Joseph Webb

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Parents :
Father : Richard Webb
Mother : Mary nee : ?
Notes : His father authored his will on 1 July 1659; he left to his eldest son Joseph his dwelling house in Boston adjacent to Mr. Glover, half the rooms, cellars and yard to be shared with his youngest son Nehemiah.  Nehemiah also received a feather bed, pots, silver spoons, pewter platters, a kettle along with a musket, a sword and a number of books including a Bible, & works by Elton, Boulton and Whentley.  They were to pay from the estate 5 a year to Esther Pearce (Richard’s daughter in law).  Both son’s being underage at the time of their father’s death, and Joseph being administrator, he chose his uncle Deacon Upham of Mauldin to be his guardian.

Date of Birth : 19 August 1640
Place of Birth : Weymouth, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Colony
Notes : Baptized in Boston (at First Church of Boston) in 1644, “Joseph of Richard Webb aged about 4 years 12 day 11 mo.”   There may be some connection between Joseph Webb of Weymouth & Boston and Christopher Webb of Braintree.

Name : Grace Dipple
Date of Marriage : 16 April 1666
Place of Marriage : Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
Died :
Notes :

Date of Death : 9 October 1698
Place of Death : Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
Burial Information :
Probate :

Military Service : unknown

Occupation(s) : On 17 September 1662, Beniemin Smith of Boston appointed Samuell Winsley of Sallisbere (Salisbury) to be his attorney, Joseph Webb and his brother Nehemiah Webb signed as witnesses; filed in the Quarterly Court of Essex County, Massachusetts.

He was made a Freeman on 12 May 1675 at Boston, was later clerk of the court of Boston; took the Oath of Allegiance in Boston 11 November 1678, where he is listed as ‘Marshll. Jo: Webb”.  He served one term as Sealer of Leather for the town of Boston.  On 25 June 1681 in a court document he is referred to in relation to his position, serving under ‘Marshall Gennerall Jno. Greene’, as “Deputy Joseph Webb, Marshall of Suffolke.”

On 18 June 1691 his name is ascribed as a witness, with Christopher Webb (then Town Clerk of Braintree) for the administration of the estate of Joseph Ford, who died intestate.  Coincidently, or perhaps not, Ford’s widow was Deborah Waldo, daughter of Cornelius Waldo (she was born 14 January 1661, married 6 December 1683 Joseph Ford).  Cornelius Waldo had two sons, siblings to Deborah, namely John Waldo, who married Rebecca Adams, and Daniel Waldo, who married Susanna Adams; Rebecca Adams and Susanna Adams were daughters of Captain Samuel Adams, and their sister Mary Adams married in Braintree (or Chelmsford) to Samuel Webb, the son of Christopher Webb, the witness for the will of widow Deborah (Waldo) Ford.

Land :

Family :

Son : Joseph Webb

Date of Birth : 10 March 1666
Place of Birth : Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

Married1 : Lydia nee ?
Married2 : Abigail Torrey, 26 October 1721

Died : 1746
Notes : from Boston Town records, “Joseph of Joseph & Grace Webb born Mar. 10 (1666).”  He was known as Deacon Joseph Webb; he was a maltster & brewer; Joseph & Lydia had one son – Joseph born 18 February 1698/9 (he was a baker, lived in Boston); Joseph & Abigail had fourteen children, seven died in infancy; only five, Abigail, Lydia, Deborah, Grace and Persis survived to adulthood.


Daughter : Mary Webb

Date of Birth : 27 August 1671

Place of Birth : Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

Married :

Died :

Notes : from Boston Town records, “Mary of Joseph & Grace Webb born Aug. 27 (1671)” also from records of First Church, Boston (baptisms), “Elizabeth of sister Grace Webb 6 day 6 mo.”  Perhaps they mention the same woman…


Daughter : Sarah Webb

Date of Birth : 14 October 1673
Place of Birth : Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
Married : John Marshall, 26 May 1699

Died :
Notes : from Boston Town records, “Sarah of Joseph & Grace Webb born Oct. 14 (1673).”

Son : Elisha Webb

Date of Birth : 13 February 1675
Place of Birth : Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
Married :

Died :
Notes : from Boston Town records, “Elisha of Joseph & Grace Webb born Feb. 13 (1675).”  He was baptized in Boston First Church the same year, “Elish of Bro: Webb 27 day 12 mo. (1675).”

Ward : Ebenezer Pierce

Date of Birth :
Place of Birth : Massachusetts
Married :

Died :
Notes : He was the son of Esther (Webb) Pierce, Joseph Webb’s sister. 

Comments, sources, various additional :


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WEBB, Richard, "of Milton, near Sitting-bourne, co. Kent, cordwainer, bachelor, about 21, and Joan Ashfold, of Brenzet, maiden, about 18, daughter of Thomas Ashfold, late of the same parish, Jurat, deceased, now in the government of her mother Joan Ashfold, as is testified by her son Thomas Ashfield," had license from the bishop of Canterbury to marry, Nov. 13, 1627; to be at St. Mary Bre-din's, Canterbury. Richard Webb and Mary Rowlett, of St. Martin's, Cant. had license to marry Dec. 28, 1633.  …from the Pioneers of Massachusetts.

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