Webb’s in the Military

Encompassing the following recognized conflicts, among others : Wayne’s War, 1790-1794; French War, 1799; War of 1812, 18 June 1812 – 17 February 1815; Seminole War, 1817-1818; Black Hawk War, 1832; Creek War, 1836-1837; Florida War, 1835-1842; Canada Frontier Disturbances, 1838-1839; Pennsylvania Whiskey Rebellion; Cherokee Removal, 1838; Mexican War, 1846-1848; Civil War, 1861-1865. Including Officers and Enlisted soldiers of the Militia, Volunteer and Regular Army, Officers & Sailors of the Navy, and Marines in the Marine Corps.


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Private Laban Webb : 10th Regiment United States Infantry. His sister, Clara Webb, applied for and received a bounty land warrant (7894) on 15 January 1818 for 160 acres in Pike County, Illinois. (War of 1812)


Private Lambert Webb : He served in Captain Burks Company, 38th Regiment United States Infantry (regulars). After he died, his brother William Webb applied for and received a bounty land warrant under the ScripWarrant Act of 1812 (#16722) for 160 acres which he located in Section 7, Township 3 N Range 6 W, in the Territory of Illinois.


Captain Leonidas A. Webb : Commanded Company G, 34th Virginia Battalion Cavalry; from Washington County, Virginia (?)


Private Leroy Webb : Leroy Webb, a member of the Permanent Party, in General Service United States Army, was admitted on 23 April 1847 to the Post Hospital at Fort Columbus in New York Harbor, with the complaint of ‘fever intermittent’. He was returned to duty on 30 April 1847. (Mexican War)


Private Leister A. Webb : Company F, 1st Regiment Minnesota Infantry Volunteers. The First fought at first Bull Run/Manassas, Balls Bluff, Goose Creek, Winchester, Yorktown, Fair Oaks, Seven Days, Peach Orchard, Allen's Farm, Savage Station, Malvern Hill, South Mountain and Antietam during Lester’s stint in the Reg’t. Lester also served in Company B, 6th Regiment US Cavalry Regulars. (Civil War)


Private Levi Webb : Rall’s (3rd) Regiment Missouri Mounted Infantry (Mexican War)


Private Levi W. Webb : He was a resident of St. Joseph County, Michigan when he enlisted 20 January 1862 for a term of two years, and mustered in 29 January to Company B, 1st Regiment Michigan Infantry (volunteers). He was wounded in action at the Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on 2 July 1863. He reenlisted 17 February 1864 to the same company and regiment. Levi was wounded in action at the Battle of the Wilderness, Virginia on 5 May 1864 of which he recovered. He was captured by the Rebels on 8 September 1864 at Petersburg, Virginia, made a Prisoner of War, and confined to Andersonville Prison, Georgia. He was exchanged on 30 December 1864 and returned home, but unfortunately died of a malaise contracted at the prison, on 7 February 1865 at Burr Oak, Michigan. His widow Elizabeth A. Webb applied for and received a pension in June 1865 (widow99991/70884).


Captain Lewis Webb : He was born 14 July 1759 in New Kent County, Virginia. In New Kent county tax records for 1782, Lewis Webb (who could he him or his father) had 607 acres. During the Revolutionary War he served as Captain in the United States Marines on the Brig Jefferson. He was a Lieutenant on the Sloop Cormorant, which lay off Hapton, Virginia.   He served under command of Colonel Parker. He married Lucy R. Cary 29 September 1787.   He petitioned the 24th, 25th, & 26th Congress for commutation pay. In the 1840 census he was enumerated as a Revolutionary Pensioner while living, next door to his son Foster L. Webb, in Mercer County, Kentucky with his wife and 4 slaves, 2 female and two male. He died 12 July 1841 in Perryville, Mercer County, Kentucky.


(Soldier) Lewis Webb : Received a bounty land warrant, for 40 & 78.58 acres in Section 13, and for 41.28 & 78.59 acres in Section 18 in Franklin County, Illinois from 1849 thru 1853.


Recruit Lewis B. Webb : Webb, aged 21 years old, born in Albany, New York, was described as standing 5’ 8” tall, with grey eyes, brown hair, a dark complexion and was by occupation a Cooper when he enlisted 9 March 1837 to Captain John B. F. Russell (MA 1817) at Buffalo, New York for a term of three years. He deserted on 16 March 1837.


Lewis B. Webb : He served in the 2nd Regiment United States Cavalry (regulars) during the Civil War.


Captain L. H. Webb : During the Civil War he formed a Company of North Carolina State Troops in Richmond County, North Carolina. ...from Weekly Standard, Raleigh, North Carolina, Wednesday, 20 May 1861, vol27/no22.


Private Libbeus Webb : He was born circa 1762 in Massachusetts. He served under Captain Jonah Parker & Captain Jonathan Rudd. He died circa 1850 in Oswego County, New York.


Lon D. Webb : He served in the 10th Regiment United States Infantry (regulars) during the Civil War.


Captain Loren Webb : Company F, 9th Regiment Illinois Infantry Volunteers. Click here to see a detailed roster of Company F and a description of Captain Webb’s activities from enlistment in April 1861 until his resignation in July 1862. Captain webb was a War Correspondent for the Goodhue County Republican. August Mersey’s report on the 9th at Shiloh. Captain Webb’s Compiled Service Record (recently indexed). He also served on Field & Staff, General Henry H. Sibley’s Command of Minnesota Volunteers. Documents uncovered during a search at McKendree College in Lebanon, Illinois, reveal more about Loren’s role as Sibley’s Adjutant. Four pages from Loren’s journal detailing a four or five day period in late August 1862 describe arming troops and marching to New Ulm. In 1864 he recruited Company D, 11th Regiment Minnesota Infantry Volunteers. Click here to see Company D non-coms. (Civil War)


Louis Webb : He served in the 29th Regiment United States Infantry (regulars) during the Civil War.


Louis Webb : He served in the Adjutant Generals’ Office, United States Army (regulars) during the Civil War.


Louis Webb : He served in the 17th Regiment United States Infantry (regulars) during the Civil War.


Cadet Midshipman Lovell H. Webb : He was attending the United States Naval Academy, 28 September 1874; he was dismissed.


Private Lovick P. Webb : He served in Captain Green’s Company, 1st Regiment Texas Mounted Rifles. He joined and enrolled (to Rifles) 14 May 1846 ay La Grange, Fayette County, Texas for a term of six months, his age not shown on roll.   He was mustered in 14 June 1846 at Point Isabel, Texas. On muster rolls 6 June – 31 August 1846 he is listed as present. He was mustered out 2 October 1846 at Monterey, Mexico by reason of expiration of term of service. He was due pay and clothing since commencement of service.


Webb also served in Major Michael H. Chevallie’s Battalion Texas Mounted Volunteers; aged 25 years, mustered in 19 February 1847 to Captain Walter P. Lane’s Company; mustered out 30 June 1848.


He died between 1870 and 1880 (his wife is widow in 1880 census).


1850 Federal Census. (? Township), Fayette County, Texas

324/324, L. P. Webb, 28, Male, White, County Officer, 1200, Georgia

324/324, G. M. J. Webb, 28, Male, White, Student, na, Georgia, in school

324/324, Susan Hill, ?, Female, White, na, na, Georgia

324/324, John Hill, 15, Male, White, na, na Georgia, in school

324/324, Green Hill, 13, Male, White, na, na, Georgia, in school

324/324, Elizabeth Hill, 9, Female, White, na, na, Georgia, in school

324/324, Texanna Hill, 6, Female, White, na, na, Texas, in school


1870 Federal Census.  Corporation LaGrange (LaGrange PO), Fayette County, Texas

237/210, Lovick P. Webb, 49, Male, White, Farmer, 10000/2000, Georgia, citizen >21

237/210, Kate Webb, 38, Female, White, Keeps House, na, Virginia

237/210, Alvrilda Webb, 16, Female, White, Student, na, Texas, in school

237/210, Cora Webb, 14, Female, White, Student, na, Texas, in school

237/210, Maggie Webb, 10, Female, White, Student, na, Texas, in school

237/210, Kate Webb, 6, Female, White, Home, na, Texas

237/210, Lovick Webb, 4, Male, White, Home, na, Texas


Private Luther Webb : Luther was born in Windham County, Connecticut on 24 October 1763, the son of Joshua Webb & Hannah Abbe. When a child, his family moved to Rockingham, Vermont. During the Revolutionary War, he served as a Private Soldier in Wood’s Regiment Vermont Militia (3rd Regiment? ...what line?). His father was a Representative to the State Legislature and a member of the Committee of Safety and Correspondence. On 9 February 1792, Luther married Dorothey Wheelock and they had a family of nine children which they reared in Bellows Falls, Vermont. Luther died 2 August 1860, aged 96 years, 9 months & 9 days.





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