Webb Kin and Cousins including Ruggles, Herrick, ...others.


Corporal Gideon D. Webb: Webb, age 19, enlisted 9 August 1862 and mustered in 30 August 1862 to Company A, 101st Regiment Ohio Infantry. He was wounded 27 June 1864 at Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia and discharged 27 March 1865 at Columbus, Ohio by reason of disability.


Federal census Wakeman Township, Huron County, Ohio 1850.

Name, Age, Sex, Occupation, Value, Birthplace
Webb, Samuel, 44, M, Farmer, 1,500, Ohio

Webb, Jane, 45, F, na, na, Pa.
Webb, Lemuel, 17, M, Farmer , na, Ohio
Webb, Thomas, 15, M, Farmer, na, Ohio

Webb, Charles, 12, M, na, na, Ohio

Webb, Mary, 9, F, na, na, Ohio
Webb, Gideon, 6, M, na, na, Ohio
Webb, Naoma, 3, F, na, na, Ohio

Styles Webb : Webb, age 18, enlisted and was mustered in 11 August 1863, to Company B, 3rd Regiment Ohio Cavalry. He was mustered out 30 May 1865 at Cleveland, Ohio and also served in Company E, 5th Regiment Ohio Cavalry. He applied for a pension, 26 September 1887 (invalid624018/753497) and his widow and children applied for and received pensions (widow1043593/789233 & minor1713733/A71832), after his death 9 March 1915 at Greenwich, Ohio.


Federal census New London Township, Huron County, Ohio 1850.

Name, Age, Sex, Occupation, Value, Birthplace
Webb, Ephraim, 65, M, Farmer, na, Conn
Webb, Alathia, 65, F, na, na, Conn.
Webb, David, 26, M, Farmer, na, Ohio.
Webb, Horace, 40, M, Farmer, 600, N. Y.
Webb, Lucy, 4*, F, na, na, Vt.
Webb, Anson, 15, M, Farmer, na, N. Y.
Webb, Alathia 13, F, na, na, N. Y.
Webb, Adelaide, 9, F, na, na, N. Y.
Webb, David, 6, M, na, na, N. Y.
Webb, Stiles D., 4, M, na, na, N. Y.

Nathan Webb : Webb, age 19 enlisted and mustered in 2 May 1864, to Company C, 144th Regiment Ohio Infantry and discharged 31 August 1864 at Camp Chase, Ohio. Notes : Nathan Webb is the son of David Webb, Jr. and Elizabeth Geisler (married 5 September 1830). David Webb, Jr. is the son of David Webb, Sr. and the younger brother of Oliver Webb.


Federal Census Ridgefield Township, Huron County, Ohio 1850
Webb, David, 38, M, Farmer, na, N. Y.
Webb, Elizabeth, 42, F, na, na, Pa.
Webb, Electa, 16, F, na, na, Ohio
Webb, Lewis, 15, M, na, na, Ohio
Webb, Nathan, 6, M, na, na, Ohio
Webb, David, Sr., 73, M, Farmer, na, Mass.

Private Moses Ruggles : Ruggles, age 30, enlisted 23 March 1865 and msutered 1 April 1865 into Company C, 197th Regiment Ohio Infantry Volunteers. He mustered out 31 July 1865 at Camp Bradford, Baltimore.

Private Comfort Ruggles : Ruggles, age 20, enlisted and mustered in 23 November 1861 to Company K (and Company E), 67th Regiment Ohio Infantry, promoted to Corporal 18 January 1863 and wounded 10 May 1864 at Chester Station, Virginia. He was again promoted to Sergeant 27 March 1865, transferred to Company E, 1 September 1865, and was subsequently mustered out 7 December 1865 at City Point, Virginia. He applied for a pension 22 December 1879 (invalid331439/228690) and his widow, Charlotte Ruggles, did so after his death in 1909 (widow911405/678974).
Notes : Comfort is listed at the R. B. Hayes site.

Census 1850 Huron County, Ridgefield Township
Ruggles, Martin S., 46, M, Ship Carpenter, 1,800, Conn.
Ruggles, Fidelia, 41, F, na, na, N. Y.
Ruggles, Chester L., 17, M, Farmer, na, Ohio
Ruggles, Moses, 15, M, Farmer, na, Ohio
Ruggles, Carlton, 12, M, na, na, Ohio
Ruggles, Comfort, 8, M, na, na, Ohio
Ruggles, Emily, 7, F, na, na, Ohio
Ruggles, Isabella, 3, F, na, na, Ohio
Sisler, Susannah, 28, F, na, na, Ohio



Other Ruggles from Ohio and Midwest :


Corporal Dwight Ruggles : Dwight Ruggles was born 20 May 1834, probably in Ohio, the son of Daniel and Louisa Ruggles. He enlisted 2 May 1864 and mustered 15 May 1864 into Company B, 166th Regiment Ohio Infantry. He died 2 or 3 August 1864 while on garrison duty in the defenses of Washington, DC at Fort Ward, Virginia. He was one of thirteen men who died when a wave of illness swept the ranks, and a dozen more were discharged because of it. He was buried in Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio.

Alma Ruggles : Alma Ruggles is recorded as having served in Company D, 121st Regiment Ohio Infantry. His widow, Martha A. Ruggles, received a pension (widow24850/78596) commencing 16 June 1863.

Almond Ruggles : Almond Ruggles enlisted 22 August 1862 and mustered 12 September 1862 into Company F, 118th Regiment Ohio Infantry. He attained the rank of Corporal, was discharged 24 June 1865 at Salisbury, North Carolina and applied for a pension (invalid187622/314630).

Charles C. Ruggles : Charles Ruggles enlisted and mustered 4 January 1864 into Company I, 9th Regiment Ohio Cavalry and mustered out 20 July 1865 at Lexington, North Carolina. His mother, Sarah Ruggles, applied for and received a pension 17 May 1886 (mother339369/247476) after his death.

Constant Ruggles : Constant Ruggles, aka Cornelius M. Ruggles & Con M. Ruggles, enlisted 1 December 1861 from Oshkosh, Wisconsin and mustered 24 December 1861 into Company B, 58th Illinois Infantry then transferred at Chicago, Illinois on 7 February 1862 into Company H. He applied for and received a pension 12 February 1883 (invalid472232/989694).



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