Leicester Austin Webb



Full name : Leicester Austin Webb

Alternate spellings, aliases : Lester A.; Luster; Leister


Parents :

Father : Oliver Webb

Mother : Louisa Ellis


Date of Birth : 26 December 1842

Place of Birth : Webb Settlement, Ridgefield Township, Huron County, Ohio

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Vitals : (at age 19)

Eyes : Blue

Hair : Light

Complexion : Light

Height : 5' 8"

Notes : Stats from Regular Army enlistment roll, 26 Oct 1862.

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Spouse : not married

Name :

Date of Marriage :

Place of Marriage :


Date of Death : 6:15 AM, 27 August 1881

Place of Death : Post Hospital, Fort Buford, Dakota Territory (Williams County, North Dakota). Lester entered the post hospital on 28 February 1881 and was there until he died.

Burial Information: Originally buried in post cemetery at Fort Buford; remains may have been re-interred at Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument about 1896.


Burial Register for Fort Buford, 1881

No., Name, Occupation, Date, Cause

107, Shane, Baptiste; Post Interpreter, 10 Feb 1881, suicide by shooting

108, Durant, Emma; Wife of Ind Scout, 14 Feb 1881, pneumonia

109, Agarra, Fernando; Indian Scout, 24 Mar 1881, heart disease

110, Jones, Harry P.; Civilian, 13 Apr 1881, suicide by poison

111, Donelly, Edward; na, 4 May 1881, consumption

112, Bear, Left Hand; Indian Scout, 11 July 1881, inf of kidney

113, Morrison, Sophia Wyatt; Dau of QM Clerk, 7 Aug 1881, cerebral congestion

114, Morrison, George;Son “        “ , 17 Aug 1881, cholera infortum

115, Webb, Lester A; Civilian, [no date], morbus caxan


John A. Doerner, Chief Historian, at Little Bighorn, notes, ‘Although internments from Ft. Buford were transferred to Custer National Cemetery in 1896, there is no known internment record for him here. It is possible that his name on his original marker that may have been constructed of wood became illegible by 1896 and he was transferred along with 38 other unknowns to Custer National Cemetery. These unknown internments are buried in Section A; intermittent graves 50-79, and 139-159.’


Cause of Death : Dr. L.W. Crampton listed death as caused by ‘hip disease’; post returns record death as ‘morbus caxan’.

Notes : Death recorded by Army Surgeon (source) and in E547 Medical History of Posts Volume 201 (below). Hip-disease is a disease of the hip joint, characterized by inflammation, fungus growth and caries (decay) of the bones, also called hip-evil. The acetabulum is the cavity or socket, as of the innominatum or hip-bone which receives the head of the thigh bone, which Crampton noted was necrotic.


27 August 1881, "Lester A. Webb a citizen patient and in post hospital died at 6:15 AM of hip disease. Post mortem showed necrosis of the entire head of and the posterior portion of acetabulum.", certified by L.W. Crampton, Ass't Surgeon, USA, Post Surgeon


Probate Information : Lester issued a power of attorney to his brother, Martin Luther Webb, on 16 July 1881, only about a month before he died.


Territory of Dakota

County of Pallette 

Know all men by these presents that I, Lester A. Webb of Deadwood, Lawrence County, Dakota, do hereof constitute and appoint Martin L. Webb of Roscoe, Goodhue County, Minnesota Attorney and Agent for me and in my name, place and stead in all matters concerning my undivided fourth of Pioneer Ditch built for necessary and other purposes situated in Lawrence County, Dakota Territory, commencing at a certain creek called White Tail Creek and running to Gold River, Lead City and other points. 

With full power to commence all actions at law for recovering whatever may be due to me under such interest and generally in the premises – also authority to collect all monies and give full receipts for same in my behalf and power to transfer, bargain and convey all property and estate of mine. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 16th day of July AD 1881, (signed) Lester A. Webb 

Witness Henry Roth, Thomas L. Sims

Signed, sealed and acknowledged in presence of Saml O’Connell, Notary Public in and for the Territory of Dakota at Fort Buford, DT this 16th day of July AD 1881.

(signed ) Saml O’Connell, Notary Public 

The words (and other) on the 11th line and (?) to transfer all property and estates of mine of 23rd and 24th lines were added by me.

(signed ) Saml O’Connell, Notary Public, July 16, 1881

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Military Service : Civil War, Union

Unit1 : Captain Colvill's Company, later known as Company F, 1st Regiment Minnesota Infantry ('The Bloody First')

Rank : Private

Term of Service : 29 April 1861- 24 October 1862

Unit2 : U.S. Regular Army, Company B, 6th Regiment Cavalry

Rank : Private

Term of Service : 26 October 1862 - 5 May 1864

Notes : Military Service Record of Lester A. Webb, Private, Company F, 1st Regiment Minnesota Infantry Volunteers –


Lester A. Webb, enlisted on or about 29 April 1861, and was mustered in 15 May 1861 at Fort Snelling, Minnesota to Captain Colvill’s Company, (Company F), 1st Regiment Minnesota Infantry Volunteers. He may, or may not have been among the initial lot of men enlisted for ninety day service almost a month before, but it is certain that he was among the men mustered for three years on 15 May 1861. Colonel Gorman reported the regiment full on 22 May 1861 and ready for duty and Lester traveled with the regiment to Washington, DC.


He participated in the first Battle of Bull Run at Manassas, Virginia, 21 July 1861 when his company along with Company A and the New York Fire Zouave Regiment were very heavily engaged against the 33rd Regiment Virginia Infantry. After the route of Union forces later in the afternoon, they covered the general retreat along the western flank. Little evidence of this is in his service record, although an entry the diary of his brother, Loren for 24 August 1861, reads, “To day I received a letter from my brother Lester, the first since the fight at Bull Run, who was engaged in it.


A register indicates letters sent to and received from Lester by his brother Loren, and gives some idea of where he was. Lester sent letters : 1 August 1861 from Washington, DC; 12 September 1861 from Washington, DC; 5 October 1861 from Washington, DC; 24 October 1861 from Washington, DC; 14 November 1861 from Edwards Ferry, Virginia; 11 December 1861 from Washington, DC; 25 January 1862 from Washington, DC; 19 February 1862 at Washington, DC; and 24 March 1862 from Charleston, Virginia.


In April of 1862, he was absent for the first time from his company and in the hospital at Hampton, Virginia, listed as ‘sick’. He later participated in and was slightly wounded at the Battle of Antietam Creek at Sharpsburg, Maryland on 19 September 1862, as another note in his brother Loren's diary entry of 23 October 1862 indicates, "I have not heard from him since the battle of Antietam in which he participated. He was wounded slightly but has recovered again. I am happy to know he is not dead."


He was discharged from the 1st Regiment Minnesota Infantry on 24 October 1862, at Bolivar, Virginia pursuant to Orders 154 and 162 from the War Department, at which time he joined the U.S. Regular Army, probably to receive bonus pay. As much as $500.00 was being offered with no extension of term of service to those who would leave their Volunteer regiments and fill the dwindled ranks of the Regular Army. Lester Webb joined Company B, 6th Regiment US Cavalry Regulars for several apparent reasons.


His regiment had just been through a grievous battle at Antietam, in which it had lost many men dead and wounded. The 1st Minnesota had been fighting and marching almost continuously since the Battle of Bull Run and were tired and demoralized. The idea of joining a gallant cavalry troop must have seemed appealing - but more practically, his skills as a frontier horseman were greatly in need. Little time would be needed to train Lester in the rigors of military cavalry drills and maneuvers.


He enlisted 26 October 1862 at Knoxville, Maryland to Lieutenant Coats for a term of one year and six months and was described as a 19 years old volunteer soldier, standing 5’ 9” tall with blue eyes, light hair and a light complexion. He was mustered in to Troop B, 6th Regiment United States Cavalry. Troop B, was one of the few companies in this light cavalry regiment to be issued Carbines in addition to the sabers and pistols issued to the rest of the regiment. A handsome young man, hardy and sturdy from a life on the frontier in Minnesota, brave, proven and battle hardened, he must have made a dashing figure as a cavalryman.


He was present with the regiment during its participation in the battles and skirmishes 1 November 1862 at Philmont, Virginia; 5 November 1862 at Barbee’s Crossroads, Virginia; 10 November 1862 at Corbin’s Crossroad’s, Virginia, and 11 – 15 December 1862 at Fredericksburg, Virginia where he was stationed when he sent a letter to his brother Loren on 5 February 1863.


He was subsequently captured at Richard’s Ford, on the Rappahannock River in Virginia (about 10 miles from Fredericksburg) on 14 February 1863 while on picket duty several miles from the regiment’s encampment.. On the morning of 15 February 1863, it was discovered that the nine men on the Picket Post at Richard’s Ford (John Lepper, Upton Donnelly, David B. James, George Leads, William H. Lee, Eli Staley, Lester, and Robbert Webster) were all missing, and it was later learned that they had been taken the previous night in a raid.


He was paroled and released on 20 February 1863 at City Point, Virginia by the Confederates. The next day, he is recorded at Camp Parole at Annapolis, Maryland. Arrangements were made to send Lester to Fort Snelling and he must have gotten started by March; a letter sent to Lester 8 April 1863 was addressed to Milan, Ohio where he briefly visited his family in the company of his father Oliver Webb, who had traveled to Ohio from Roscoe, Minnesota. He escorted the convalescing soldier back to Minnesota.


He is listed as the sole member of the 6th Regiment US Cavalry on the Garrison Rolls of Fort Snelling, and assigned to the Detachment of Invalids and Convalescents starting May 1863, but in the hospital almost the entire time through early the next year. He is listed on the muster rolls of the Hospital at Fort Snelling from May through November 1863. Several letters sent to Lester from July through October 1863 were addressed to Fort Snelling, Minnesota.


For the months of August, September, October 1863 Lester is listed as ‘under confinement, or arrest’ by order, for being ‘...beyond the limits of the post, Aug 20, 1863.’ For November and December he is listed as absent without leave, and was known to have been at home in Roscoe, Goodhue County, Minnesota since about 10 December 1863 through Christmas. The exact reason of his arrest is not exactly clear, but he was reported present on the Hospital muster rolls for January and February, at which time he is dropped from that roll and transferred to the Detachment of Convalescents and Invalids.


In February 1864 his clothing account was not settled, to the amount of $12.03, and at the time of his discharge he had drawn clothing to the amount of $30.04. His final statement, certified by 1st Lieutenant Lyman B. Smith, Commanding the Convalescent Detachment, indicates he was last paid at Fort Snelling to include the entire time from his enlistment until 4 May 1864. Lester A. Webb, was honorably discharged 5 May 1864 by expiration of term of service.


[Compiled Service Record for the First Minnesota]


(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) pending


(10) – 6th Reg’t US Cavalry muster roll for Troop B; transcription pending. This fragmentary muster roll was one of the few pieces of information available detailing Lester’s cavalry service. I found it in several pieces at the bottom of the archival box filled with 6th Cavalry muster rolls, I placed the torn pieces together on my scanner bed as best I could and scanned. It turned out better than I expected.


(11) - a series of correspondence describing Lester’s capture and release by the rebels and some information about his convalescence at Fort Snelling.


Education : Literate; attended school in 1850 (on census) and attended some at Hamline University at Red Wing, Minnesota between 1857 and 1861.


Occupation(s) : Listed as farmer in 1860 census on his father’s property in Roscoe, Goodhue County, Minnesota; a soldier in the Army of the Potomac 1861-1864; in 1864 he is listed on the Poll Lists at Silver City, Jefferson County, Montana Territory and in 1870 as a farmer in East Gallatin, Gallatin County, Montana Territory; in 1878 he was assigned as Delegate to the Republican Convention of Lawrence County, Dakota Territory and chosen to run for Constable of Lawrence County; in 1880 he had no occupation and was living with his brother Francis in Marshall County, Indiana. He was listed as having the disability of ‘rheumatism’ then and there is no evidence that he ever really worked again.


Property : largely unknown; may have owned water rights to mining operations in or near the Black Hills; a property or project called the Pioneer Ditch.

[Click here to read about the Pioneer Ditch project]

Lester A. Webb’s property in Deadwood, Lawrence County, Dakota Territory – click here for an image of the deed of 6 May 1880.


[Deadwood, Lawrence County, South Dakota (Grantor & Grantee) Deeds, book 8, page 588]

No 4929.

Assignment of Lease and Bill of Sale John Mattimore to L. A. Webb, Filed May 6th 1880 at 2:45 o'clock P.M. C. H. McKinnis, Register of Deeds per W. L. Kuykendall, Deputy.

Bill of Sale

Know all men the these presents, that I, John Mattimore of the City of Deadwood in the County of Lawrence, and Territory of Dakota, for and in consideration of Ten (10) dollars to me paid the receipt whereof is hereby confessed and acknowledged, have granted, bargained, sold, and conveyed, and by these presents do grant, bargain, sell and convey to L. A. Webb, of the same County and Territory, and undivided one half (1/2) interest in and to the frame building situated on Lot 21 in Block 2 on Sherman Street in South Deadwood, in said Lawrence County - (the same being on the lot leased by E. A. Wetmore, to myself and G. H. Tillerton, under date of November 6th, 1879). To have and to hold, to him the said L. A. Webb, his heirs and assigns, subject to the provisions of the said lease.

In witness, whereof, I have herewith set my hand and seal, this Second (2nd) day of December A.D. 1879. (signed) John Mattimore

Witness, John A. Swift, Ed. A. Wetmore



[Deadwood, Lawrence County, South Dakota (Grantor & Grantee) Deeds, book 4, page 12]

Quit Claim Deed.

5290 Lester A. Webb to Roderick McLennan } Territory of Dakota, County of Lawrence, }SS I hereby certify that this deed was filed for record in my office, at 1:45 o'clock P.M., on the 25th day of May A.D. 1880. C. H. McKinnes, Register of Deeds by W. H. Watt, Deputy.

This Deed, made this 22 day of Jany in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty, between Lester A. Webb of the County of Lawrence and Territory of Dakota of the first part and Roderick McLennan of the County of Lawrence and Territory of Dakota of the second part : Witnesseth that the said party of the first part, for and in consideration of the sum of Five Hundred Dollars, of the said party of the first part, in hand paid by the said party of the second part; the receipt whereof is hereby confessed and acknowledged has remised, sold and quit-claimed, and by these presents does remise, sell and quit-claim, unto the said party of the second part, his heirs and assigns forever, all the right, title and interest which the said party of the first part has in and to the following described property, situate and being in the County of Lawrence and Territory of Dakota to wit : Lot no 21 in Block 2 - on the East side of Sherman Street South Deadwood including the Bedrock title thereof or so much of Placer Claim No 16 above discovery Whitewood Placer Mining District as is covered by said Lot. Also and undivided (1/2) one half interest in the frame building situate thereon and all other improvements and appurtenances.

To have and to hold the same, together with all and singular the appurtenances and privileges thereunto belonging, or in anywise thereunto appertaining; and all the estate, right, title and interest whatsoever, of the said party of the first part, to the only proper use and benefit of the said party of the second part, his heirs and assigns forever, in witness whereof, the said party of the first part hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year first above written. (signed) Lester A. Webb

Territory of Dakota, County of Lawrence }SS I, C. H. McKinnes, Register of Deeds in and for said County, in the said Territory aforesaid, do hereby certify that Lester A. Webb personally known to me as the person who is described in and who executed the annexed deed, appeared before me this day in person, and acknowledged that he signed, sealed and delivered the said instrument of writing as his free and voluntary act for the uses and purposes therein set forth. Given under my hand and official seal, this 23rd day of May A. D. 1880. (signed) C. H. McKinnes, Register of Deeds, per W. H. Watt, Deputy.



Location of Residences, record of movement, migration, etc. :

As soon as Lester was discharged from the Army, he went west to Montana. He is listed in the October 1864 Silver City, Jefferson County, Montana Territory Poll list and was farming in East Gallatin Precinct, Gallatin County, Montana Territory when enumerated in the 1870 Census. He went to Deadwood several years later, where his arrival at the IXL Hotel was noted in the local newspapers on 15 June 1877. He was a veteran, a staunch republican and he stumped for it during the 1877/78 Convention. Newspaper of 20 October 1878 has him listed as Convention delegate from Crook, a nearby mining town, originally the capital of Lawrence County, before being moved to Deadwood. He traveled about, as evidenced by his departure by coach, via Sydney on 17 March 1878 (destination unknown). During October of 1878 Lester served again as Republican delegate from Crook City to the County Convention. The Convention nominated Lester as one of four candidates on the ballot for the office of Constable, he however lost in November, coming in fourth place. Lester was involved in a court case (civil case) vs. a man named Haggin, but the case was dropped in February 1880 (reasons unknown).


In late 1879 Lester accepted a promissory note in the sum of $5000 on a part of his ownership in the Pioneer Ditch and in early 1880 he received the $5000.00 (or so it appears from the deeds); in May 1880 he purchased a one-half interest in a frame building located at Lot 21, Block 2 on Sherman Street in South Deadwood.


[Black Hills Daily Times. Deadwood City, Dakota Territory. 15 June 1877 (extract)]

Principal Hotel Arrivals

June 14th

I X L - Noah Keetle, John Matlock, Buffalo; A. D. Woodson, H. T. Huff, St. Louis; R. R. McCracken, Boston; Frank Howard, L. A. Webb, Minn; H. Kemper, G. Crystal, Cheyenne; C. C. weston, Omaha; Toney Mullen, New York.


[Black Hills Daily Times. Dead Wood City, Dakota Territory. 19 June 1877 (extract)]

Principal Hotel Arrivals

June 19th

I X L - W. Lovell, Boston; E. J. Potts, Mich; James Canzett, Cheyenne; F. L. Fergerson, Iowa; W. E. Handlay, Rapid City; Geo W. Meredith, L. W. Reed, N. Y.; W. Rongrove, F. H. McClure, Boston; J. M. F. Cumming, St. Louis; J. F. Brown, Cheyenne; Alexis Highby, Mo; L. A. Webb, John P. Belding, Sidney; E. Cutner, I. H. Fred, Cheyenne; H. Lake, Gold Run; J. Leslie, Bear Gultch; C. B. Russell, Buffalo.


[Black Hills Daily Times. Deadwood City, Dakota Territory. 8 October 1878 (extract)]

Delegates Elected

The following named gentlemen are the delegates reported to date, who were elected at the primary election held on Saturday last to represent Lawrence County in the convention called to meet in Deadwood on Wednesday of this week for the purpose of selecting delegates for the district convention, which will meet at Rapid City on the 12th, and then to the convention to meet at Central on the 16th inst., to make nominations for the several officers of Lawrence county.

Deadwood - L. R. Graves, E. C. Breasly, W. P Tyler, Jacob, Bartels, M. G. Chase, Charles Beechers, J. P. Beldon, Wm. Nuttall, B. H. Wood, B. F. Hilderbrand, H. H. Holliday, A. W. Hartie.

Central - Marshall, Ludwich, McHugh, Elliot, Smith, Nelson.

Nevada Gultch - Col. John Lawrence.

Lead City - H. Udy, S. D. Newhouse, Dr. Clyne, John Costello, J. A. Shiller, B. M. Mitchell.

Golden Gate - West, Ford, and Harshow.

Gayville - G. R. Hildebry, J. W. Clark, M. K. Gilbert,

Spearfish - Jones, Cantner, and Tomlin.

Crook City - Capt. A. J. Knight, Wm. Cable, G. F. Robinson and L. A. Webbe.


[Black Hills Daily Times. Deadwood City, Dakota Territory. 17 October 1878 (extract)]

County Convention.

(Continued from yesterday)

Two ballots were taken for candidate for assessor resulting in the nomination of Col. John Lawrence.

The candidates nominated for justices of the peace are : R. C. Wheeler, Deadwood. L. M. Vroman, Crook. Henry Hill, Lead. A. Alden, Central.

The candidates for assessors are : P. Sullivan, Deadwood. A. J. White, Lead. - Argue, Central. L. A. Webb, Crook.

Dolph Edwards, of Deadwood, was nominated by acclamation for superintendent of public instruction.

Henry Rholeder, of Deadwood, was nominated for county surveyor.

Dr. A. G. Clyne, of Lead, was nominated for coroner.

The following were selected on central committee : A. W. Hantle, chairman; E. C. Breasley, L. R. Graves, C. H. E??, A. C. Marshman, E. R. Carter, John Lawrence, L. W. Valantine, Dr. J. M. Latham, J. C. Davis, J. A. Schmidt, L. Elliott, C. Rorabaugh, A. Dunne, J. F. Coates, Captain West, and W. W. Smithson.

The convention adjourned.


[Black Hills Daily Times. Deadwood City, Dakota Territory. 17 March 1879 (extract)]

Arrivals and Departures by Coach

Via Sidney, March 17 - John J. Clark, John Clark, L. A. Webb

1870 Federal Census. East Gallatin Precinct, Gallatin County, Montana Territory

Page, Dwelling/Family, Name, Age, Sex, Color, Occupation, Value (Real/Pers), Born

115, 7/5, Perry Dickerson, 30, Male, White, Farmer, na, Vermont, voter

115, 7/5, Horatio Barber, 40, Male, White, Farmer, 0/100, Vermont, voter

115, 7/5, Wesley Brown, 26, Male, White, School Teacher, na, Maine, voter

115, 7/5, Lester Webb, 26, Male, White, Farmer, na, Ohio, voter

115, 7/5, George Horton, 27, Male, White, Farmer, na, Wisconsin, voter

115, 7/5, William Collehan, 34, Male, White, Farm Labourer, Ireland, foreign born parents, voter

115, 7/5, David Carlton, 40, Male, White, Farm Labourer, Maine, voter


1880 Federal Census. Town of Argos, Wilmet Township, Marshall County, Indiana.  Enumerated by Francis D. Webb.

Page, Dwelling/Family, Name, Color, Sex, Age, Relation, Marital Stat, Occupation, School, Born, Father born, Mother born
33, 142/147, Francis Webb, White, Male, 44, Head, Married, Engineer in Saw Mill, unemployed 4 mos., Ohio, New York, Canada

33, 142/147, Rachel Webb, White, Female, 42, Wife, Married, Keeping house, na, Indiana, Virginia, Virginia

33, 142/147, Clara Webb, White, Female, 23, Daughter, Single, At Home, Blind, Indiana, Ohio, Indiana
33, 142/147, Rosa Webb, White, Female, 17, Daughter, Single, Tailoress, na, Indiana, Ohio, Indiana

33, 142/147, Eva Webb, White, Female, 12, Daughter, Single, At school, na, Indiana, Ohio, Indiana

33, 142/147, Lulu Webb, White, Female, 10, Daughter, Single, At school, na, Indiana, Ohio, Indiana

33, 142/147, Leister Webb, White, Male, 37, Brother, Single, none, crippled w/rheumatism, Ohio, New York, Canada


1880 Federal Census. Lead City, Lawrence County, Dakota Territory

Page, Dwelling/Family, Name, Color, Sex, Age, Relation, Marital Stat, Occupation, School, Born, Father born, Mother born

198, x/x, Horatio N. Barber, White, Male, 50, Head, Single, Saloon Keeper, Vermont, Vermont, Vermont

198, x/x, Roderick McLennan, White, Male, 34, na, Single, Saloon Keeper/Partner, Scotland, Scotland, Scotland

198, x/x, John B. Tortat, White, Male, 30, na, Single. Bartender, Alabama, France, Maine


Horatio N. Barber was in Company F with Lester. They traveled west together after the war, farming in Gallatin, Montana and engaging in business in Deadwood.


Family : no known family of his own





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