Michael Joseph Skelly

Full name : Michael Joseph Skelly
Alternate spellings, aliases : Skelley

Parents :
Father : John Skelly
Mother : Mary Welch
note :

Date of Birth : listed as 20 August 1885, but in his own hand we have recorded 21 August 1886
Place of Birth : City of St. Louis, Missouri

Vital statistics :
Gender : Male
[There is only one known photo of Michael (1) close-up (2), taken circa 1910-1920]

Education : Michael attended grammar school at Laclede Elementary, and at Sherman School.  He may have attended Draughn Business School.

Spouse : 
Name : Effie Hazel Parfitt
Born : 4 March 1893
Date of Marriage : 21 March 1910
Place of Marriage : City of St. Louis, Missouri
Died : 28 February 1973
notes : …unofficially separated in 1918, but never divorced as this was forbidden in a Catholic marriage.
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Date of Death : 7:00am, 9 July 1926
Place of Death : City Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri
urial Information : Interred 11 July 1926 at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri, Section 23, Plot 12751
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Cause of Death : Gangrenous burst appendix and subsequent fall from ladder while painting; peritonitis ultimately killed him even after surgery; his daughter explained, “…he died at the City Hospital, there is no such place any longer.  (He) fell in an alley downtown over the July 4th holiday and lay in an alley for one or two days before he was found and I guess someone took him to the hospital.  He was pretty bad, peritonitis had set in... they had to strap him to the bed. Someone called my mother and she went down there, I guess she was with him when he died... but, I am not sure."  His infected and gangrenous appendix burst on 6 July 1926, and he was sent to City Hospital.  He was attended by Dr. George Stecker and was operated on (by Stecker or others) on 6 July 1926.
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Military Service : U.S. Army, Great War 1917-1919
ASN : 2114425
Unit1 : Company G, 35th Infantry
Rank : Recruit, Private
Term of Service : September 1917 - 6 November 1917
Unit2 : 87th Division, Battery F, 335th Field Artillery
Rank : Corporal, 5 December 1917 to 1st Sergeant, 19 May 1918
Term of Service : 6 November 1917 - 21 March 1919
Inducted : 19 September 1917 by order of conscription, St. Louis, Missouri
Discharged : 21 March 1919 by order of demobilization
Note : Served overseas in France from 1 September 1918 until 5 March 1919. The 87th Division to which he was attached never saw front line action, as the war ended in November 1918, subsequently Michael participated in no engagements and received no wounds. .
[Documents concerning his service : Discharge (1) & (2), Pension (3), French Phrase Book (4) & (5), Missouri Adjutant General Questionnaire (6) &

Occupation : soldier; sign painter, janitor
Location : France; St. Louis, Missouri

Residences : lots of different homes, primarily boarding houses, all in St. Louis

1900 Federal Census.  City of St. Louis, Ward 24, Missouri

Location, Name, Relation, Color, Sex, DOB, Age, Family Status, Nativity, Father, Mother, Occupation, Education, Home owned
4130 Folsom, 23/35, Mary Higgins, Head, White, Female, Aug 1857, 42, Married 15 years mother of 3/2, England, Ireland, Ireland, 1863 37yrs, Saloon Keeper, y/y/y

4130 Folsom, 23/35, James H. Griffen, Son, White, Male, Mar 1883, 17, Single, Missouri, England, Ohio, Bartender, y/y/y

4130 Folsom, 23/35, Geo. F. Higgins, Son, White, Male, Feb 1886, 14, Single, Missouri, England, Missouri, at school, y/y/y

4130 Folsom, 23/35, John C. Skelly, Boarder, White, Male, Oct 1857, 42, Widowed, Illinois, Ireland, Ireland, Tobacco Maker, y/y/y

4130 Folsom, 23/35, Michael C. Skelly, Boarder, White, Male, Aug 1886, 13, Single, Missouri, Illinois, Ireland, at school, y/y/y

4130 Folsom, 23/35, Wm. Lee, Boarder, White, Male, May 1875, 25, Single, District of Columbia, Maryland, Maryland, Shipper Tobacco Factory, y/y/y

4130 Folsom, 23/35, Wm. J. Carroll, Boarder, White, Male, Dec 1858, 41, Single, Missouri, Ireland, Ireland, Labor Factory, y/y/y

4130 Folsom, 23/35, Jonas Hanlon, Boarder, White, Male, Dec 1879, 29, Single, New York, Ireland, Ireland, Roller Tobacco Factory, y/y/y

4130 Folsom, 23/35, Wm. Casper, Boarder, White, Male, Mar 1869, 31, Single, Bohemia, Bohemia, Bohemia, 1871 29yrs, Feeder Tobacco Factory, y/y/y

4130 Folsom, 23/35, John Danaker, Boarder, White, Male, May 1856, 44, Single, New York, Ireland, England, Carriage Painter, y/y/y

4130 Folsom, 23/35, Wm. McGinnes, Boarder, White, Male, May 1864, 36, Single, Canada (Eng), Canada (Eng), Canada (Eng), 1874 26yrs, Slate Roofer, y/y/y

4130 Folsom, 23/35, Martin Clifford, Boarder, White, Male, Mar 1875, 25, Single, Missouri, Ireland, Ireland, Roller Tobacco, y/y/y
4130 Folsom, 23/35, Maggie Keane, Servant, White, Female, Aug 1872, 27, Married?, Ireland, Ireland, Ireland, 1889 11yrs, Servant, y/y/y

1910 Federal Census.  City of St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri

Street, Dwelling/Family, Name, Relation, Sex, Race, Age, Marital Status, Born, Father Born , Mother Born, Nat. Lang., Profession, Business, r/w, remarks
3211 Lucas, 6/6, Michael J. Skelly, Lodger, Male, White, 23, Married one year (crossed out), Missouri, Missouri, Missouri, English, Horse Shoe

3211 Lucas, 6/6, Thomas Green, Lodger, Male, White, 23, Married two years, Missouri, Missouri, Missouri, English, Cook, Railroad,
3211 Lucas, 6/6, Agnes Green, Lodger, Female, White, 21, Married two years, mother of one, Missouri, Illinois, (illegible), English, none

3211 Lucas, 6/6, Loretta Green, Lodger, Female, White, 10 mos old, Single, Missouri, Missouri, Missouri, none, none, na

3211 Lucas, 6/6, Arthur Freeman, Lodger, Male, White, 20, Single, Missouri, (illegible), Missouri, English, Wire Splicer, Telephone

1920 Federal Census.  City of St. Louis, Ward 5, Missouri  Enumerated 10-12 January 1920

Street, Dwelling/Family, Name, Relation, Tenure, Sex, Color, Age, Marital Status, School/Read/Write, Born, Father Born , Mother Born, Spk Eng, Occupation

1503 Franklin, 72/92, Michael J. Skelley, Lodger, Male, White, 33, Married, n/y/y, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, yes, Laborer

Religion : Roman Catholic

Family : 

Sister : Agnes
Date of Birth : 1888
Place of Birth : St. Louis
Married : Thomas Green, c. 1908
Died :
Notes : had one daughter

Son : Earl Michael
Date of Birth : 13 April 1911
Place of Birth : St. Louis, Missouri
Married : Mary McIntyre
Died : Summer 2000

Daughter : Hazel Jesse
Date of Birth : 1912
Place of Birth : 
Married : 
Died : 



Discharge Card of Michael J. Skelly. Missouri States Archives, Jefferson City, Missouri. 1919.

Marriage Certificate of Michael J. Skelly and Effie Parfitt.  St. Louis, Missouri. 21 May 1910. Courtesy of Earl and Mary Skelly.

Ayres, Leonard P. The War With Germany. A Statistical Summary. The Official Record of the United States Part in the Great War. Secretary of War, Adjutant General's Office and National Alumni Association. circa 1921.

Jefferson Barracks National Cemetary pamphlet, St. Louis, Mo. U.S. Army Memorial Affairs Agency, Washington, DC. 1972. Photo of Sgt. Skelly's gravestone courtesy of Hazel Skelly Webb.

Webb, Martin L. Letter to Capt. Fred B. Rhodes concerning Michael J. Skelly's military service. New York, New York. 1943.

The Soldier's French Phrase Book. Felt & Tarrant Mfg. Co., Chicago, Illinois. 1918.

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