Effie Hazel Parfitt

Full name : Effie Hazel Parfitt
Alternate spellings, aliases : 

Parents :
Father : Jacob Arthur Parfitt
Mother : Mary Geller

Date of Birth : 4 March 1893
Place of Birth : Wheeling, West Virginia (?) or St. Louis, Missouri
note : the location of her birthplace us uncertain

Spouse1 : 
Name : Michael Joseph Skelly
Born : 20 August 1885 
Date of Marriage : marriage license issued 10 May 1910
Place of Marriage : St. Louis, Missouri
Died : 9 July 1926, City Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri
Notes : separated sometime between 1919-1920, although never legally divorced

Spouse2 :
Name : Pete Cease
Date of Marriage :
Place of Marriage :
Died :

Date of Death : 28 February 1973
Place of Death, and or Burial : 
urial Information : 

Occupation : mother, housewife; she worked as a stock girl at Stix, Bayer & Fuller Department Store and the Hart Printing Company, both of St. Louis.  Effie is listed in the 1929 St. Louis Telephone Directory - Skelly, Effie (wid Michl) h5662 Cote Brilliante Ave

Residences :

1919 Saint Louis City Directory
Name, Occupation, Residence
Earl Parfitt – auto – household 3305A Easton
Edward Parfitt – US Army – r 3305A Easton
Michael Skelly – exp hdler – r 3305A Easton

1920 Federal Census.  City of St. Louis, Ward 20, St. Louis County, Missouri
Street, Dwelling/Family, Name, Relation, Tenure, Sex, Color, Age, Marital Status, School/Read/Write, Born, Father Born , Mother Born, Spk Eng, Occupation
3305 Easton, 143/193, Earl Parfitt, Head, Renter, Male, White, 29, Married, n/y/y, Virginia, West Virginia, West Virginia, Chauffeur, Private
3305 Easton, 143/193, Catherine Gillard, Mother, Female, White, 66, Widowed, n/y/y, West Virginia, Ohio, Ohio, none
3305 Easton, 143/193, Effie Skelly, Sister, Female, White, 26, Married, n/y/y, Missouri, England (English), West Virginia, none
3305 Easton, 143/193, Hazel Skelly, Niece, Female, White, 7, Single, y/y/y, Missouri, Missouri, Missouri, none
3305 Easton, 143/193, Earl Skelly, Nephew, Male, White, 8, Single, y/y/y, Missouri, Missouri, Missouri, none
3305 Easton, 143/194, Kenneth Lee, Head, Male, White, 37, Married, n/y/y, Illinois, US, US, Repairman, Engine
3305 Easton, 143/194, Gertrude Lee, Wife, Female, White, 29, Married, n/y/y, Missouri, Arkansas, Missouri, none
3305 Easton, 143/193, Naomi Lee, Daughter, Female, White, 7, Single, y/y/y, Illinois, Illinois, Missouri, none

1929 Saint Louis City Directory
Name, Occupation, Residence
Earl Parfitt, Chauf, R1904 Belt Ave
Earl Skelly, Clrk, R1904 Belt Ave
Effie Skelly (widw Michl), H1904 Belt Ave
Hazel Skelly, Clk, Apple Hat Mfg Co Inc, R1904 Belt Ave
(…in another directory, same year)
Effie Skelly, (wid Michl), H5662 Cote Brilliante Ave
Earl A. Parfitt, Chauffeur, R5692 Cote Brilliante Ave

1930 Federal Census.  City of St. Louis, Ward 27, Block 4525, Missouri
St, Dwelling/Family, Name, Relation, Own/Rent, Value, Radio, Farm, Sex, Color, Age, Marital/Age, School/Read-Write, Born, Father, Mother, Lang, Citizen, Occup, Industry, Vet
1904 Belt, 92/120, Effie Skelly, Head, Rent/32.50, Radio, Female, White, 37, Widow/17, No/Yes, Missouri, England, West Virginia, yes, none
1904 Belt, 92/120, Earl Skelly, Son, Male, White, 18, Single, Yes/Yes, Missouri, Missouri, Missouri, yes, Clerk, Grocery, Employed
1904 Belt, 92/120, Hazel Skelly, Daughter, Female, White, 17, Single, No/Yes, Missouri, Missouri, Missouri, yes, Bookkeeper, Cap, Employed
1904 Belt, 92/120, Earl Parfitt, Brother, Male, White, 38, Single, No/Yes, West Virginia, England, West Virginia, yes, Chauffeur, Private, Employed
1904 Belt, 92/120, Henry Carr, Brother-in-law, Male, White, 40, Married/21, No/Yes, Rumania, Rumania, Rumania, Rumanian, 1905/Nat, yes, Mechanic, Stage, Vet/WW
1904 Belt, 92/120, Enza Carr, Sister, Female, White, 40, Married/21, No/Yes, Ohio, England, West Virginia, yes, none

Family : 

Son : Earl Michael 
Date of Birth : 13 April 1911
Place of Birth : St. Louis, Missouri 
Married : Mary (private)
Died : Summer 2000 

Daughter : Hazel Jesse 
Date of Birth : 1900’s
Place of Birth :  
Married :  Martin Luther Webb II 1942
Died :


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