Hazel Jesse Skelly

Full name : Hazel Jesse Skelly
Alternate spellings, aliases :  Skelley

Parents :
Father : Michael Joseph Skelly
Mother : Effie Hazel Parfitt
Notes : Hazel’s father died in 1926, her mother in 1973.  Hazel and her mother almost always shared a home until her death.  A few notes on the origin of the surname Skelly.

Date of Birth : prior to 1920
Place of Birth : St. Louis, Missouri
note :

Spouse1 : 
Name :
Born : 
Date of Marriage :
Place of Marriage : St, Louis, Missouri
Died :
Notes : early divorce

Spouse2 : 
Name : Martin Luther Webb II
Born : 29 May 1916 
Date of Marriage : 5 September 1942
Place of Marriage : St. Louis, Missouri
Died : evening of 24 January 1971, Florissant, Missouri
Notes :

Spouse3 :
Name : Marcus Daly
Born :
Date of Marriage : 1979 or 1980
Place of Marriage : St. Louis, Missouri
Died :
Notes : one of the nicest men you’ll ever meet

Occupation : by her own reckoning, she has held 26 separate jobs including secretary, stenographer, clerk, bookkeeper, office administrator, numismatist and many others; beginning in 1926, Hazel worked to support herself and her mother, with some exceptions, until World War Two when she married (see spouse2). 

Military Service : none; Defense Work - During the Second World War, Hazel worked as secretary to Major Keefer of the 7th Service Command’s Counter-Intelligence Corps Office in St. Louis, Missouri.  She soon married and left to devote her energy to maintaining a household for her husband (always away on detached duty), her newly born daughter (1943) and her widowed mother, who had no real job skills but could keep house, cook and really helped with child-care, etc.  Hazel’s account of her activities in the 7th SC office :

“When the agents came back from investigating someone, they dictated their reports to me (I was a secretary & bookkeeper).  I also kept track of their clothing allowance, which the government gave them instead of a uniform.  None of the agents wore uniforms.  Only the major who was in charge of the office [wore one].

She was a secretary and bookkeeper for Major Keefer, who headed the St. Louis Office, and who reported to Colonel Ball at the Seventh Service Command Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.  Although, when hired, she had requested not to be given the duty of doing the books, she quickly ended up handling that responsibility.  She handled the expense accounts for the agents, who were not required to wear uniforms, and she sent them to Famous & Barr department store in downtown St. Louis for all their suits and work clothes.  Hazel noted, “…I sent them to Famous & Barrs on Tuesdays to get double Eagles stamps for me, so I could trade them in for merchandise later.”  She also handled the travel accounts for the men who traveled on assignment throughout the Seventh Service Command’s area of operations, often to Denver, Omaha and Kansas City.

When the men returned from their counter-intelligence work, they would dictate their note and reports to Hazel, so she could type them up and submit them to the Major.  Often, Hazel would sit in a back-room behind Major Keefer’s office, informants with information concerning war plant production problems, potential sabotage, or sensitive internal security matters would come to the Major’s office.  In an informal style, the Major (or agents) would question the informant, and through a hollow pen-set on his desk which housed a hidden microphone, Hazel would listen in and take shorthand notes and transcribe the conversation so that when the informant returned, a written statement would be ready for them to sign.  She also had a phone in a drawer of her desk outside the Major’s office, so that she could listen in to the conversations between the Major and the Seventh Service Command Headquarters, and often had to copy and transcribe those conversations as well. Hazel also accompanied the agents on surveillance missions and met informants at remote locations. 

After she married M. L. Webb, he was shipped out to Denver, Colorado office and Hazel left her job to follow him. Leaving a sensitive position like hers was difficult during war-time, but apparently, Major Keefer pulled some strings and allowed Hazel to leave her job to follow her husband.

Family : 

Daughter : Daughter Webb
Date of Birth :  1940’s
Place of Birth : St. Louis, Missouri 
Married : 
Died :

Daughter : Daughter Webb
Date of Birth : 1940’s
Place of Birth :  
Married : Deiss
Died :
Notes : Author’s connection.