United States Army, Corps of Engineers
Manhattan Engineer District 1942 - 1946

 - Captain Martin Luther Webb 0-1306027 -
United States Army, Military Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence Corps

Military Service : Second World War, allies
Serial Number : 0-1306027
Arm or Service : U.S. Regular Army, Corps of Engineers, Counter-Intelligence Corps

Selective Service Data from 1st Precinct, Greene County, Missouri.
Compiled from D.S.S. Form 2 and D.S.S. Form 72
Order No. 3594 -      
Serial no. #890 [numbers handwritten above name]
First name : Martin
Middle name : Luther  
Last name : Webb
No. and Street; city or town, county and state : 2109 So. Kings; Springfield MO
has been duly registered this  16  day of  Oct  19 40.
Signature of Registrar : Guy E. Turner [signature]
Registrar for Precinct : 1st 
Ward : Campbell 
County : Greene 
State : MO

The person named herein whose Order No. is : 3594
Has been classified by Local Board in Class : 2A  Until : 8 – 1 – 41 [ink-stamped with ‘Until Further Notice’]
Member of Local Board : Claud E. Woodruff [signature]
Notify your employer of this classification :  June 6 ’41 [ink-stamped]

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Units, assignments :

Unit1 : Reception Center, Jefferson Barracks, Missouri
Rank : Private, Selectee
Term of Service : 14 November 1941
Unit1 Notes : 

Unit2 : Company C, 2nd Platoon, 26 Engineer Training Battalion, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
Rank : Private
Term of Service : November 1941 - February 1942 
Unit2 Notes : Basic Training platoon  (image)

Unit3 : DEML-CIC, Headquarters 7th Service Command, Omaha, Nebraska
Rank : Technical Sergeant
Term of Service : February 1942 - October 1942
Unit3 Notes : 1 month at Counter-Intelligence Corps Investigator School, Chicago, Illinois then stationed at District Intelligence Office, St. Louis, Missouri as Special Agent CIC. Investigated military and civilian personnel.  Primary duties included the investigation and surveillance of civilian employees of sensitive defense industries, political dissidents and suspected enemy sympathizers or potential saboteurs.  The secretary for the District Intelligence Office in St. Louis was a War Department Stenographer named Hazel Jesse Skelly.  She married Martin L. Webb on 5 September 1942 while they were stationed together.  According to Hazel Skelly Webb, the agents in the Counter-intelligence Office were all, “Hand-picked men.”

“When the agents came back from investigating someone, they dictated their reports to me (I was a secretary & bookkeeper).  I also kept track of their clothing allowance, which the government gave them instead of a uniform.  None of the agents wore uniforms.  Only the major who was in charge of the office [wore one].

She was a secretary and bookkeeper for Major Keefer, who headed the St. Louis Office, and who reported to Colonel Ball at the Seventh Service Command Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.  Although, when hired, she had requested not to be given the duty of doing the books, she quickly ended up handling that responsibility.  She handled the expense accounts for the agents, who were not required to wear uniforms, and she sent them to Famous & Barr department store in downtown St. Louis for all their suits and work clothes.  Hazel noted, “…I sent them to Famous & Barrs on Tuesdays to get double Eagles stamps for me, so I could trade them in for merchandise later.”  She also handled the travel accounts for the men who traveled on assignment throughout the Seventh Service Command’s area of operations, often to Denver, Omaha and Kansas City.

When the men returned from their counter-intelligence work, they would dictate their note and reports to Hazel, so she could type them up and submit them to the Major.  Often, Hazel would sit in a back-room behind the Major office, informants with information concerning war plant production problems, potential sabotage, or sensitive internal security matters would come to the Major’s office.  In an informal style, the Major (or agents) would question the informant, and through a hollow pen-set on his desk which housed a hidden microphone, Hazel would listen in and take shorthand notes and transcribe the conversation so that when the informant returned, a written statement would be ready for them to sign.  She also had a phone in a drawer of her desk outside the Major’s office, so that she could listen in to the conversations between the Major and the Seventh Service Command Headquarters, and often had to copy and transcribe those conversations as well. Hazel also accompanied the agents on surveillance missions and met informants at remote locations. 

After she married M. L. Webb, he was shipped out to Denver.  After 1943, Hazel didn’t work in the defense industry or for the army any longer and began to raise her family.

Martin worked with the Mallinckrodt Chemical Works in St. Louis to help with the procurement of uranium oxide and uranium metal.   According to Smyth,

“6.12.  …Early in May 1942, arrangements were completed with the Mallinckrodt Chemical Works in St. Louis to put the new grade of oxide through an ether extraction process on a production basis for a further reduction in impurity content and to deliver the final production as brown dioxide.  Deliveries started in July 1942 at a rate of 30 tons a month…
6.18.  By the end of 1942 arrangements had been made by the Manhattan District to increase metal production by making greater use of the Mallinckrodt Chemical Works, the Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation, and the du Pont Company.
6.19   To summarize, almost no metal was available during most of 1942, a fact that seriously delayed progress as we shall see, but the production problems had been nearly solved by the end of 1942 and some 6 tons of metal were incorporated in the pile built in November 1942.  The whole problem of procurement of metal was taken over by the Manhattan District at the end of the year, under the general direction of Colonel Ruhoff, formerly with the Mallinckrodt Chemical Works.  From the point of view of the Metallurgical Project no further serious delays or difficulty have occurred because of metal shortages.”

Unit4 : 18th Company, 1st STR, Officer Candidate School, Fort Benning, Georgia
Rank : 2nd Lieutenant
Term of Service : October 1942 - December 1942
Unit4 Notes : In attendance at Officer Candidate School, the Infantry School. Graduated, commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, Inf-AUS.

Unit5 : SID, Headquarters 7th Service Command, Omaha, Nebraska
Rank : 2nd Lieutenant
Term of Service : January 1943 - march 1943
Unit5 Notes : Assistant to District Intelligence Officer, Denver, Colorado.  Had charge of administration and assignment of duty to CIC Special Agents at District Intelligence Office.

Unit6: Area Engineer U.S. Engineers, Manhattan District, St. Louis, Missouri
Rank : 2nd Lieutenant
Term of Service : March 1943 - January 1944
Unit6 Notes : Area Intelligence Officer, charged with security and intelligence responsibility for contracts with war plants, including personnel clearance, plant security, and intelligence information.

Unit7 : Chicago Branch Office, Manhattan Engineer District, Chicago, Illinois
Rank : 1st Lieutenant
Term of Service : January 1944 - May 1944
Unit7 Notes : Assistant to Branch Intelligence Officer

Unit8 : New York Branch, Manhattan Engineer District, New York, New York (U.S. Engineer Office, Manhattan District, PO Box 42, Station F, New York, New York)
Rank : 1st Lieutenant
Term of Service : May 1944 - 

Unit9 : Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Rank : 1st Lieutenant & Captain
Term of Service : 
Unit9 Notes :  Manhattan Engineer District ID Card (image 66k jpeg). It is possible that during his term of duty at Oak Ridge, Martin was charged at various times with transporting radioactive material to locations within the continental United States and on one occasion, Canada.  He was sent to Canada in plain clothes, the secrecy of his mission demanded that he not reveal his identity to civilian or military authorities and he was almost arrested, although details are unclear.

Unit10 : Los Alamos, New Mexico
Rank : Captain
Term of Service : September 1945 - February 1946
Unit10 Notes :

From Commanding Ofcr U S Ebgrs Santa Fe Nmex Sept 45261420Z
To District Ebgr U S Engineer Office Oak Ridge Tenn  GRNC
/Restricted/ Reurtt Eidmp-40-488  The following are duties of Captain Martin L. Webb.  As Post Fiscal Officer, responsible for supervising and coordinating all operations of the Fiscal Office.  Responsible for promulgating and issuing regulations to all operating sections to insure compliance with all fiscal regulations.  Consultant to the Commanding and other staff members on all Fiscal regulations.  Consultant to the commanding and other staff members on all fiscal matters.  As Post Auditing Officer responsible for all audits required by Army regulations and/or higher echelons on funds and/or operations at this station.  Conducting special investigations as directed by the commanding officer
.  Eidm Af – 1 Ref Pt 2921.  1424Z.

Army Service Forces, United States Engineer Office
Manhattan District
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
7 September 1945
Special Order Number 214 : Extract
1.  Captain MARTIN L. WEBB, 01306027, Inf, is reld sta New York Area, New York, N. Y., and of further TDY, Oak Ridge, Tenn., it being in the best interest of the Govt not to complete TDY, and WF o/a 7 Sep 45 to perm sta Santa Fe, N. Mex, for dy as Asst to the Area Engineer, with the primary dy as Post Fiscal Officer.  Three (3) days delay on route, chargeable as leave is atzd.  PCS TDN TPA 212/60425 601-31 P431-02, 03, 07 S 99-999.  AUTH: Circ Ltr No. 3355, OCE, 7 Oct 44.  *** By Order of Colonel Nichols

Unit11 : US Army Officers Reserve, Military Intelligence, 1946 – 1953

[click here to see images of the remnants of his service record held by the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)]

Honorably Discharged : 2 April 1953

Miscellaneous :


Adjusted Service Rating Score : 58 points on 2 September 1945
Qualifications, Awards : Pistol Sharpshooter, score - 79.3, 25 August 1945; Production Award presented by General Leslie Groves at Los Alamos, New Mexico 10 October 1945


Military Record and Report of Separation Certificate of Service [facsimile] -
1.Name [last, first, middle] : WEBB MARTIN L
2.Army Serial Number : 01 306 027      
3.AUS Grade : CAPT      
4.Arm : INF  
5.Componet : AUS      
6.Organization : 9812th TSU-CE Manhattan District  ASF Santa Fe Department, PO Box 1539, Santa Fe, NM    
7.Date of Relief from Active Duty : 6 May 46      
8.Place of Separation : Separation Center, Jefferson Barracks, Missouri     
9.Permanent Address : 3857 Labadie Ave., St. Louis 7, Missouri     
10.Date of Birth : 29 May 1916    
11.Place of Birth : Springfield, Missouri      
12.Address from which employment will be sought : St. Louis, Missouri   
13.Color eyes : Blue     
14.Color hair : Gray    
15.Height : 5’ 10 1/2”     
16.Weight : 152 lbs.    
17.No. of dependants : 2   
18.Race : White     
19.Marital status : Married     
20.US Citizen : Yes    
21.Civilian Occupation and No. : Investigator 1-57.50
Military History -
22.Regsitered : Yes     
23.Local SS Board Number : #3     
24.County & State : Greene Co, Missouri
25.Address at time of entry on active service : 2109 S. Kings Ave., Springfield, Missouri
26.Date of Entry on Active Service : 29 Dec 42    
27.Military Occupational Specialty and No. : Intelligence and Security Officer 9301
28.Battles and Campaign : None      
29.Decorations and Citations : American Theater Campaign Ribbon, American Defense Service Ribbon, Victory Ribbon, Meritorious Achievement Award with 1 Bronze Star    
30.Wounds received in action : None      
31.Service schools attended : None     
32.Service outside continental US : None     
33.Reason and authority for separation : Demobilization RR1-5, 1st Ind, Hq ASF 1772SCU Jefferson Barracks, Missouri 15 Feb 46
34.Current tour of active duty : Continental Service - 3 years, 4 months, 7 days    Foreign Service – 0 years, 0 months, 0 days
35.Education : Grammar 8 years, High School 4 years, College 5 years    
36.-41.[Insurance data]
42.Right thumb print [blank]     
43.Remarks : Lapel Button Issued, ASR Score (2 Sep 45) 58, EM from 14 Nov 41 to 28 Dec 42

Documents, sources, images and related ephemera :
Manhattan Engineer District ID Card of Captain Martin Luther Webb.
Manhattan Engineer District Officers Directory, 30 June 1946 (image of cover), (partial transcription in progress, currently have all officers up to Captains listed).
Image of Company C, 2nd Platoon, 26 Engineer Training Battalion, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

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Sources, bibliography :

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Personal communication with Hazel Skelly Webb, Kathleen Webb Ackerson, and Susan Webb Williams, St. Louis, Missouri and Washington, DC, 1981 - 2001, ongoing

Photos of M. L. Webb, courtesy of Hazel Skelly Webb, St. Louis, Missouri, November 2000

Counter Intelligence in World War Two.  http://www.fas.org/irp/ops/ci/docs/ci2/2ch1_a.htm



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