Martin Luther Webb (II)

Full name : Martin Luther Webb
Alternate spellings, aliases : Known as Lute by his family and friends; known as Marty by his co-workers at the IRS.

Parents :
Father : Harvey Hayes Webb
Mother : Mabel Ellis

Date of Birth : 29 May 1916
Place of Birth : Springfield, Greene County, Missouri
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Spouse : 
Name : Hazel Jesse Skelly
Date of Marriage : 5 September 1942
Place of Marriage : St. Louis, Missouri
Died : 

Date of Death : evening of Sunday, 24 January 1971
Place of Death : 1620 Milbank Drive, Florissant, Missouri
urial Information :  wake held 10:00AM Tuesday 27 January 1971, Ferguson United Methodist Church, 15 Wesley Avenue,  St. Louis, Missouri
Cause of Death : heart attack; artery disease
Notes : Obituary – Martin L. Webb Rites Wednesday; Ex-IRS Official.  Funeral services for Martin L. Webb, former assistant director for the Internal Revenue Service here, will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the Ferguson United Methodist Church, 15 Wesley ave.  Burial will be in Memorial Park Cemetery.  Mr. Webb, 54, died of a heart attack Sunday at his home at 1620 Milbank dr., Florissant.  Since March 1, 1970, Mr. Webb served as assistant district director for the IRS in central and southern Illinois.  He commuted between Springfield and his Florissant home.  A Springfield, Mo., native, Mr. Webb joined the IRS as a special agent in 1939 in Kansas City.  He served as assistant district director for St. Louis from 1960 to 1964.  He had also served as district director for North Dakota.  During his 30 years of federal service, Mr. Webb received a number of commendations for performing special duties.-  Mr. Webb is survived by his wife, Mrs. Hazel Skelly webb, and two daughters, Susan and Mrs. William Deiss, both of St. Louis.

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Education :

Elementary : Phelps School; Springfield, Missouri      
Graduated : January 1928
Middle School : Jarrett Junior High; Springfield, Missouri      
Graduated : January 1931

High School : Senior High; Springfield, Missouri      
Graduated : May 1933
College : Southwest Missouri State College; Springfield, Missouri      
Graduated : May 1937

Post-graduate : Graduate School of Commerce; Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois      
Graduated : June 1938

Military Training : Combat Engineer Training; ERTC, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri      
Graduated : January 1942

Military Training : Counter Intelligence Corp Investigator School; Chicago, Illinois      
Graduated : May 1942
Military Training : Officers Candidate School, Infantry School; Fort Benning, Georgia      
Graduated : December 1942

Other : School of Law; St. Louis, Missouri     
Graduated : unknown

Notes : I have an image of Martin in High School (image) and a picture Martin in Company C, 2nd Platoon, 26 Engineer Training Battalion, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri taken November 1941 (image).

Military Service : Second World War, allies
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Civilian Occupation1: Accountant and Auditor
Place : Springfield, Missouri
From : mid-1930's
Name and Address of Employer : The Harvey H. Webb Company; Springfield, Missouri

Civilian Occupation2 : Special Agent, Assistant District Director, District Directo, Treasury Department (IRS)
Place : St. Louis, Missouri (also Kansas City, Missouri 1940 - 1941)
From : December 1940 - 1970
Name and Address of Employer : originally 1940 -Intelligence Unit, Bureau Internal Revenue, Room 428, Old Custom House, St. Louis, Missouri
Occupational Specialty : Criminal Investigation      
Title of Position : Special Agent

Principal Duties : Criminal Investigation of attempted evasion of income and other federal taxes, for evidence to prosecute, investigation of applicants for employment in Bureau, investigation of charges against employees of Bureau, both criminal and administrative misconduct and other investigations as directed.
Notes : also - Treasury Agent, Director of Intelligence, Director of Investigations (1940 - 1971); Internal Revenue Service, Kansas City, Missouri, Chicago, Illinois and Fargo, North Dakota.

[From (unknown) newspaper, Fargo, North Dakota (January 1965?) : New Revenue Service District Chief Sworn]  Martin L. Webb was sworn in by U.S. District Judge Ronald N. Davies Monday as the new director of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for the District of North Dakota.  Webb succeeds Byron J. Rockwood whose retirement was effective Dec. 31, 1964.  Homer O. Croasmun, Chicago, regional commissioner of IRS, in a brief address described the Treasury Department method of selecting directors and assistant directors for districts.  He said that Webb competed against all the assistant directors in the country in a merit and testing system to win his new position.  Webb said he realizes the tremendous responsibility of heading up a district.  He said he would bring all the resources at his command to the job.  He thanked members of the IRS staff for attending the swearing-in ceremony.  The federal court room was filled with IRS employees.  Webb began his career with the IRS in the Kansas City, Mo., office in 1940 as a special agent in the intelligence unit.  He has remained with the Treasury Department since that time, except for about four years when he served with the Army.   At first an enlisted man, he rose to the rank of captain and served for the most part in military intelligence.  He served with the Manhattan Engineers District, later known as the Atomic Bomb Project.  Webb comes here from the St. Louis District where he served as assistant director. He is a graduate of South-western Missouri State College, later doing postgraduate work at Northwestern University and St. Louis University.  He studied law at St. Louis U.”

[From Revenews : St. Louis District Internal Revenue Service, March 1971 (district newsletter) : Gallatin Award Presented to Mrs. Martin L. Webb (extract)]  “Mr. Alvin M. Kelley, Regional Commissioner, visited the St. Louis District on Thursday, March 4th and presented the Gallatin Award on behalf of the Treasury Department to Mrs. Martin L. Webb.  The award was in recognition of Mr. Martin L. Webb’s 30 years of meritorious service in the Internal Revenue Service.”

Religion : Methodist
Place of Worship : Ferguson United Methodist Church, 15 Wesley Avenue,  St. Louis, Missouri

Family (brothers and sisters) : image (380k jpeg) Martin had two daughters.


Source material, bibliography : 

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Personal communication with Hazel Skelly Webb, Kathleen Webb Ackerson, and Susan Webb Williams, St. Louis, Missouri and Washington, DC, 1981 - 2001, ongoing

Photos of M. L. Webb, courtesy of Hazel Skelly Webb, St. Louis, Missouri, November 2000

Counter Intelligence in World War Two.



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