Benjamin Scott

Full name : Benjamin Scott
Alternate spellings, aliases :

Parents :
Father :
Mother :
note :

Date of Birth :
Place of Birth : England

Spouse : 
Name : Hannah
Date of Marriage : before 1638
Place of Marriage :
Died : May 1677
Notes : She became the ‘Wife if John Barber, of brantri, married 21 7 month 47’ (21 August 1647 by the old calendar).

Date of Death : before 1647, when his wife remarried
Place of Death : Braintree, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Colony
Burial Information :
Probate Information : in 1647 his estate was valued at £86. 14s. Debts 3. 6. 0.; this was distributed in 1654, £25 to the widow, £14 to Benjamin, £7 each to Peter and Hannah.

Military Service :

Occupation(s) :

Property : £86. 14s in 1647

Family : 


Daughter : Hannah

Date of Birth : circa 1638

Place of Birth : perhaps in England

Married : Christopher Webb of Braintree, 16 January 1654/5
Died : circa 1718, Braintree, Massachusetts

Notes : The marriage was performed by Captain Torrey of Weymouth; Hannah was only 16 years old.


Son : Benjamin

Date of Birth : circa 1640

Place of Birth : Braintree, Massachusetts

Married : not married at time of his death

Died : April 1684
Notes : In his will he leaves money or items to ‘my brother Christopher Webbs children’.


Son : Peter     

Date of Birth : 6 March 1643

Place of Birth : Braintree, Massachusetts

Married : Abigail Neale, 22 December 1673

Died :

Notes : from Braintree Town Records, “Peter Stott, ye son of Beniamen Stott & Hannah his wife borne ye 6th of March, 1643.” Peter and Abigail had Benjamin born 24 November 1674, John born 16 June 1676, Peter born 20 September 1680, Abigail born 1 Octpber 1685, Joseph born 28 December 1688; all in Braintree.


Comments, sources, various additional :


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