Salmon Webb

Full name : Salmon Webb
Alternate spellings, aliases : Salman

Parents :
Father : David Webb
Mother : Lydia Parmele

Date of Birth : 10 November 1806
Place of Birth : New York; either Rome or in Pompey, Oneida County or somewhere in Cortland or Chenango Counties

Vital Stats :
Gender : Male
Height :
Weight :

Spouse : 
Name : not married
Date of Marriage :
Place of Marriage :
Died :
Notes :

Date of Death : first week of August 1822
Place of Death : Webb Settlement, Ridgefield Township, Huron County, Ohio
Burial Information : may be one of the first to be interred in Webb Cemetery
Cause of Death : Chester Ruggles wrote in the Monroeville Spectator, 8 April 1875, that Salmon, a “youth of 15 years and nine months”, died of “an ague chill.”  Ague is generally considered to be a violent malarial fever, accompanied by successive hot and cold spells.  An entry in the Huron County Newspaper Abstracts lists the following taken from the Norwalk Reflector issue of 14 August 1822, “Webb, Son of Captain Webb died in Ridgefield Township, aged 14 years.”
Notes :

Military Service : none

Occupation(s) : student, farmer

Property : Although Salmon owned no land outright …see Land Records of the Webb Settlement, Huron County, Ohio for info about the properties owned by his father and family members.

Family : none of his own


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