Samuel Webb

Full name : Samuel Webb
Alternate spellings, aliases :

Parents :
Father : Ebenezer Webb
Mother : Abigail Rude
note : married in Windham County, Connecticut

Vital stats :
Date of Birth : Saturday, 9 May 1789
Place of Birth : Norwich, Hampshire County, Massachusetts
Date of Death : 28 December 1858
Place of Death : Belmont, Franklin County, New York
Burial Information : interred with wife Polly in Belmont Cemetery, Franklin County, New York
Notes : His birth date is from Norwich Town Records, "Samuel Webb son of Ebzr Webb and Abigail Webb was born 9 day of May AD 1789 - Reg Samuel Knight, Tw Clk"; and we know it was Saturday from the entry in his family bible; also from the family bible “Samuel Webb departed this life Sept 20th 1858 Aged 69 years 5 months & 13 days”.

Name : Polly Crawford
Date of Marriage : 3 October 1811
Place of Marriage : New York
Died : 4 October 1858, Belmont, Franklin County, New York “Aged 66 years”
Notes : Polly Crawford was perhaps a descendant of Colonel William Crawford. She was born Tuesday, 1 February 1792 in Vermont and died 4 October 1858; her father Eleazer Crawford owned a farmstead in Black River Township, Lorain County, Ohio when he died in 1844 leaving a widow Polly Crawford.

Military Service : He was old enough to have served in the War of 1812. There were four men named Samuel Web who served in the war from New York, but it is not known if any of these men are a match with Samuel. A claim was made to the state of New York for 20 acres by a Samuel Webb of Belmont, New York (claim4405); this description would fit in with the information that is available about Samuel. According to information found on rootsweb, compiled by W. David Samuelson, it appears that he did serve as a Private in Captain Asaph Perry’s Company, Third battalion New York Militia in September & November 1813, and as a Private in Captain Stephen Hitchcock’s Company from 11 – 20 September 1814. He was first drafted in Malone, Franklin County in 1813.

Occupation(s) : Farmer; owned $400 in property in 1850.

Location of Residences, record of movement, migration, etc.
Property : A statement in his father’s pension file in a letter abstracting his father’s service : “He resided at Windham until February 1782, then moved to Norwich, Hampshire County, Massachusetts and lived there eight years. He then moved to Benson, Rutland County, Vermont where he lived the remainder of his life.” This is not exactly correct, as Ebenezer was living in Malone, Franklin County, New York, at age 75 years, when he gave a deposition in his brother Christopher’s pension case.

1850 Federal Census. Town of Belmont, Franklin County, New York
2276/2308, Samuel Webb, 61, Male, White, Farmer, 400, Vermont
2276/2308, Polly Webb, 58, Female, White, na, na, Vermont
2276/2308, Roxanna Webb, 17, Female, White, na, na, New York


Daughter : Anna S. Webb (Aluna)
Date of Birth : Monday, 29 March 1813
Place of Birth : Franklin County, New York
Married :
Died :
Notes : from family bible of Samuel Webb

Son : Benoni G. Webb
Date of Birth : Sunday, 6 April 1817
Place of Birth : Franklin County, New York
Married :
Died :
Notes : from family bible of Samuel Webb

Son : Charles Young Webb
Date of Birth : Saturday, 8 May 1819

Place of Birth : Franklin County, New York

Married1 : Margaret...(nee?), circa 1843
Plural-marriage2 :
Plural-marriage3 :

Died :

Notes : His dob from the family bible of Samuel Webb; he became a Latter Day Saint (Mormon) sometime about 1840-1845.


Captain Jefferson Hunt’s Company (A), Mormon Battalion, Iowa Volunteers. The Battalion was recruited and enlisted by President Brigham Young of the Latter Day Saints, and Captain James Allen of the First Regiment United States Dragoons in late June & early July 1846 at Council Bluffs, Iowa. The entire company, including Charles, was composed of members of the Church of Latter Day Saints, who enlisted for a term of one year in the War with Mexico. They left Council Bluffs, 20 July 1846 and marched to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, arriving on 1 August 1846, where they were issued supplies and equipment. They left there on 12 August and reached Sante Fe, New Mexico on 9 October after crossing hundreds of miles of desert in a miserable but disciplined fashion. They finally reached San Diego, California on 29 January 1847. While in California the Battalion saw little service except garrison duty and Webb’s company was stationed at Los Angeles. He was discharged 16 July 1847 at Fort Moore, Los Angeles, California.


At the time of his discharge, he volunteered and was assigned as one of Kearney’s Escorts to accompany Fremont back to Washington, DC for ‘Court Martial’ proceedings. The thirteen man escort was to accompany the party on horseback, as far as Fort Leavenworth, where they would be discharged and paid for the extra duty. They reached Fort Leavenworth, Kansas on 24 August 1847 and were discharged, when Charles received $75 in severance pay and $8.60 in addition to standard pay and clothing allowance received for the previous year’s service. After having to give up his horse to the government, he walked home 200 miles; he marched in his term of service a total of nearly 4000 miles. As testament to his hard service, upon his return home a compatriot, Matthew Caldwell described his appearance by writing, “Webb... had the raggedest (sic) pants that I had ever seen.”


There was only one Charles Webb in Iowa in 1850 -

1850 Federal Census. District 21, Pottawattamie County, Iowa

1142/1142, Charles Webb, 30, Male, White, farmer, na, Kentucky

1142/1142, Margaret Webb, 23, Female, White, na, na, New Jersey

1142/1142, Willis Webb, 6, Male, White, na, na, Iowa

1142/1142, Jeanette Webb, 2, Female, White, na, na, Iowa

1142/1142, Lydia Webb, 1, Female, White. na, na, Iowa


He applied for a pension on 19 December 1876 (ic260939/48047), and made a claim for his Mexican War service on 18 February 1887 in Utah, (s6793)


Son : Dorus B. Webb

Date of Birth : Tuesday, 4 April 1826

Place of Birth : Franklin County, New York

Married :
Died :
Notes : rejected for military service in the civil war because of a curvature of the spine (?)


Son : Eli S. Webb
Date of Birth : Wednesday, 6 August 1823

Place of Birth : Franklin County, New York

Married : Amelia Bullis, 7 February 1844, at Philip Miller's Inn, Malone, Franklin County, New York

Died :

Notes : from family bible of Samuel Webb


Daughter : Fayette A. Webb

Date of Birth : Tuesday, 24 May 1823

Place of Birth : Franklin County, New York

Married :

Died :

Notes : from family bible of Samuel Webb


Daughter : Gennette A. Webb

Date of Birth : 24 May 1825

Place of Birth : Franklin County, New York

Married :

Died :

Notes : from family bible of Samuel Webb


Son : Hiram H. Webb

Date of Birth : 10 September 1827

Place of Birth : Malone, Franklin County, New York

Married : Ruth (died 22 April 1902)

Died : 9 April 1888, interred Bellmont Center Cemetery, Franklin County, New Yok

Notes : see below...


Hiram Webb, his age erroneously recorded as 21 years old, born in Malone, (seat of Franklin County), New York, was described as having blue eyes, fair hair, and a light complexion, stood 5’ 11” tall, and was by occupation a farmer, when he enlisted 20 April 1846 at Plattsburg, New York to Lieutenant Penrose for a term of five years. He was assigned to Company H, 2nd Regiment United States Infantry (regulars). He was discharged 14 May 1846 by reason of an action by Civil Authority ‘a minor’ (Hiram was underage?) at Plattsburg Barracks, New York. See – P. O. ND 241702 DEST 31/56


He was enumerated in the 1850 census while a resident of the Town of Bellmont, Franklin County, New York; listed as a 23 year old, white male, born of New York, by occupation a laborer, he owned $400 in real property. His wife, Ruth, was a 24 years old, white female, also born in New York; they had two children (at the time), Ann, aged 3, and Charles, aged 1.


He also served in the Civil War, as Sergeant Hiram H. Webb, age 34 years, when enlisted 28 October 1861; mustered to Company E, 98th Regiment New York Infantry on 22 November 1861; promoted to Corporal 7 December 1861; discharged 2 June 1863. His widow, Ruth A. Webb, filed for a pension 4 July 1888 in New York (widow346859/299446).


Daughter : Angeline Maria Webb

Date of Birth : 4 January 1830

Place of Birth : Franklin County, New York

Married :

Died :

Notes :


Daughter : Mary C. Webb

Date of Birth : 25 March 1833

Place of Birth : Franklin County, New York

Married :

Died : 17 May 1833, aged 1 month, 8 days

Notes :


Daughter : Roxina C. Webb (Rosina, Roxanna)

Date of Birth : 13 March 1834

Place of Birth : Franklin County, New York

Married :

Died :

Notes :


Comments, sources, various additional :


Vinton, John Adams.  The Giles Memorial – Genealogical Memoirs of the Families Bearing the Names Giles, Gould, Holmes, Jennison, Leonard, Lindall, Curwen, Marshall, Ribinson, Sampson, and Webb; also Genealogical Sketches of the Pool, Very, Carr and other Families with a history of Pemaquid, ancient and modern; some account of early settlements in Maine; and some details of Indian warfare. Printed for the author, by Henry W. Dutton & Son, Washington Street, Boston. 1864. pp 496 – 532.

Pension File of (brothers) Christopher Webb and Ebenezer Webb (abstracts)
: M804 Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Files 1800 – 1900 Webb, Abner – Webb, Isacc. Roll2514. National Archives and Records Administration. Washington, DC. Viewed 14 July 2001. (both pension files are on the same roll)

A Family Record of Ebenezer Webb was found in a copies of the family bible’s of (his son) Samuel Webb & (his son) Oliver Webb in facsimile images of the Bible Record of Jewett J. Webb which were viewed by the author and compared against... (McAusland, Gloria Natalie of Providence, Rhode Island. Webb Bible Records. ...from the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, (April) 1942, Volume XCVI (96). NEHGR, Boston. 1942. pp. 203-205.) ...and they are nearly identical in content.


Massachusetts Vital Records : Huntington; Vital Records : 1764-1805, Town Records 1790-1795 (microfilm)


New York Adjutant General's Office Index of Awards on Claims of the Soldiers of the War of 1812. Albany: - , 1860. Found on –

War of 1812 Military service data found here - - compiled by W. David Samuelson


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