Speculation and theory of the origins of the Webb family in America :
Compiled by Jonathan Webb Deiss, 2003.

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(1) The Giles Memorial (Webb Family – extract) (PDF) By John Adams Vinton. Printed by Henry W. Dutton & Son, Boston, 1864.

- Vinton outlined the genealogy of the Webb family of Braintree, Massachusetts & Windham, Connecticut in one chapter of his book. Included here are his preliminary statements proceeding the Webb genealogies. ...more to follow.


(2) Genealogical Notes – Webb Family. (PDF) (hi-res) (low-res) Communicated by Edward Stanley Waters. In the Essex Institute Historical Collections. Volume XVI. Salem,    Massachusetts 1879.

- This branch of the Webb family settled in Roxbury, Massachusetts. This may be a branch of the descendants of John Webb of Roxbury, who was living in Boston circa 1651. The hi-resolution file is quite large.


(3) The Webb Family (extract) (PDF), by Prof. Reynold Webb Wilcox. In The Descendants of William Wilcoxson, Vincent Meigs, and Richard Webb. T. A. Wright, New York. 1893.

- The Webb Family of Stamford, Connecticut & Long Island, New York is one of the ‘northern branches’ and is often confused with the Webb Family of Braintree, Massachusetts & vice versa. The most famous branch of the family is represented by General Samuel B. Webb (aide-de-camp to Washington), General Alexander S. Webb (winner Cong. Medal of Honor), James Watson Webb (newspaper editor & diplomat) and many other notable military, ecclesiastical and civil leaders. With few exceptions, saving death thru injury or accident, members of this family are known for their longevity.

(4) The Webb Family (extract) (PDF), by Robert Dickens Webb, MD. Published Yazoo City, Mississippi, 22 January 1894.

- Commentary from a member of a ‘southern branch’.


(5) Notes on the Webb Family (PDF), by Rev. Benjamin Webb. In the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. Volume XXVI, 1895.

- Commentary from a member of one of the ‘northern branches’.


(6) Webb Family Crests (PDF) from the ‘General Armory’.

- There are a number of heraldic devices issued to various members of Webb families in England, hardy any of which can be used by Americans, although that doesn’t stop the misinformed from thinking they have claim to one or another of them.


(7) Webb Clan (PDF) from the Notes of Webb Hester. Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio.

- Webb Hester collected some fanciful reminiscences from his cousins concerning the origins of the family that lived at Webb Settlement in Huron County, Ohio.


(8) Some thoughts on the origin of the surname of Webb (html), by Jonathan Webb Deiss, 2001.

- Ancient origins, and taxonomic curiosities.


Collections, sources outside webbdeiss.org :


Manuscripts Department, Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - #1900, WEBB FAMILY PAPERS, Inventory


The Giles Memorial images from USIGS – support their site.





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