a drum-major, with the duties usually assigned to him.  Like the drum-major, he receives his orders and instructions from the adjutant of the regiment, or, as leader of the brigade band, from the adjutant-general of the brigade.
228.  A band is allowed to some regiments by law, and provision is made for the payment of such; but the authority granted in the Regulations, to detail soldiers for a band for such regiments as are not thus provided for, authorizes only the application of the regimental fund for support of bands in addition to their salary as soldiers.
229.  The law allows a band to each of the new regiments of artillery and infantry. The bands are authorized to have not more than twenty-four musicians; and in the old regiments of infantry they are by the War Department limited to sixteen.  The drum-majors and principal musicians are not included in this allowance for the band, nor are the company musicians.  Cavalry regiments are not authorized to have bands.
230.  The Act of June 20, 1864, fixes the pay of the principal musicians at twenty-two dollars per month, and of the other musicians at sixteen, but fails to state what proportion shall be principal musicians.  The leaders in the bands of regular regiments, where no leader is authorized, usually are remunerated out of the regimental fund, or by contributions.
Family :
Notes : In April 1857 the Webb’s moved to Goodhue County, Minnesota from Marshall County, Indiana.  Soon after arriving, Francis, Rachel and daughter Clara occupied a 160 acre plot on government land.  There land was continually over-run by Native Americans of the Sioux and Chippewa tribes and Rachel returned home before 1860 out of fear of ‘the Indians.’  Francis soon followed.  They moved back to Indiana, residing in the area of Argos, in Walnut Township, Marshall County on land owned by Rachel’s father by the time the Civil War started.  In 1880 or 1881 they moved back to Minnesota to be near to Francis’ family, then in 1890 they moved to Chicago and in 1892 relocated a short distance from Chicago to Evergreen Park in Cook County, Illinois.  They lived there for the rest of their lives. 

1850 Federal Census. Town of LaPorte, County of LaPorte, Indiana; (7 August 1850)
House#/Family#, Name, Age, Sex, Occupation, Value, Birthplace, …remarks
67/70, Oliver Webb, 47, Male, White, Lumberman, 2000, New York
67/70, Louisa Webb, 36, Female, White, na, na, L. Canada
67/70, Harvey Webb, 19, Male, White, Farmer, na, Ohio, in school
67/70, Eliza Webb, 17, Female, White, na, na, Ohio, in school
67/70, Francis D. Webb, 14, Male, White, na, na, Ohio, in school
67/70, Loren Webb, 12, Male, White, na, na, Ohio, in school
67/70, Eveline Webb, 10, Female, White, na, na, Ohio, in school
67/70, Lester Webb, 7, Male, White, na, na, Ohio, in school
67/70, Luther Webb, 5, Male, White, na, na, Ohio, in school
67/70, Loretta Webb, 3, Female, White, na, na, Ohio
67/70, Prudence Ellis, 32, Female, White, na, na, New Hampshire

1860 Federal Census.   Walnut Township, Argos P.O., Marshal County, Indiana
Page, Dwelling/Family, Names, Age, Sex, Color, Occupation, Value, Born, Remark
752/762, Joseph Lewis, 53, Male, White, Farmer, 3000/300, Virginia, na
752/762, Susanna Lewis, 61, Female, White, Housekeeper, na, Virginia, na
752/762, Francis Webb, 22 Male, White, Farmer, na, Ohio, na
752/762, Rachel Webb, 21, Female, White, Housekeeper, na, Indiana, na
752/762, Clara May Webb, 3, Female, White, na, na, Indiana, na
752/762, Baby Webb, 3/12, Female, White, na, na, Indiana, na
752/762, Goodman Simons, 18, Male, White, Laborer, na, Indiana, na
753/763, M. J. Lewis, 25, Male, White, Farm Laborer, /250, Indiana, na
753/763, Julia Lewis, 25, Female, White, Housekeeper, na, Ohio, na
753/763, Baby Lewis, 2/12, Female, White, na, na, Ohio, na

1880 Federal Census.  Town of Argos, Walnut Township, Marshall County, Indiana.  Enumerated by Francis D. Webb.
Page, Dwelling/Family, Name, Color, Sex, Age, Relation, Marital Stat, Occupation, School, Born, Father born, Mother born
33, 142/147, Francis Webb, White, Male, 44, Head, Married, Engineer in Saw Mill, unemployed 4 mos., Ohio, New York, Canada
33, 142/147, Rachel Webb, White, Female, 42, Wife, Married, Keeping house, na, Indiana, Virginia, Virginia
33, 142/147, Clara Webb, White, Female, 23, Daughter, Single, At Home, Blind, Indiana, Ohio, Indiana
33, 142/147, Rosa Webb, White, Female, 17, Daughter, Single, Tailoress, na, Indiana, Ohio, Indiana
33, 142/147, Eva Webb, White, Female, 12, Daughter, Single, At school, na, Indiana, Ohio, Indiana
33, 142/147, Lulu Webb, White, Female, 10, Daughter, Single, At school, na, Indiana, Ohio, Indiana
33, 142/147, Leister Webb, White, Male, 37, Brother, Single, none, crippled w/rheumatism, Ohio, New York, Canada

Daughter : Clara May
Date of Birth : 19 March 1857
Place of Birth : Plymouth, Indiana
Married : no
Died :
Notes : Clara was blind since April 1863 as a result of measles, spinal meningitis and typhoid fever!

Daughter : Edith Lorinda
Date of Birth : 2 May 1860
Place of Birth : Plymouth, Indiana
Marriage :  “…a (man) named Charles”
Died :

Daughter : Susan Rosina 'Rose'
Date of Birth : 30 July 1862
Place of Birth : Plymouth, Indiana
Marriage : 
Died : 

Daughter : Eva Louisa
Date of Birth : 25 August 1867
Place of Birth : Plymouth, Indiana
Marriage : 
Died : 

Daughter : Lula Viola ‘Lue’
Date of Birth : 8 December 1869
Place of Birth : Plymouth, Indiana
Married : Charles W. Brown
Died : sometime after 1935


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