Reverend Harvey Webb

Full name : Harvey Webb
Alternate spellings, : Henry, Harvy.

Parents :
Father : Oliver Webb
Mother : Louisa Ellis

Date of Birth : 12 October 1831
Place of Birth : Webb Settlement, Ridgefield Township, Huron County, Ohio

Vital statistics :
Age : 33 years
Eyes : Blue
Hair : Brown
Complexion : Light
Height : 5' 11"
Notes : …stats as of summer 1864
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Medical data :
Age : 60 years
Pulse Rate : 72
Respiration : 16
Temperature : 98.5
Height : 5' 10"
Weight : 165
Medical conditions, diseases : Chronic diarrhea, rheumatism and general disability.  In August 1865 at Gallatin, Tennessee was overtaken with diarrhea.  Rheumatism made its appearance in 1887.  General debility in 1876.
Notes : …the information comes from his pension application.

Spouse : 
Name : Jemima Thorpe
Date of Marriage : 14 April 1853
Place of Marriage : County of LaPorte, Indiana
Died : (?) 7 July 1906 Los Angeles, California
Notes : service performed by Elder John Edwards; her brothers Thomas M. Thorpe and Daniel O. Thorpe witnessed the marriage.
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Date of Death : 23 March 1902 
Place of Deathl : Los Angeles, California
Cause of Death : Paralysis and cancer of bowel.
Notes : Attending physician was Dr. B. O. Webb, MD.  The funeral service was held in Newmann Church, Los Angeles, California. Addresses were made by Reverend John Safford, reverend H. J. Crist, Reverend C. J. Hough and his pastor, H. W. Waltz.  Memorial services were held in Fort Worth, Gainesville, Denton and Denison, Texas, and in First Church in Minneapolis.
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Education : Harvey graduated from Hamline University circa 1862/63, where he had attended from at least 1860. 

Military Service : Civil War, Union
Unit : Company D, 11th Reg't Minnesota Volunteer Infantry 1864 - 1865
Rank : Private then 1st Sergeant, appointed 6 September 1864
Pension data : Harvey applied for an Invalid's Pension 26 August 1890 and filed in Texas (Appl # 928733, Cert # 653592).  His widow, Jemimah, filed for a Widow's Pension 3 April 1902 from California (Appl # 760218, Cert # 539060).
Notes : From his service record obtained from the NARA, Harvey joined Lieutenant L. Webb's Company the 11th Minnesota at the bequest of his brother Loren, who was the regiment's recruiting officer and eventually Captain of Company D.  Enlisted for one year on 22 August 1864 in Roscoe, Goodhue County, Minnesota although at the time he lived in Masioja, Dodge County.  He was examined and found fit for duty by Dr. James Ghilly, MD in Roscoe at the time of enlistment and subsequently mustered in at Fort Snelling on 1 September 1864.  He was paid $33.33 of his $100 enlistment bounty up front and his enlistment was credited to Winterville, Dodge County.  He is listed as present on each muster roll until the time of his discharge and muster-out on 26 June 1865 at Gallatin, Tennessee at which time he received or was credited another $33.33 of his $100 bounty. He served a bit less than a year overall. 
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Occupation(s) :  farmer, soldier, ordained Methodist Clergyman
Harvey was a Methodist Minister for the Minnesota Conference of the United Methodist Church. He is most well known as the first regular Methodist preacher to touch the north shore of Lake Superior, delivering the first sermon on Sunday, 7 November 1869 in Duluth, Minnesota.  He founded at least one congregation in Duluth, Minnesota, probably two. (source).  Apparently, a copy of Harvey’s journal from that period survived, this extracted quote was found in a history of the church : “I started for Duluth from St. Anthony on October 15, 1869 with my wife, little daughter and 1700lbs of freight.  The roads were so bad it was thought best to go via Milwaukee, Green Bay and Marquette, Michigan, where we took the steamer Kemeren, for Superior City, at which place we arrived Sunday, October 31, 1869, and remained 7until Tuesday, November 2.  The weather was cold and the bay frozen.  We were taken by the tug, Keyes (or Keges), to Rice’s Point, making the remaining three mile son foot over rough and rugged road, arriving at Duluth at noon, November 2, 1869, making 17 days from St. Anthony at a cost of $135.96.  After spending some time trying to find board and lodging until arrangements for living could be made, we found no place to rest our weary limbs.  No Door was open to take us in, no Christian hand was extended to welcome us.  Late in the day, we succeeded in leasing a comfortable little house on Third Street near West First Avenue, for which we were to pay $15.00 per month.  Just as the plasterers left it, we found it; floors covered with lime mortar and shavings.  Just as the sun was setting we took possession of the little domicile, cleared out the mortar and dirt, put up a cook stove, opened boxes containing beds and dishes, spread our beds o the floor, and ate our first meal on the cover of a box, our supper consisted of bread, coffee, and crackers.  We ate heartily and thanked god for all blessings and comforts, the plastering was yet green and damp.  At first we had some fears about sleeping in the house, but we felt that we were here to do God’s work and that He would protect us.”
– extracted from First Methodist Church of Duluth, Minnesota 75th Anniversary Celebration 1869-1944 publication.

Harvey traveled the typical circuit of the Methodist itinerant pastor with his family, later relocating to Ft. Worth, Texas.  According to his brother, Martin Luther Webb :  "In all these charges his work was successful.  The health of Mrs. Webb compelled a change of climate so he was given a superannuate relation and moved to Los Angeles in February 1900,. He worshipped for a time with Haven Church and then with Newmann Church where he became a stronghold to the pastor and church.  His preaching ability was excellent. Only a few weeks before his death he preached to the delight of those who heard him.  As a class leader he was warm and wise.  As counselor to the pastor and official Board he was helpful without being officious."

UMC Service record abstract : 

Admitted : On Trial – 1862; Full Connection - 1864
Ordained : Deacon - 1864 in Winona, Minnesota and as Elder - 1867 in Rochester, Minnesota
Minnesota Conference - 1862 – 1879
Wabasha - 1862 - 1863
Wacouta - 1863 - 1864
Supernumerary - 1864 - 1865
St. Charles, First Church - 1865 - 1866
St. Anthony - 1866 - 1869
Duluth, First United Methodist Church - 1869 - 1871 
St. Cloud - 1871 - 1872
St. Peter - 1872 - 1873
Worthing District Presiding Elder - 1873 - 1874
St. Peter District Presiding Elder - 1874 - 1875
Mankato District Presiding Elder - 1875 - 1876
Minneapolis, First Church - 1876 - 1877
Supernumerary - 1877 - 1878
Superannuated - 1878 – 1879
Austin, Texas Conference - 1879 – 1881
Austin - 1879 - 1880
Marshall - 1880 – 1881
Texas Conference - 1881 – 1887
Teacher, Wiley College - 1881 - 1883
Marshal District Presiding Elder - 1883 – 1887
Austin, Texas Conference - 1887 - 1901 or 1902
Pan Handle District Presiding Elder - 1887 - 1889
Clarendon District Presiding Elder - 1889 - 1890
Macomb - 1890 - 1891
Gainesville - 1891 - 1893
Fort Worth District Presiding Elder - 1893 - 1895
Gainesville - 1895 - 1896
Superannuated - 1896 - 1901 or 1902

Notes on UMC employment :  Wiley College was established by the Freedmen's Aid Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Marshall, Texas in 1873 and is among America's 103 traditional historically African-American colleges and universities. Links :  (1) (2).  Was also an agent of Hamline University, St. Paul. Minnesota.


Property : 

1857 Federal Census of Minnesota Territory Census, Inhabitants of town 109 range 167 in the County of Goodhue, Territory of Minnesota;
Dwelling #, Family #, Name, Age, Sex, Color, Place of Birth, Native voters, Naturalized voters, Occupation
1, 1, Harvey Webb, 26, Male, na, Ohio, 1, na, Farmer
1, 1, Jemima do, 24, Female, na, Ohio, na, na, na
1, 1, Benjamin do, 3, Male, ma, Indiaba, na, na, na

1860 Federal Census.  City of Red Wing, Red Wing P.O., Goodhue County, Minnesota
Page, Dwelling/Family, Names, Age, Sex, Color, Occupation, Value, Born, Remark
29, 243/231, G. W. T. Wright, 29, Male, White, Clergyman M. E., 3000/2000, Kentucky
29, 243/231, Mary S. Wright, 52, Female, White, House Keeper, na, Vermont
29, 243/231, Florence I Wright, 3, Female, White, House Keeping, na, Illinois
29, 243/231, Wm. H. Monroe, 33, Male, White, Clerk, 800/1500, Kentucky
29, 243/231, Ester Britton, 18, Female, White, Domestic, na, England
29, 243/231, Jefferson Beuner, 25, Male, White, Student, /150, Ohio, in school
29, 243/231, Harvy Webb, 33, Male, White, Student, 600/100, Indiana, in school
??, 265/249, F. F. Hoyt, 23, Male, White, Physician, 1000/300, Ohio
??, 265/249, Emily Hoyt, 21, Female, White, House Keeping, na, Missouri
??, 265/249, Elizabeth Hoyt, 1, Female, White, na, na, Minnesota
??, 265/249, Mark A. Hoyt, 24, Male, Whote, Student, na, Illinois

1860 Production of Agriculture in the Town of Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota
Name of Owner : Harvey Webb
Acres (Total – Improved and Unimproved) : 16 / 144
Cash Value of farm : $560.00
Cash value of farming implements and machinery : $65.00
Horses : 2
Value of Livestock :  (illegible)
Wheat - spring : 100 bushels    
Indian corn : 100 bushels
Potatos - Irish : 20 bushels
Peas and Beans : 1 bushel
Hay : (illegible)
Value of Animals Slaughtered : (illegible)

1870 Federal Census.  Town of Duluth, Ward Two, St. Louis County, Minnesota
Page, Dwelling/Family, Name, Age, Sex, Color, Occupation, Value (Real/Pers), Born
61/50, Harvey Webb, 40, Male, White, Clergyman, /400, Michigan
61/50, Jemimah Webb, 36, Female, White, Keeping house, na, Michigan
61/50, Oliver Webb, 17, Male, White, at home, na, Michigan
61/50, Nellie Webb, 5, Female, White, at home, na, Michigan
61/50, Malinda E. Nack, 28, Female, White, Domestic, na, Pennsylvania
61/51, W. W. Davis, 24, Male, White, Grocery Store Retail, /1000, Massachusetts
61/51, Virginia Davis, 20, Female, White, Keeps House, na, Pennsylvania

1880 Federal Census.  City of Austin, Ward Four, Travis County, Texas
Page, Dwelling/Family, Name, Color, Sex, Age, Relation, Marital Stat, Occupation, School, Born, Father born, Mother born
Colorado St., 13/15, Harvey Webb, White, Male, 48, Head, Married, Clergyman, Ohio, New York, Canada
Colorado St., 13/15, Jemima Webb, White, Female, 47, Wife, Married, Keeping House, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio
Colorado St., 13/15, Nellie Webb, White, Female, 16, Daughter, Single, none, in school, Minnesota, Ohio, Ohio

1900 Federal Census.  Los Angeles Township, Los Angeles County, California
Location, Name, Relation, Color, Sex, DOB, Age, Family Status, Nativity, Father, Mother, Occupation, Education, Home owned
847 E. 21 St., 139/141, Harvey Webb, Head, White, Male, Oct 1831, 68, Married 47 years, Ohio, New York, Canada, Clergyman, Own mortgaged house
847 E. 21 St., 139/141, Jemima Webb, Wife, White, Female, Mar 1833, 67, Married 47 years mother of 2, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio

Family :
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Son : Benjamin Oliver
Date of Birth : 18 January 1854
Place of Birth : Michigan ?
Married : Frankie, last name unknown
Died : 1913 or 1914 Los Angeles, California
Notes : Family story states that he ‘ran away’ from home, put himself through medical school at Rush University in Chicago, Illinois.  From obituary : Dr. B. O. Webb, sixty years old ears old, a well known practicing physician, passed away at his home, 837 East Twenty-first Street, after an illness of four months.  He had resided in Los Angeles nineteen years, and is survived by his widow, Mrs. Frankie Webb.  Funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the chapel of Evergreen cemetery under the auspices of the Masonic fraternity.

1880 Federal Census.  Denver, Arapahoe County, Colorado
Page, Dwelling/Family, Name, Color, Sex, Age, Relation, Marital Stat, Occupation, School, Born, Father born, Mother born
Mitler Rd, x/317, Benjamin O. Webb, White, Male, 26, Boarder, Single, Physician, Indiana, Ohio, Ohio

Daughter : Nellie Ann
Date of Birth : c. 1865
Place of Birth : Michigan
Married : E. W. Morton, Jr., Texas
Died : 
Notes : Nellie lived in Dallas, Texas in 1902.
[click here to see an image of Nellie, circa 1870]
Sources, bibliography (this is an incomplete list of sources) : 

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