Rachel Lewis

Full name : Rachel Lewis
Alternate spellings, aliases : 

Parents :
Father : Joseph Lewis
Mother : Susan Martin Parker
Notes : Joseph Lewis born 22 August 1807 at Virginia (his forebears had migrated in 1730 from Wales?), and died June 1881 at Indiana.  He had a brother named Henry and two sisters, names unknown.  In 1831 he married a widow, Susan Martin Parker, and they had four children; Nancy, Amasa (died 1875), Rachel, and William.  Susan died January 1874 and Joseph remarried Clarissa (nee: unknown), they had a son, Clarence Lafayette Lewis.  Joseph Lewis was a prodigious landowner in Argos, Indiana but by the time of his death he had lost most of it to debt.  Rachel and her husband, Francis Webb, lived on one of the remaining farms on Michigan Road (approximately nine mile fro Plymouth, Indiana)

Date of Birth :
Place of Birth : Indiana

Spouse : 
Name : Francis Darius Webb
Date of Marriage : 3 July 1856
Place of Marriage : Argos, Marshall County, Indiana
Died : 29 April 1913, Evergreen Park, Illinois
Notes : Marriage service performed by Marquis L. Smith, Justice of the Peace. 

Notes : In April 1857 the Webb’s moved to Minnesota from Indiana.  Soon after arriving. Francis, Rachel and daughter Clara occupied a 160 acre plot on government land.  There land was continually over-run by Native Americans of the Sioux and Chippewa tribes and Rachel returned home before 1860 out of fear of ‘the Indians.’  Francis soon followed.

Date of Death : prior to October 1930 at age 94 years.
Place of Death :
Place of Burial : 
Cause of Death : She died after suffering a bout of gangrene of the feet (I suspect diabetes).

Family : 

Daughter : Clara May
Date of Birth : 19 March 1857
Place of Birth : Plymouth, Indiana
Married : no
Died :
Notes : Clara was blind since April 1863 as a result of measles, spinal meningitis and typhoid fever! 

Daughter : Edith Lorinda
Date of Birth : 2 May 1860
Place of Birth : Plymouth, Indiana
Marriage :  “…a (man) named Charles”
Died :

Daughter : Susan Rosina 'Rose'
Date of Birth : 30 July 1862
Place of Birth : Plymouth, Indiana
Marriage : 
Died : 

Daughter : Eva Louisa
Date of Birth : 25 August 1867
Place of Birth : Plymouth, Indiana
Marriage : 
Died : 

Daughter : Lula Viola ‘Lue’
Date of Birth : 8 December 1869
Place of Birth : Plymouth, Indiana
Married : Charles W. Brown
Died : 


Sources, bibliography : 

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