Prudence Eveline Webb

Full name : Prudence Eveline Webb
Alternate spellings, aliases : Eve; Eva; ‘Geratine’

Parents :
Father : Oliver Webb
Mother : Louisa Ellis
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Vital stats :
Date of Birth : 22 November 1840
Place of Birth : Webb Settlement, Ridgefield Township, Huron County, Ohio
Notes : In his diary, her brother Loren referred to her as Geratine (or may be a result of poor transcription) extract follows : “Wednesday, 20th (November 1861) Pleasant. E.I.R.B. Ezra 2d 1st Tim. 4-5-6. To day all is quiet. To day is my sister Geratine's birthday. She is 21 years old.”
Date of Death : 6 November 1880
Place of Death, and or Burial : presumed to be Dallas County, Texas because that is where she was living in 1880.
Cause of Death : 
Notes : History of the Hamline University... states of the Webb family, “The girls died in the South many years ago while teaching in Freedman schools.”

Height :       Complexion : 
Eyes :        Hair : 
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Spouse :
Name : W. E. Rice
Date of Marriage : 1870’s
Place of Marriage : Texas..?
Died :
Notes :

Education : educated at Hamline University at Redwing, Goodhue County, Minnesota between 1857-1865

Occupation : Teacher with the Freedman’s Aid Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church; taught in Texas.

Religion : Methodist.

Property : unknown

1860 Federal Census. Roscoe Township, Goodhue County, Minnesota
Page, Dwelling/Family, Names, Age, Sex, Color, Occupation, Value, Born, Remark
126, 1152/67, Oliver Webb, 54, Male, White, Farmer, 400/468, New York, na
126, 1152/67, Louisa Webb, 48, Female, White, na, na, Vermont, na
126, 1152/67, Eveline Webb, 19, Female, White, na, na, Ohio, na
126, 1152/67, Lester Webb, 17, Male, White, Farmer, na, Ohio, na
126, 1152/67, Luther Webb, 15, Male, White, na, na, Ohio, na
126, 1152/67, Loretta Webb, 13, Female, White, na, na, Ohio, na
126, 1153/68, George Van Syckle, 27, male, White, Farmer, 0/500, New York, na
126, 1153/68, Eliza Van Syckle, 26, Female, White, na, na, Ohio, na
126, 1153/68, Chas Van Syckle, 7, Male, White, na, na, Indiana, na
126, 1153/68, Louella Van Syckle, 9mos, Female, White, na, na, Indiana, na

Her brother Loren Webb noted in his diary about writing to them during the Civil War when they lived in Minnesota, “Tuesday, 3d (june 1862) Pleasant. E.I.R.B. Zechariah & Malachi. I finished reading the Bible through to day. I sent 5 dols. to my sister Evaline and also Loretta.”

1880 Federal Census. Dallas (ED 56), Dallas County, Texas
Page, Dwelling/Family, Name, Color, Sex, Age, Relation, Marital Stat, Occupation, School, Born, Father born, Mother born

53, 483/497, J. G. Hilldebrand, White, Male, 31, Head, Married, Saddler, no, New Jersey, France, France

53, 483/497, L. L. Hilldebrand, White, Female, 32, Wife, Married, none, no, Ohio, New York, Canada

53, 483/497, W. E. Rice, White, Male, 39, Boarder, Married, Minister, no, New York, New York, New York
53, 483/497, E. P. Rice, White, Female, 39, Boarder, Married, none, no, Ohio, New York, Canada

Sources, bibliography

Harvey Hayes Webb family bible transcript, typed transcript, drafted in the 1950's; courtesy Hazel Skelly Webb

Webb, Loren. Diary of Captain Loren Webb, 1861 - 1863, Firelands Historical Society, 1995. Transcribed by Matthew L. Burr.

Research of Mary Arnquist, Dallas, Texas, 2004

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